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The Complete SEO Checklist to Improve Your Website’s Ranking

SEO Checklist

Search Engine Optimization has become a core element and website owners have to practice and adhere to them to rank accordingly on various search engines. Many entrepreneurs barely have time to dedicate to their sites but still, the importance of SEO cannot be overlooked which is why you may have to outsource an SEO expert today. Search Engine Optimization can be a very tedious task but with the guidance of experts beside you, your rankings and ratings could greatly improve. Most search engines use SEO, backlinks, and content among others to rank websites and that is why the following checklist can help you achieve this.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an important platform used to know and study the traffic you get on your website. This is especially important when devising marketing strategies to reach out to your audience. Incorporating this on your website will make it easy to know the people who visited your site, their geographical location, and even how long each visitor spent time browsing your website. This data can be instrumental in designing adverts for your audience depending on their age, geographical location, and taste.

Google SERPs

Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) will assist you in understanding your online visibility. Does your product really show on search engine results pages? Remember here you do not search for your website but only your brand name in quotes. Here you can see how and where your brand name appears when searched on various search engines. It is impossible for people to know and purchase your product if it does not appear on search engines.


This change was advocated for back in 2015 and has been in use ever since. Is your website mobile phone-friendly? A well-known fact is the largest percentage of online shoppers do so from the comfort of their smartphones. If they are unable to enjoy a smooth interface when browsing your website they may move on to the next e-commerce website and make their purchases from there. Use Google’s mobile-friendly tool to find out if your website is mobile phone friendly and if not then it may be time you go back to your web designer and developer to make the relevant changes.

Title Tags

Read your title tag and if not fit onto the 500px width that Google allocates you should edit it. While coming up with a new title ensure it is distinctive and optimized. Your title tag also needs to have your brand name or keywords special to your website. This will improve your visibility and ultimately how your website is ranked on different search engines.


This is where your on-page skills are tested. Your primary keyword needs to appear several times throughout your website and should be written in your headlines, content, and Meta tags. This is the primary keyword and it helps your website appear on the results page whenever it is searched by the search engine user.


As said before, now and in the future, content is king always. Your content is what search engine users need. Create meaningful, creative, and relevant content that can be of use to whoever visits your website. Search engines have been known to reward websites that have the visitors’ best interests at heart. To attain this, you need to have about 500 words of content in organic keywords for search engines like Bing to really understand your site and rank you accordingly.

Design and Format

UX, also known as user experience is what is tested in this section. Your website design should probably not appear on this checklist but still, your formatting and the design of your site greatly affect the traffic you get on your site. Is your site appealing and easy to use? Use high-quality images and videos to break the monotony. Other than your visitors, your site should appeal to spiders and some bots that often crawl your site while indexing. Should your website not meet the required standards, find an expert in design to help you improve your website.

Internal Links

Internal and external links all play an important role in determining your website’s performance. While this might seem unimportant to you, search engines greatly consider these factors when assessing your site. Internal links help visitors navigate your site and get whatever they need with ease.

Final Words

This checklist is a summary of what you need to do to get the online success you desire today. You can optionally choose to leave all these tasks to an expert who understands what needs to be done. This mitigates room for error and amplifies your chances for success on different search engines. Besides adhering to these simple guidelines only helps you win and convert more online customers to your long-term clients.

Ritu Sharma
Ritu Sharma is a Content Insights Manager and Online Marketing Strategist with over 9 years of professional experience. She is currently working with India’s leading SEO Company PageTraffic.  She has spearheaded many successful SEO campaigns for PageTraffic. You can follow her on Twitter.

Gangadhar Kulkarni

Gangadhar Kulkarni is an internet marketing expert and consultant having extensive experience in digital marketing. He is also the founder of Seogdk and Director at DigiTechMantra Solutions, a one-stop shop for all that your website needs. It provides you cost-effective and efficient content writing and digital marketing services.

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