5 Reasons Why Search Engine Marketing is Crucial?

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search engine marketing

Concerned about your business success, internet marketing can play an imperative role to bring your business on top of the charts. Search Engine Optimization, abbreviated as SEO, enroots this marketing strategy. SEO is a vast a form of internet marketing which has various branches and sub-branches.

Performing an effective SEO campaign, you don't have to convince the customers of their need, but the focus is required to show them that you are the best at fulfilling those particular needs. While engaging with an astounding SEO campaign, you have already won the first half of the battle before its initiation.

Now, without wasting further time, here you can check out 5 reasons why Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is crucial.

1. SEO Offers You the Best ROI’s while Campaigning

ROI is the return on investments and a smart businessman always keep an eye on this factor. Running a business highly depends on the way, one performs business advertisements and marketing. The traditional ways of market campaigning were popular in the bygone times but they offer very less ROI’s in return. These methods require larger investments, consume more time and they lack while outreaching the target customers.

On the other hand, SEO offers you specific and inbound marketing strategies. Which means that you get the ability to market your product when the customers are looking for products and services similar to yours. In this, you don't have to post ads in the newspaper or disturb their movies and TV shows. There is no need for customer convincing, the customers will come in search for you when they are specifically looking for the products and services you are providing.

2. SEO Helps You in Better Knowing Your Customers

SEO provides an immense power to generate valuable traffic on your website. On the other hand tools like Google Analytics helps you in tracking and analyzing this traffic. This precise data and analysis give you deep insight of your customers. To be more specific, you can examine the below-given informatics about your targeted customers.

     The way your customers search.
     How they browse?
     Preferred language of your customers.
     What kind of technology do they use for searching?
     Which region do they belong?
     How proactive are they on the internet?
     Which time are they most active on the internet?

These are some of the informatics which is hard to judge and calculate with traditional marketing methods and campaigns. But Search Engine Marketing has the power and allows you to make business strategies with respect to such classic informatics about your targeted customers.

3. SEO Attracts Business Traffic on Your Site

Explaining this term in a layman’s language, starting a business in a crowded place and a deserted place has a major difference in the outcomes. Let's take it narrower, a small stall at the metro station with a full-fledged shop at the street corner. Which will run well? No matter the crowded place might not bring a good amount of customers instantly but there are high chances that you can get customers attention and later grow your business. It depends on how you attract your customers and generate leads. But business in deserted place won't even help you in running it even at minimal profits, as it requires more efforts, time and money to reach a better level.

Similar way, the traffic generated by SEO tricks and tactics are basically qualified leads. These customers are looking for businesses similar to yours and you get a fair chance to close these leads for more profits.

4. SEO Offers Your Business Credibility

Google provides you with the specific and well-researched information you need, but for the majority of users, it’s a Gospel. The higher ranking your business gets on the Google or any other search engines, the more you are voted with confidence. It depends upon how frequent you are searched on Google and how relevant is your business with the searches made. Customers on the other side don't have the idea of this fact but with a high ranking on search engine result pages, your credibility increases in their eyes and imprints on their minds. 

5. SEO Improves Your Business Visibility and Branding

When customers search about products and services same as yours, the only thing you desire is to attain higher ranking with their respective research at various search engine result pages. The major reason for this desire is that you want those customers should only reach your website. But now the customers are getting smarter and precise with their search entries and keywords. They often edit their search entries and dig deeper for better results.

But how can these factors benefit your business? Well, if you engage with Search Engine Optimization, there is a specific keyword management system which will increase your visibility with every search made by the customer. With this, there are good chances that the user will click on your website, as your business gets continuously displayed in the search results. It increases the trust factor among customers and makes Search Engine Marketing vital for your business.

Wrapping Up

It's easy to invest and start a business but taking it to maximum height requires skills and tactics. Marketing techniques improve every business, but now its time for Search Engine Marketing. The internet marketing helps to outreach your target customers with the best ROI and rate of success.


Robert Sumner
Robert Sumner works as a writer for Media Fortress, a web designing Agency offering cost-effective SEO Services In Melbourne. He is a web addict and spends too much time in front of the computer. When he actually manages to get away for more than 10 minutes, he is usually reading books, traveling or shooting photos.


Raising Your Global Marketing Game Through Localization

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global marketing strategy

Thanks to the far-reaching abilities of the internet, your business is now facing competitors from all over the world. Business has evolved globally, and you need to understand how to compete in this new digital age.

A plethora of marketing tools have been developed that are specifically designed help you market your business to the entire international market. Since these marketing tools are often easy to use and understand, many companies simply go full steam ahead when they start using them, sending out their message to the international market without any hesitation.

Even with the best intentions at heart, many of the companies that use these marketing tools without a strategy in place fail right at the outset. This can be a costly lesson to learn. These marketing tools make it so easy to get started that many businesses forget to analyze their global market customers before they start promoting their products and services to them.

Identifying Differences In Global Markets

Before you can effectively market your business in the international marketplace, you need to understand the key differences between global marketing and localized marketing.

Understanding Global Marketing

Global marketing is a general message that you broadcast, that is meant for all consumers regardless of where they reside. This includes your website homepage, as it is probably written in such a way that, no matter who visits the page, they will understand your company’s message and the products and services that you offer.

Most global marketing content is written in English, as this is the most widely accepted language that most people can read and understand.

The use of a global marketing campaign can help raise awareness about your business and about the products and services that you offer. You can also use it to send sales inquiries to a larger company within your sector. If English is not your first language, you will need a translator to help you develop the information and materials you need to reach an international audience with a global marketing message. In addition, you’ll need to concentrate on SEO and employ an experienced individual who can optimize your content so that it will rank as high up as possible when consumers search on global search engines, such as Google.

Understanding Localized Marketing

Now, Localized marketing uses a more dedicated approach. It hones in on a smaller target audience. For example, you may choose to send an advertisement via email only to customers in Germany.

Because you want the highest possible number of conversions from your promotion, you need to ensure that the message is translated into German and abides by German traditions and customs. You would want to use these techniques for each and every international market you are looking to reach with a Localized message. This also includes your website landing pages for specific regions of the world.

Using localization takes some effort, but the results can be worth your time and budget. You need to create a targeted campaign for each language/country you are looking to reach. It is imperative that you work with native speakers who understand the language of the region you are aiming your promotions at, as well as the standard practices in the country in question.

The Benefit Of Using Localized Marketing Over Global Marketing

localized marketing

You may have considered Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising through Google. PPC allows you to use text ads that are displayed in search engine searches for people within a specific market. This makes it more likely that people will click through to your company website.

While it can create the illusion of providing localization, PPC can’t actually segment your marketing as neatly as you would like it to. You need to have a landing page that is specifically tailored to this target market, or else you won’t see the return on investment that you were hoping for with your promotions. In addition, you will be charged for clicks that don't generate any revenue, thereby wasting your marketing budget in a hurry.

As a marketer, you need to spread your marketing dollars more specifically. According to a report by Common Sense Advisory Inc., leading companies spend only between 0.03 and 1 percent of their annual revenues on activities related to multilingual code and content.

Your chief financial officer may think this is a significant investment and consider it excessive in some regards. However, evidence has shown that an investment in multilingual code and content can, in fact, drive your business revenues. It can easily cover the outlay and add to your overall profits. As many as 67 percents of businesses that have extensive localization plans invest as much as $2 million every single year in language services. They understand that this makes a big impact on their revenues and can drive their business forward.

Overall, you will find that localization can, and does, outperform a global marketing strategy, because of its ability to target your specific audience more effectively.

Adding Localization To Your Marketing Strategy

Localization can be employed in the same ways that you would go about starting any other marketing campaign. The difference lies in the resources that you will need to launch your campaign to the market.

1.  Research Your Global Customers

When employing a global marketing campaign, there is no need to identify the location of every potential customer you are looking to reach. You just want to hit as many customers as possible. With a localized marketing campaign, you need to be more targeted with your reach, so you need to think about which specific locations you want to hit.

You also have to consider which of your products and services will perform best in which countries. Some will not hold any appeal to the region, while others will be ignored if they are not properly marketed. You want to maximize your budget, so it is important to have a critical eye when it comes to identifying your target customers. You will then need to focus all your attention on these markets and target your message directly to them.

2.  Identify Your Specific Markets

You don’t need to look very far to find a company that made a colossal mess out of an international product launch simply because they didn’t understand the country and its culture.

For example- Coors used the tagline “Turn It Loose!” in the USA. When the beer maker expanded into Mexico, it tried to use the same tagline. The company used a direct translation into Spanish, thinking that it would mean the same thing and have the same effect on its audience.

The results were disastrous. Just a few months after the launch, sales fizzled out and were lower than anyone had anticipated. Why? The new Spanish tagline actually meant, “Suffer from diarrhea.” And, as you can imagine, this was a complete turnoff for the Mexican market.

3.  Ask For Assistance

Even with the best-laid efforts and plans, you can only conduct so much research into a market in an effort to understand your customer base. By joining forces with a localization expert like TRAVOD, you will have immediate access to an experienced team of linguists based within the country of your choosing.

By using in-country linguists, you will be able to maximize your localization efforts. And you’ll certainly be able to avoid costly mistakes like the one made by Coors. In-country linguists are able to create a message that has the exact meaning you are looking to convey.

4.  Launch Your Campaign

Lastly, you need to begin your marketing campaign. You have completed the research that you need and developed a fool-proof plan to reach your target market. You are now ready to launch your campaign using the same techniques you would use in your home country. You’ll want to keep in mind any advice that you receive from your localization expert, as they may have valuable insights into the nuances of your target country.

Want to move forward with a localization marketing campaign? Contact the localization experts at TRAVOD now! We can help provide the guidance you are looking for, to execute a localization campaign that is effective and reaches your target market with the proper message while maximizing your budget.


Eugeniu Topolschi
Eugeniu Topolschi is a Digital Expert with focus on identifying winning strategies for B2B & B2C companies. A digital marketer by day and a reader by night, he now strives to promote TRAVOD International - a language service provider helping companies tell their stories to people in Central and Eastern Europe in their native languages.

How Can Bloggers Get More Users To Their Sites?

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Blogging Tips

In this day and age, blogging can be big business. It is possible to make a pretty good living by being a profitable blogger. Just remember that blogging is far tougher than you could ever imagine. If you don’t know how to proceed, there is a good chance that you’re going to get in over your head. You might not be able to get people to actually visit and read your blog. This is going to be problematic and you’ll wind up wasting your time. This is why you should learn how to drive more users to your site. Within this guide, you’ll learn how to do just that.

Using Social Media

There is no doubt that social media can make a big difference. Today, the social media networks are used by billions of people all around the world. Signing up and using these sites is completely free of charge. Once you’ve figured out how to use the hashtags and other strategies correctly, you’ll have little to no trouble driving traffic to your site using social media. Just be patient and find out which strategies work best for you and your blog.

Guest Blogging

There is a good chance that you’re going to find blogs related to your niche. For instance, if you run a gaming niche, you shouldn’t have any problem finding other blogs that are about video gaming. You can use this to your advantage. Get in touch with the other blog owners and ask them about guest blogging. This is a wonderful way to get a good backlink to your website. Plus, you can guarantee that the readers of the other blog will be interested in your site. This will ensure that they visit your site and check out your blog.


If you’re looking for ways to increase your site’s prominence as quickly as possible, you should not hesitate to use a traffic generator. These tools work exceptionally well and they require little to no effort on your behalf. They can be a good way to increase your blog’s Alexa Rank. In return, that could help you gain more popularity from the masses.


While you’re at it, you’re going to want to think about giving something away. Consumers absolutely love free stuff and you can guarantee that they’ll do pretty much anything to get it. By hosting a giveaway, you’ll be able to convince consumers to visit your website and sign up for your mailing list or following your social media accounts. In return, this will help you maintain a steady flow of traffic to your site. You don’t need to give something huge away. An e-book or audio-book often works exceptionally well.

The Best Content

high quality content

When it comes down to it, nobody is going to visit your blog unless you have high-quality content. If someone visits your site and sees terrible content filled with errors, you can guarantee that they’re going to leave right away. They might even leave you a nasty comment. This is something that you need to avoid at all costs. To ensure that people read your content and share it with others, you need to make sure that your content is as good as humanly possible. This will make a big difference in the long run.

Quickly Take Advantage Of Analytic Software

How do you expect to grow and improve on your blog if you don’t know what aspects are working and which aren’t? You need to know where your current traffic is coming from if you want to be able to improve on the aspects of your blog that isn’t drawing traffic. This is where analytic software can come in handy and the best part about the software is that it is completely free from Google. This software will not only tell you where most of your traffic is originating from, but it will also tell you how much time each viewer is spending in each section of your blog. This can provide you with a great ideal of where you need to improve and where you need to keep thing the same.

Take Advantage Of Your Online Profile Bios

Just about every business has a website these days. Not only does the website help businesses promote their brand, but also they help consumers assess the business’ services and products. When building your website, you must take advantage of the opportunity to create a great bio page. Even if you are creating a blog, a professional bio page will be a necessity.

A bio page will provide your audience with information about your interests and expertise.

Mailing Lists

A mailing list isn’t necessarily a good way to increase your page views/user. Nevertheless, it can prove to be very helpful in the long run. By using a mailing list, you’ll have little to no trouble getting visitors to convert into long-term users. After all, you can send them an email and let them know that you have released new information on your blog. In return, this will encourage the users to return to your site once again. This is a great way to ensure that your traffic remains steady from start to finish.

Shakshi Talwar
Shakshi Talwar is passionate about helping people in all aspects of Internet marketing. She enjoys holidays, traveling and generating business ideas.

How to Professionally Translate Your Content?

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content translation tools

Attracting more visitors to your site is terribly complicated. You have to “convince” Google and other search engines that your site deserves featured on the first search results. Sadly, an army of webmasters wants the first search position for the same keywords as yours. The competition is harsh, and only a few reach the first positions.

If you aren’t on the first page for the desired keywords, your site won’t attract many eyeballs, and as a result, you won’t generate the desired revenue.  To get on the first page, you have two solutions: translate or create better content. The majority of marketers have focused intensively on creating compelling content. It’s not a bad strategy, but you have to invest serious resources to get the first position. On top of that, your competitors work hard to craft even better content than yours.

Conversely, translating your content might be a more effective way of generating traffic. It’s not simple at all, but it pays off on the long-term perspective. However, content translation is easier said than done; it supposes more than an automatic translation. Your content must be error-free and adapted to users’ preferences.  

If you are interested in attracting more organic traffic through content translation, read the next lines carefully.

Content Translation

Currently, 52.3% of all sites are in English. In 2011, 57.6% of sites were in English. It might be an argument showing that marketers started to take into consideration other languages. Common Sense Advisory research reveals that 72% of customers would more likely buy from sites with content in their native language. You shouldn’t translate your content in all the languages. For instance, by translating your English content in Russian, German, Spanish, Japanese, and French, you reach almost 80% of all Internet users.

There are three primary solutions for content translation:
-          Plugins
-          Online Tools
-          Freelancers
-          Agencies

1. Translation Plugins

The vast majority of plugins are for WordPress sites, but there are solutions for all major content management systems. Unfortunately, the quality translation lags behind the human work. Most likely, artificial intelligence will considerably improve the plugin translations. Translation plugins are suitable for small sites or personal projects.

A frequently used solution is the use of plugins for translation and human translators to review it. Here are some of the best WordPress translation plugins:


Weglot is one of the newcomers on the market of translation plugins, but 20,000 sites have already used it. Weglot works for WordPress, Shopify, BigCommerce, Jimdo, and Wix. You can create an account on Weglot site and start a 10-day trial to check its performances.
The plugin comes with a lot of impressive features. First, the dashboard interface is user-friendly, even for people with limited Internet skills may use it. Second, the quality translation is acceptable. I translated English content to French and Romanian, and the output is above my expectations. Third, you can hire professional translators for reasonable prices directly from the dashboard.


WPML is a massively used translator plugin, and the majority of users are satisfied with its quality. It’s suitable for multilingual sites, and it translates pages, posts, and menus in 40+ languages. The same as Weglot, you can hire professional experts directly from your dashboard.


Unlike the previous plugins, Polylang is free of charge. You can buy Polylang Pro, Polylang for WooCommerce, and Polylang Pro for WooCommerce if you need extended functionality. Polylang empowers you to create multilingual sites and supports RTL languages.
You can use an automatic or professional translation (aka human translators) by installing Lingotek Translation plugin.

2. Online Tools

Apart from dictionaries or auxiliary tools for translators, there are a few worth mentioning web apps for translating texts. These are quite handy tools, but the translation quality is below standards. You can risk your reputation by using these tools. Consider using them only if a professional translator reviews the texts.

          Linguee, DeepL, and Reverso are some of the most appreciated online tools to translate your content.

3. Freelancers

Translation is one of the fewest industries where humans beat technology. A decent freelancer translates your content better than any plugin.  The advantages of hiring a freelancer are:

-Cost-effectiveness. You pay more than purchasing a plugin license but less than hiring an agency;

-A large offer. Lots of freelancers are ready to help you with content translation. Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Guru are a few job board to find the best freelancers for your job.

The disadvantages of a freelancer are:

-Decent quality. Only a few freelancers do a great job and they ask for high prices. The idea is simple: if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

-Uncertainty. On average, freelancers provide good services, but it might happen to miss deadlines, make deadly mistakes or do a poor translation.

Hiring a freelancer for content translation is a double-edged sword. Reliable freelancers may deliver professional services and save much money. However, freelancers aren’t 100% reliable, so it’s risky to hire them if you really care about your business. Go for a freelancer only a partner or a friend recommend him/her. 

4. Agencies

A translation agency is by far the most professional approach. It costs you much than a plugin or a freelancer, but the translation quality is undeniable. The translators are tested before hiring, and a professional translation agency has native translators for the most used languages. 

There are a couple of reasons to hire an agency to translate your content:

-Professional working environment. Usually, an agency has translation software, auxiliary tools, experts, and supervisors. On top of that, many years of experience. Certainly, you get value for the money you pay!

-SEO optimization. Professional translators know a thing or two about SEO. They will make your content SEO friendly and will take care of using the needed keywords.

-Content Localization. Translating your content isn’t enough; it should be adapted to the culture and lifestyle of the consumers. Grammar-free content doesn’t guarantee plenty of sales. Only content that resonates with your readers will generate more revenue. Undoubtedly, experienced translators have the needed skills to polish your content in this way.

Wrapping Up

Content translation is mandatory to scale up your business. I suggested you four modalities of translating it, but only an international translation services provider (aka translation agency) will professionally translate your content. If you are on a tight budget, consider hiring a freelancer, but pay attention to the previous works accomplished and clients’ reviews. Chose companies with good portfolios and reviews. Plugins and online tools might do decent work, but a human translator should review the translated content.

Did you translate your content? Which method did you use? Please leave a comment with your opinions.      


Eugeniu Topolschi
Eugeniu Topolschi is a Digital Expert with focus on identifying winning strategies for B2B & B2C companies. A digital marketer by day and a reader by night, he now strives to promote TRAVOD International - a language service provider helping companies tell their stories to people in Central and Eastern Europe in their native languages.

Flipkart: The Biggest E-commerce Player to Transform India’s Online Shopping Experience

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online shopping in India

The digital user in every corner of India is now quite familiar with the Amazon and Flipkart because they are the two main players when it comes to online shopping in India. Many people choose one of these leading shopping portals in India for online shopping due to the popularity and the world-class services they provide.

Overview of Flipkart Online Shopping Portal

Flipkart is serving its users since 2007 when it was founded by two engineers in Bangalore namely Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal. A mutual passion and humble start-up by both of them revolutionized India’s marketplace and made Flipkart India's first billion dollar company. They transformed their vision into reality step by step and went up as the leading name in Indian e-commerce.

At present, there would be thousands of online shopping stores on the web but Flipkart is India's favorite online shopping destination! People prefer Flipkart mainly because of the best prices offered on many products and absolutely hassle-free payment options.

Be it Mobiles, Electronics, Fashion (Clothes, Shoes, Accessories), Home Appliances, Home Furniture, Jewellery, Books, Sporting goods, Beauty products and more; Flipkart, India's biggest online shopping portal is right there to serve at its best. Though Flipkart initially concentrated on books, currently it consists of a huge selection of wide range of products from all the brands at the lowest price.

If technology is making our task of shopping in a hassle-free way, why don't we go for it! With online shopping, we won’t wait for the weekends to shop, we will avoid going in the crowd, utilize our shopping time for kids play, isn’t that interesting?  Not to mention, nearly all renowned brands sell their products online mostly with great offers, so you have many options to choose from. And Flipkart has a massive store for you to explore and shop online. You can check this online shopping site right here;

Though Flipkart deals with products from quite a lot category, people mainly prefer this as an online shopping site for books, an online store for mobiles, an online shopping site for fashion which mainly includes but not limited to clothes and shoes.

online shopping store for fashion

Merits of Flipkart

They have enormous products which are in multiple categories and hence user-friendly. The choice of product category by Flipkart resulted in the better customer satisfaction.
1.    Product delivery in most of the areas of India in time due to association with multiple courier services. Along with an efficient supply chain, they also have their own delivery service.

2.    Flipkart delivers branded, original, good quality and non-damaged products to their customers.

3.    They offer various discounts on products which you can hardly find on other e-commerce stores. It is sure to make you buy online, isn’t it?

4.    They offer you ‘Buying Guides’ to help you buy the most suitable products when you are overwhelmed with an array of products. Flipkart has specially curated these guides to help you buy the right product across diverse categories.

5.    They focus on customer service from the core of the heart which makes their users happy and satisfied. If any inconvenience is faced by the user during the online purchase, they give a personal touch to the customer’s query and take a proper follow-up.

6.    You can easily return the product, if not satisfied, with a money back guarantee.

7.    You can track the status of your order.

8.    Flipkart offers you multiple and secure payment options. You can do the purchase using Internet Banking, Gift Card, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and American Express credit/debit cards in India and 21 other countries. Cash on Delivery and Wallet option is also available.

9.    They offer Flipkart online shopping app which can be downloaded freely on your Android phone or tablet. This makes it easy to shop online from the comfort of your home.

Well, there could be some demerits too but they are quite trivial. Their service is not that much satisfactory in rural areas as compared to urban and delivery time may get extended. For free home delivery, there is minimum order requirement.  

Final Words

online store for mobiles

Being India’s leading online shopping portal, Flipkart is doing their best to give the Indians what exactly they want. They are working to make over the online experience for customers with respect to product development and innovation.

The credit of Flipkart success can also be given to every member of Flipkart organization, what they call as Flipster. Flipsters work with collaboration and synergy to get better together.

It has been noted that Flipkart has more than 83 Million registered users, more than 30 Million products, more than 10 Million daily page visits and more than 8 Million shipments per month. These figures are increasing day by day as online shopping is getting more and more preference by Indian online users.  

Do share your opinions and experiences about Flipkart which is India’s leading online shopping portal!

Gangadhar Kulkarni
Gangadhar Kulkarni is an Internet Marketing Professional having extensive experience in digital marketing. He is also the founder of Seogdk and Director at DigiTechMantra Solutionsa one-stop shop for all that your website needs. It provides you cost-effective and efficient content writing and digital marketing services. For more information catch him on Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | G+ | Pinterest