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TimeHero: An Ultimate Partner for an Automatic Task and Project Management

TimeHero Software

Various parameters can be measured when it is to amplifying the productivity of a team in a company. Well, intelligent task scheduling tops the list of these parameters and TimeHero does a great job. Let’s look at the TimeHero review, its features, pros, and cons.

TimeHero is a project management tool that automates the scheduling task and helps busy teams to ease their work. To plan your work, make the most effective use of your time, and deal with your projects to meet deadlines, this productivity tool is very valuable. 

What are the Features of TimeHero?

·        Provides One Fixed Space for all Your Work

With TimeHero, you can have all your to-do lists, folders, projects, tasks, timesheets, gantts, and calendars in one organized space. This offers a unique platform to visualize all your work-related elements in one simple yet organized space.

·        Smart and Automatic Task Scheduling

You have to put in events in this tool to connect your Google and Microsoft calendars, and TimeHero will plan tasks according to your time. You have to adjust a project in the worksheet, and then you can see it scheduled by toggling into the calendar view. You can easily manage your time to finish your work when it’s due.

·        Creates Intelligent Workflows

You can link tasks and events with this work management tool so that a dynamic and intelligent workflow is created to ease your work. Influential projects created this way can be started by you or your team at any time. You can even set up repeating projects to save additional time. To immediately plan regular projects such as client work or processing applications, you can build templates in TimeHero.

·        Eases Project Management by Simplifying Tasks

If your projects are not getting finished on time, TimeHero will notify you and will provide you the tools so that you get them on track. It identifies uncertain tasks and burdens team members so that you don’t have to keep on checking repeatedly or arrange meetings for a status update. It automatically restructures the tasks and fine-tunes the workflows.

What else TimeHero has to Offer for Your Project Management?

·         It allows you to analyze your projects as cards on a board such as smart kanban. You can even drag them to adjust the status or assignee.

·         It provides flexible timelines by shuffling the tasks when the to-do list is changed. Thus, TimeHero helps maintain everything on track automatically.

·         You can have a live Gantt view with real-time, auto-updating Gantt charts that give you an idea about the progress of the project and task dependencies.

·         TimeHero provides you with automatically generated timesheets for projects, individuals, and folders. These worksheets can be easily exported with one click for further use.

·         You can get a clear and detailed idea about your team’s workflow regarding workload capacity and assignment transparency. It eases the job of team planning.

Thus, intelligent templates to schedule projects, automatic task planning around events, and prediction of project completion to manage risk are the key features that make TimeHero stand apart from the crowd of competitors.

Moreover, TimeHero can be connected with hundreds of apps to increase its utility using Zapier. eg. You can forward emails from your Gmail which can be used to create and auto-schedule tasks. Also if you generate an issue in JIRA, work gets planned in TimeHero.

Costing of TimeHero

The good news is that there is a 7-day free trial that you can go to without any credit card. After taking a free trial, you can choose from any of the three different plans that TimeHero offers.

The standard Basic plan is for US $4.60 per month per user, the Professional plan is for US $10 per month per user while the third one is a Premium plan which costs US $ 22 per month per user. 

The review of any tool or application is incomplete without looking at its pros and cons, isn’t it?

Pros of TimeHero

·         This task management tool has an excellent user interface (UI).
·         It is easy to use and integrate.
·         Perform efficient and powerful task management.
·         Being an effective automatic tool, saves a lot of time, effort, and repetitive tasks.
·         It can be integrated with hundreds of apps.

Cons of TimeHero

·         It doesn’t have core project management features like Zoho Projects and core team collaboration features like Slack.
·         Apple needs to be integrated.
·         Layout also needs a bit of improvement.

Final Words

It is one of the best task and project management tools used for small and medium-sized businesses. To make your team’s productivity more powerful and to get confidence that everything is on the right track, you must opt for TimeHero, excellent time management software!

Gangadhar Kulkarni

Gangadhar Kulkarni is an internet marketing expert and consultant having extensive experience in digital marketing. He is also the founder of Seogdk and Director at DigiTechMantra Solutions, a one-stop shop for all that your website needs. It provides you cost-effective and efficient content writing and digital marketing services.

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