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7 Realistic Ways to Make Money Online

Online Money Making Tips

Making money online has become very easy nowadays, as an increasing number of companies tap the huge manpower resource of the general public. Rather than hiring professionals or outsourcing their work to some agency, they depend upon ordinary citizens to complete certain tasks online.

In return, they pay you money or its equivalent such as shopping coupons worth your earnings. Such coupons can be utilized to buy your daily requirements from online or brick-and-mortar stores and help you keep the cash you would otherwise have paid for your purchases.

Why Earn Online?

There are umpteen reasons why people look at making money online. Some people complete online tasks to augment their regular income. Others earn online to save and create wealth. Yet others work online for a living.

Making money online is legitimate. It allows you to earn extra during your spare time. Additionally, some methods of earning money online are fun and provide entertainment along with cash rewards. There are countless ways to make money online. However, we look at the seven realistic, time-tested, and proven ways to earn.

1)  Online Surveys

Taking online paid surveys is the most popular way of making money online. Millions of people worldwide make fairly decent sums of money by completely answering simple questions about the stuff you use or see daily. This can be anything from your bathing soap to a new movie, jam, or an expensive mobile phone. There is no dearth of topics on which paid online surveys are conducted.

A simple search on the Internet will reveal a dozen reputed companies that offer paid online surveys. Register at one or more of these companies. Some surveys are very brief and consist of a question or two while others are longer.

Depending upon the size and complexity of a survey, you can earn anything from 20 US Cents to US$ 10. Online survey companies pay cash or give shopping vouchers for major online stores for your efforts.

2)  Amazon mTurk

Amazon Mechanical Turk also called Amazon mTurk is an excellent way to make extra money online. The service is offered by the global online retail giant, Amazon. This service allows you to make significant money online. Amazon mTurk works on the principle of crowdsourcing. Companies that are selling or advertising on Amazon often require human intelligence to weed out poor or repetitive images, and old and outdated information about products, select the best pictures for describing a product, and several other tasks.

As a member of Amazon mTurk and depending upon your skills, there are specific categories of tasks you will be assigned. These include information gathering, image and video processing, data verification and clean up as well as data processing. You can sign up on the Amazon mTurk website to offer services.

There are lots of things to learn in mTurk before you start making some income from this. 

3)  Social Media Manager

Businesses small and large are increasingly tapping the vast potential offered by social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and other platforms. The most popular among these remains Facebook, thanks to its user base of over 2.2 billion.

Companies know that reaching customers and attracting potential clients through social media is becoming very important as compared to traditional print, TV, and radio advertising. However, not every business requires a full-time social media manager.

Working as a social media manager for a business can fetch you as much as US $10 per hour. Your task is to upload images, information, videos, or other content provided by employers for their Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or LinkedIn profiles.

Additionally, you will respond to positive comments and soften the effect of any adverse remarks about the business or its offerings on social media. Feedback received over social media is handed over to the employer for enhancing their brand and its offerings.

4)  Online Transcriptions

Another excellent and realistic way to make money online is through transcriptions. Healthcare providers, law firms, banks, engineering companies, and myriad other service providers require fast and reliable transcriptions of large recordings.

These include talks between a physician and patient, discussions in a surgery room, chatter between Emergency Medical Service providers, courtroom proceedings, meetings between businessmen and banks or financial institutions, and discussions among engineers solving a problem or creating new designs.

You will be provided raw data, usually in the form of audio. Your task involves listening to these audios and creating brief transcripts that contain all relevant information. This online work pays fairly well. For example, online transcriptionists in the US earn as high as US$ 12 to US$15 per hour. You can get this online work directly from a company or through a transcriptions service provider.

5)  Free Sampling

Hundreds of companies around the world actually, give you free stuff and pay for writing its reviews. This can be anything from baby diapers to sophisticated apps, computer games, advertisements & movie trailers, or even pizzas, burgers, soft drinks, skincare, and beauty products. They seek your review before the product is launched in the market.

You can enroll at any major website that pays money for sampling freebies. Indicate the type of stuff you are capable of trying and writing a review. Generally, a review will fetch you anything from US$ 5 to US$ 20. Additionally, the freebies you get can save you some money on household bills, unless you are testing free software or apps.

6)  Micro Tasking

Rather than hiring employees and lengthening payrolls, a large number of advertising companies, public relations agencies, media houses, printing presses, and other businesses depend upon micro-tasking. This is a very simple yet realistic way to make money online. Anyone with an eye for detail, and good grammatical and language skills can work as a micro-tasking associate.

Register yourself for micro-tasking assignments on any good freelance work website. Once your application is accepted, you will receive tasks that can be easily completed online. These include correcting advertisements, press releases, public notices, news reports, greeting and invitation cards, business stationery, and many other stuff.

You need to check them for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and improper punctuation to make corrections where required. In the US, micro-tasking earns you US$ 10 per hour.

7)  Online Tutor

Becoming an online tutor is easy for anyone who possesses special skills in any particular field or subject. You can mentor people on a variety of topics ranging from a complex subject taught at school or college to complex cuisines of the world, troubleshooting problems with engineering equipment, repairing mobile phones, fitness & health, stocks & investments, Yoga, aerobics, or almost any skill.

Depending upon what skills you are coaching, earnings can be as high as US$ 20 per hour per student. Online tutoring can be done as your own business or by getting hired by some college, university, sports club, company, or trade organization to train their students and members. Blended coaching is fast gaining ground worldwide and you can make a lot of money online by imparting skills online. is one of the best websites where you can find online tutoring jobs easily.

In Conclusion

There are various other ways to make money online. How much you earn is directly proportionate to the time you spend and your skills. While tasks offered by Amazon mTurk require rather basic skills, working as an online tutor will require expert-level proficiency in some fields. With the rampant proliferation of smartphones, you can also make money online through Android and iOS-based apps that can be downloaded for free.

Finally, remember that making money online is easy. However, the Internet is rife with scammers who pose as legit firms and ask you to enroll for very attractive schemes. Others ask you for registration fees.

Invariably, websites that charge a registration fee- however insignificant the amount- are scams. Others simply collect your personal information and sell it to unauthorized persons, often for phishing and other frauds. Therefore, it is essential to verify the credentials of a website before embarking on any venture to make money online.

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