5 Expert Tips for Beginners at Blogging

Blogging Tips

If there is one trend that has quickly caught on with today’s generation it is that of blogging. A blog is a platform for any individual to express his views, ideas, photos, and thoughts with the world and gain social popularity. It has quickly become a method by which businesses are gaining customers and generating awareness by starting entertaining and successful blogs that quickly escalates and captures the interest of like-minded customers.

Whether you’re someone who is contemplating to start a blog or are struggling to make it popularity and gain some space on the social scene, there are a few key ideas you should keep in mind which will take you a long way to gain better popularity and get your blog noticed. Here are a few ideas you should keep in mind while working on your blog:

Content is Key

Many bloggers find out the hard way that content plays a huge part in the popularity of any blog. Content has to be written from two perspectives. The first perspective is of course what your customers like and should be based on their tastes and preferences. The study which posts of yours receive higher views and more engagement in the form of comments and shares and you’ll know where your customer’s interest lies. However, you should also focus on the SEO aspect and write content which is SEO friendly. If search engines fail to acknowledge your blog and it doesn’t show up in search results, your purpose of reaching out to viewers is lost. Hence make sure your content serves both your customers’ needs as well as meets SEO requirements.

Find Your Calling

When choosing creative blog topics, remember to play to your strengths and write what you’re comfortable with. Do not try to unnecessarily write about topics you’re not too knowledgeable about as this will make the blog very general and will not engage many users. On the other hand, if you write about a specific topic, it’ll help you gain recognition both with viewers and search engines. Doing this will help you remain interested in writing blogs too as it’s something that you yourself would be interested in and will bring out your creativity better.

Marketing is Key

Most people assume writing a good blog will do the trick and viewers will automatically come to read about it. You have to give attention to marketing tactics to draw viewers. Make sure to use social media to the hilt and share your blog on various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google + and request your friends to share it around. You can comment on others posts and this will help you draw some traffic as well. You can interact with other bloggers. You can also check what topics are trending on Google and find hot topics to write about to get a good search engine result page ranking. No amount of marketing effort will go in vain and you’ll be able to reap its benefits in time.

Comment Away

One of the biggest advantages of digital marketing and social media interaction is that it creates a two-way channel of communication. Traditional marketing just blurts out its opinions to users without giving them a chance to express their opinion. With blogging, make it easier for your users to comment and do not unnecessarily add steps like asking them to write captcha code or complicated things as this will stop a few people to bother with comments. Also, avoid writing sensitive or negative topics with which people don’t want to be associated with. If your content is good and commenting is made easy, people will be more than happy to leave their views.

Accept Negativity

It is important to understand that your blog is an expression of your opinion and ideas. It is not always possible that everyone would agree with it or take it in a positive light. Do not lose hope or fervor due to a few critics or negative views on your post. Do not pick a public debate with negative commenters and focus on writing content that people appreciate. It’ll bring both kinds of people to your blog and it is up to you to block out the haters. You can’t stop them so it’s better to ignore them and focus on your strengths.


With these blogging tips in mind, it would help you take your blog to great heights. Blogging is a great technique to interact with the world and once you understand it’s nuances, you’ll surely find it an interactive and engaging activity!

Neha Choudhary
Neha Choudhary is a content writer and content marketing specialist. She is a writing fanatic and when she’s not writing, she is technology, traveling and cooking. Being a book lover and a movie enthusiast, her mind is constantly revolving around new ideas. As a person, it’s a treat being around her owing to her jolly nature.

Gangadhar Kulkarni

Gangadhar Kulkarni is an internet marketing expert and consultant having extensive experience in digital marketing. He is also the founder of Seogdk and Director at DigiTechMantra Solutions, a one-stop shop for all that your website needs. It provides you cost-effective and efficient content writing and digital marketing services.


  1. Hey Neha,

    This was a great list for beginners to meditate on.

    I really like that you put out that writing blog posts isn't going to just magically bring you traffic. You also have to market it by promoting it to social media as well as blogging communities for starters at the least.

    When I first started, I was lead to believe that you just have to write everyday and the traffic will just happen to appear. I was so wrong on all levels, but I learned my lesson.

    As far as promotion, commenting helps to drive traffic back to your blog as well as connecting and build relationships with other bloggers which is real important. It's really hard to grow a blog if you do it all alone and doing your due diligence in engaging and sharing other blog posts will always come back to you in a positive way!

    Thanks for sharing Neha! Have a great up and coming weekend!

    1. Hello Sherman,

      Glad to see you here......!!!

      Thanks for sharing valuable feedback about this article and informative sum-up about blog promotion and blogging.

      Ya you are absolutely right that blog commenting not only generate web traffic for your blog but also make bonding with readers.

      Have a nice day and profitable weekend.......!!!

  2. Hi Gangadhar,

    I think this post is such a helpful tool and resource for people who are yet to start their blogging career. We say content is key, but I guess blogging does not just evolve by mere focusing on your content. I think you post can be both inspiring and discouraging. It inspire those bloggers wanna be to work well and pursue with their plans on beginning to do blogging. On the opposite side, it may as well discourage those who think blogging is just as easy as changing casual clothing, those who are doubtful and are not willing to take the challenge of blogging.

    1. Hello Dennis,

      Glad to know you found this post helpful and informative for newbie bloggers........!!!

      Ya you are absolutely right that not only content is important for blogging success but other key factors also required such as marketing, social media sharing, etc.

      Thanks for adding your valuable opinion about blogging and feedback about this article.....Have a great week ahead......!!!