6 Best Email Marketing Software that Raise Your Subscriber List Extensively

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Email Marketing Software

Over 34% of the web users across the world use emails either for personal use or business purposes. The constant increase in the email users has given email marketing a great push and encourage webmasters to use it to its full extent.

Email marketing is as old as the concept of the email itself, which is growing at a rapid speed. In fact, it has been proven that email marketing drives over 24% of the site's traffic. This powerful and vibrant way to reach out to your target audience enables you to improve your marketing efforts and reduce the bounce rate on your site.

Today, almost every webmaster is making use of email marketing to enhance its remarketing efforts and drive a constant number of visitor to its website. Unlike other digital marketing strategies, email marketing manages to attract long-term and profitable users for the brand or business.

However, there are only 20% of the websites that are making the most of the email marketing. Though there are various factors contributing to the failure of email marketing efforts, unavailability of a useful tool is one of the most popular factors.

Thus, we have compiled a list of the best email marketing software and tools to help you gain new subscribers.

1. MailChimp Email Marketing


MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing software that has managed to attain a top position. It is extremely convenient to use and configure. MailChimp is a premium marketing tool whose subscription plans start as low as $10 per month. It is a great tool that helps you send emails, manage subscribers, and monitor results. Moreover, after connecting your website with MailChimp, you can send back-in-stock messaging, build targeted campaigns and automated helpful product follow-ups.

Impressive Features of MailChimp

·       Offers a drag and drop designer to help you create campaigns that reflect your business or brand
·    Comes with collaboration options such as comments and multi-user accounts that speed up the design process
·     Equipped with robust marketing automation to ensure that your emails reach the right user at the right time
·         Has advanced reporting feature to help you track website activity and sales.
·      Comes integrated with hundreds of popular apps and services such as SurveyMonkey, Shopify, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Eventbrite and so much more.

To access all features of MailChimp click here

2. ActiveCampaign Email Marketing


ActiveCampaign Email Marketing is a well-crafted email marketing software that has a long list of features to boost your email marketing efforts. Though ActiveCampaign has a cluttered user interface, it is well balanced by its best-in-class and superior quality online support.

Impressive Features of ActiveCampaign

·   Allows you to design aesthetically appealing email campaigns, connect with your subscribers and send newsletters
·       Offers behavioral and personal data about your subscribers to automate your marketing channels
·       Offers high-quality CRM and Sales services to assist you in closing deals faster and driving more leads.
·        Also offers flexible and dynamic segmentation
·   Equipped with high-converting forms that allow you to create forms that do more than capturing the attention of your audience

To access all features of ActiveCampaign click here

3. GetResponse Email Marketing Service


GetResponse Email Marketing is yet another popular and useful email marketing service that makes digital marketing through emails as easy as 1,2,3. It is an extremely easy to use email marketing services that take seconds to import your email lists.

Impressive Features of GetResponse

·     Comes with more than 500 beautifully designed email templates to make it convenient for beginners to build aesthetically appealing email campaigns
· Comes integrated with many different services including Shopify, Zendesk, PayPal, Salesforce, and Wordpress.
·     Offers a responsive email design that works on every screen size and design
·      Allows you to build landing pages within minutes with more than 100 mobile-friendly templates.
·       Comes integrated with optimization tools, inbuilt web forms, and powerful drag and drop editor.

To access all features of GetResponse click here

4. Aweber Email Marketing

Aweber offers the utmost flexibility and versatility to create and manage email campaigns and subscribers' list. Unlike other email marketing tools, Aweber does not come with many third-party integrations but offers every major feature that you may require for your email marketing.

Impressive Features of Aweber

·         Extremely easy to use and configure along with cost-effective subscription plans
·         Offers a drag and drop editor to allow you to create automated email campaigns
·         Has a autoresponder that sends a series of automatically delivered emails
·         Provides a wide range of sign-up forms to choose from to create email list rapidly.
·        Equipped with RSS to Email feature that automatically build emails from your latest posts
·         Offers more than 700 mobile-friendly templates to choose from
·         Segments target audience on the basis of their actions with one click

To access all features of Aweber click here

5. Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft is an interesting digital marketing tool that offers a wide range of sales and marketing services. Email marketing is one of the many services offered by Infusionsoft. In comparison to other email marketing tools, Infusionsoft is pretty expensive and has its subscription plans start at $199 per month.

Impressive Features of Infusionsoft

·        Allows you to send reminder emails to customers who have added products to their shopping cart but didn't checkout.
·         Allows you to create funnels to convert your subscribers into customers
·     Comes with unlimited templates to create email campaigns to automatically send voucher coupons to your customers on their birthdays.
·         Easy to understand, set up and use

To access all features of Infusionsoft click here

6. Autopilot Email Marketing


Autopilot is a highly flexible and scalable email marketing service that offers a wide range of features to help you create impressive and remarkable email campaigns. This email marketing service allows you to automate users journeys as convenient as counting numbers.

Impressive Features of Autopilot

·         Offers multi-channel including direct mail, in-app messaging, SMS, and emails
·         Comes with action-based trigger automation to send automatic emails
·         Integrated with world class breed technologies
·         Allows you to send unlimited emails
·         Offers dynamic and static smart list segmentation
·         Comes with HTML email editor
·        Offers advanced email analytic tool to help you keep track of your emails and their results

To access all features of Autopilot click here

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Global Payment Transfer and Withdrawing Funds Now Made Easy with Payoneer

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Global Payment Service

Making international business payments can be hectic if you don’t have good online transfer service. There are lot of options available in market such as PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, Bitcoinetc. These all vary in timing, security, cost and ease of use. Today we will talk about Payoneer.

What is Payoneer?

Payoneer is global payment service as like PayPal which offers a safe way to make payment, receive payment or transfer moneyin your currency. At present Payoneer is available in more than 200 countries with more than 100+ currency options. This makes it true global leader in fund transfer service. Payoneer is available as prepaid debit cards, international wire transfers, and local eWallets as well. Payoneer can be a good PayPal alternative.

Sign Up Payoneer and Get $25?

The sign up process is very simple. To open an account you must be 18+ age and you need to provide bank account no to receive the funds. Payoneer has brought amazing offer for Indian freelancers, when you sign up and use it for $100 transaction, you will get $25 just for using it. On top of it, if you refer Payoneer and your referred user completes $100 transaction, you will get $25 as referral bonus. So why don't you to try Payoneer's "Refer a Friend" sign up program to make some extra bucks!!!

Once you open an account, you will receive Payoneer MasterCard debit card which can be activated by using website. You can use it to withdraw money from local ATM.

Payoneer India Limitations

·         Limit of INR 5,00,000 per single transaction
·         Daily Payoneer to Bank transfer limit is 5,00,000
·         Monthly transaction limit INR 2,500,000

International Money Transfer

International Business Payments

To make or receive funds, you must have Payoneer Account. The major benefit is you will get US or EUR collection accounts even if you are not present in that country. In simple words Payoneer provides you virtual US account and a routing number or a European account and BIC ad IBAN number so that you can receive payments as like locals. This seems to be an excellent solution for freelancers or mid-size enterprisers or professionals.

Withdrawing Funds

There are 2 ways to withdraw fund

1.    Mastercard Debit Card
2.    Local Bank Transfer

Payoneer Mastercard Debit Card is worldwide accepted where MasterCard is accepted. The major advantage is your bank account is not mandatory to get this card. Anyone above 18 years of age can apply for this card to receive to transfer money online. As a standard debit card you can use it for making purchase or withdraw money from local ATM. But another hurdle is withdrawing money from ATM will cost you more, yes, additional fee of $3.15 per transaction is applicable.

Transferring money to local account is time effective. It takes less than 24 hours to local bank transfer.

Key Features of Payoneer

·         Withdraw to Bank Service
·         Global Payment Service
·         Card to Card Service
·         Bank Transfer Service
·         Credit Card Loading Service
·         Mass Payout Service
·         US/EURO Payment Service
·         ATM is chargeable
·         Local bank transfer is less than 24 hours


Payoneer also has mobile app with 19 language support. You can view balance in 20 currencies in tabular form which make your account management job easy. This is available in Google Play and Apple Store. So if you are looking for better PayPal alternative option, Payoneer is the best suite. 100 % Recommended. 

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Gangadhar Kulkarni is an Internet Marketing Professional having extensive experience in digital marketing. He is also the founder of Seogdk and Director at DigiTechMantra Solutionsa one-stop shop for all that your website needs. It provides you cost effective and efficient content writing and digital marketing services. For more information catch him on Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | G+ | Pinterest 


Incredible Influence of Backlinks in SEO

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Contextual Backlinks

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The role of SEO in improving the rank of a website is huge and it is unmanageable for a website to reach at the top of search engine results without implementing SEO tactics. The best part of people used to struggle with promoting their websites and companies used to imply a lot of methods to push their website top in search engine results including Google, yahoo, Bing etc. SEO methods are the best possible methods for you to bring you top in the list and SEO used to implement different techniques to push your website forward. Backlinks is one of the top methods used in SEO to take your website next level.

Benefits of Backlinks

The benefits of Backlinks in SEO is huge and many. It is significant for you to form backlinks to your site since it improves organic ranking. Backlinks assist in finding superior search engine rankings. Another big benefit of backlink is faster indexing of site. Remember that links helps to make slow progress and guide your site efficiently. It is necessary to get backlinks as it leads to quicker finding and indexing of your sites. 

Another important benefit of backlinks is that it aids to acquire referral traffic. Some of the most effective ways to get quality backlinks for your new website or blog are writing quality, informative and excellent articles, embark on commenting and submit to web directories.

More Visitors            

Your website or blog require more visitors to improve its visibility in the public. Back links can bring more visitors to your blog or website. Backlinks also recognized as inbound links or one way links. Creating Backlinks is one of the very important parts of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

Without a doubt, visitors are central any website or blog. Make sure to promote your website by including a lot of strong Backlinks. Remember that Backlinks assist your blog and website to be promoted with no trouble to acquire more visitors. The more visitors you have to your website, the better will be the growth of your website. Hence, depend on Backlinks when you try to promote your website or blog.

Major Source

Obviously, SEO executives used to apply a lot of techniques to promote a website or blog. In SEO, there are in fact a number of methods that helps a website to rank first in searching engine results including Google, yahoo and Bing. Today, a lot of SEO executives give significance to earn more bacllinks in order to drive their website or blog top in search engine results. 

Backlinks are said to the major source for the ranking of a web page. Generally, Backlinks are inward links to a webpage. When a web page connects to any other page, it’s described as a backlink. A webpage or blog with several backlinks are inclined to rank high with all main search engines, including Google and yahoo.

Write Effectively

Undoubtedly, Backlinks are just hyperlinks to your website that are deriving from another website. This is the most excellent part of a Backlink and it makes Backlinks very valuable. Gaining Backlinks is not an easy thing and it is tricky part in SEO. You should have the ability to write effectively if your wish to get good Backlinks. Keep in mind that bloggers or other websites will never offer you a backlink if you don’t have a very attention-grabbing article or content. 

The content that you write must be good and professionally written in order to get good Backlinks. As a result write something effectively or very informative so that you will get a Backlinks for sure. When submitting your article, you have to consider whether the content is well organized and do the content present valuable information to the sites that will link to your website.

Inbound Links

Avoid Low-Quality Links                                         

You should always focus on attaining good quality Backlinks and low quality links can do no good for you. You have got to keep away from low-quality links for the reason that these links originate from poor sites, automatic sites, and spam sites or even from porn sites. Hence, links from these sites do far more damage than good to your website. You should be cautious when looking to earn more backlinks. Always keep in mind to get through well reputed and top ranked blogs or website in order to earn Backlinks.

Quality Backlinks

Links from well reputed and top ranked blogs or website will indeed fetch you to rank top in searching engine results. Getting your backlinks indexed is crucial to the success of any link building promotion. Bear in mind that if Google doesn’t index your Backlinks, there is no point generating links and you are just wasting your time and energy. Obviously, creating quality links will help you website and Google will easily index your Backlinks if it is quality links.

Contextual Backlinks

It is imperative to have Backlinks from quality sites. If you would like to get value from the Backlinks, it should be contextual. If you have website related to sports, you have got to create links from similar websites or blogs. There will be a lot of websites and blogs related to your website. It will help you to create Backlinks with no trouble if you come up with informative and effective contents. When you promote your website by means of Backlinks, your main objective should be obtaining links from reliable, contextual and relevant sites so that you can get strong and quality links to your website.

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Amelia Quinn is a content writer who works at best essay writing service . She is a writer, technology enthusiast, social media lover and all around digital girl. She loves to share meaningful content that educates and inspires people to bring their dreams into reality.


Surefire Tips to Boost Your Website SEO Rankings in SERP

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Website SEO Rankings

Tricks, tricks and more hidden tricks you could see being performed by SEO gurus. Conventionally it was damn easier as you just need to get some keywords build links on it and you achieve what you want, but now it has become not only difficult but more and more complex. So the major plans we would be looking onto are:

1.  Keywords

Keywords could be just a word or a phrase that the people would be using to search the website of yours or your competitors, so you just have to research and decide the one to get targeted.

·        High Followers with Low Competitors

The keywords has to be the one that has large followers but with a low competition. Unfortunately, the same keyword that our competitors would also be searching hence such words would be rare and limited. So take time to have a list of it.

·        Large Keywords

Go for keywords that are two or three words long like "Best SEM & SEO Tool" or "Best Social Media Sharing Tool". Here as the competition is lower, hence it would give you a better search volume. This keywords are also known as long tail keywords because it is not necessary that people would searching something with just a single word they could even use long sentences.

·        Competitive Analysis

Analysis of your competitors website would also be helpful to you get some keywords. As the competitors who would have already set their business would have done some research over it, here you just have to pick from where they had stopped.

2.  Technical Optimality

Crawlers are the software that read website’s text and code. And if the crawlers are unable to read it then it could make your website rank lower or the result could be much worse.


Keep the length of URL under 100 characters and don’t use underscores or special characters instead use dashes.


Phrases like "SEO Tips" or "Blogging Tips" are your keywords then it should be there in the beginning of the title in between the tag as mentioned above. Moreover the title should be unique and should be long, i.e. 65-70 characters.


Should contain description of 1 to 2 sentences of the page up to 160 characters long and should be written in between the tag mentioned above.

-Redundant Content in Your Website:

Avoid redundancy regarding the content within your website as crawler would be unaware about its index. So the same stuff in multiple URL’s would result a negative effect to your website. Suppose the content in your home page is similar to the product page then it is possible that crawler could throw any of your page out.


A short description about your website makes it more prominent in search engines.


XML has its sitemap protocol that has to be submitted every time the new content gets added so that it could get crawled.

-Rich Media:

A related tag would help the crawler to crawl your website at ease. The media could be either audio or video.

3.  Usability

Engagement metrics let you know the satisfaction level and how helpful your site was there to your users. So to have such high quality website jot down the following tips:


Labelling makes the important content an easy spot thus it becomes much easy for visitors to find the information. As people don’t like to read the whole page just to get the stuff that they were looking for hence it is better to label each point.


If the search engine would be ranking multiple pages then it is possible that the visitor could get struck to the single page and won’t be able to know the whole website.


Except blog post no page should have more than 800 words in it. Try to have relevant keywords with unique content.

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4.  Building the Strategy Using Social Media

Social media has become the strong source for generating ranking for the website. So in order to build the strategy look at the below mentioned points:

-Gain the exposure by creating or by being a part of large community.

-Understand the market before don’t just directly step into it so a research on users demand is quite essential.

-Don’t just target all the channels at once, go step by step by targeting three or four at once.

-Every channel has its trend, so post as per the trend by creating a plan for it.

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I am Nil, a dedicate blogger and reader. Nowadays working as an SEO consultant in SEO expert London and guiding many big firms to rank their website. There are several more tips, tricks and techniques for you people that you could find it on Seogdk.