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5 Necessary Technical SEO Wins for Successful Web Developers

Technical SEO Wins

SEO is a critical part of web analytics to make the website reach its maximum visibility in Search Engine Optimization. Many web developers try to get their sites to reach a higher position on all Google search results pages. Gaining more web traffic in the search engine is most important so that it would acquire more dominating another website in an excellent manner. Healthy sites will have more web traffic coming to their search so providing a higher quality manner so that it gets much interest in the domain of product is important. Below is a checklist for web developers who like to imprint their minds on building the website in an extensive manner.

1. Choosing the Redirects

The website should have an easier form of redirecting or user-friendly navigation across the pages. Redirects act as the tool that allows the developers to divert the user with the URL from old to new. Normally 5 types of redirects are available such as

·         300 – Multiple choices
·         301 – Permanent move
·         302 – Temporary move
·         303 – GET method redirect
·         307 – Temporary move new redirect

These Redirects are useful for taking the page and moving a page or the entire site somewhere redirecting its contents. 301 and 302 redirects are the most important.

2. URL Structures

URL is the first thing seen in the search engine and it determines the factor for effective SEO. Making the page easier for the user to find is most important so it is necessary to write a proper URL. For maximizing the potential of the page, you can write the URL in this method such as Protocol >> Subdomain >> Root Domain >> Top-Level Domain >> Subfolder >> Page >> Parameter >> Name Anchor.

Writing the URL in this process the content, as well as domain authority, will be preserved. The Order will be useful for the website viewer to look at the URL and visit the page without clicking it and it is a big win.

3. Site Speed

The ranking factor also depends on the speed of the site so it is useful for Web Developers for SEO Wins. Google is obsessed with the speed of the website so it is necessary to make sure that your site takes on the maximum speed for the convenience of the user.

4. Remove Duplicate Content

Google requires unique and valuable content for providing the user with the best class experience so it is necessary to develop the content and web pages accordingly. Removing duplicate content from the site is most important for better performance as well as best to get away from punishment too. Do not use the content from other websites for Google’s index so that it will make your website content to be duplicated. 

Content duplication will definitely confuse the search engine for making Google decide about making the rank and it will cause both people to suffer prominently. In case it is necessary to use the duplicate content on your website then you can use the rel=canonical tag for making the search engines know the URL to consider for the authoritative.

5. Allow Crawler Access

The Search engine uses the “spiders” or “bots” on the website to crawl and look for the content on the website. Make sure that Google does crawl your site so it will look for the important pages.

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