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6 Best Email Marketing Software that Raise Your Subscriber List Extensively

Email Marketing Software

Over 34% of web users across the world use emails either for personal use or business purposes. The constant increase in the number of email users has given email marketing a great push and encouraged webmasters to use it to its full extent.

Email marketing is as old as the concept of email itself, which is growing at a rapid speed. In fact, it has been proven that email marketing drives over 24% of the site's traffic. This powerful and vibrant way to reach out to your target audience enables you to improve your marketing efforts and reduce the bounce rate on your site.

Today, almost every webmaster is making use of email marketing to enhance their remarketing efforts and drive a constant number of visitors to their website. Unlike other digital marketing strategies, email marketing manages to attract long-term and profitable users for the brand or business.

However, there are only 20% of the websites are making the most of email marketing. Though there are various factors contributing to the failure of email marketing efforts, the unavailability of a useful tool is one of the most popular factors.

Thus, we have compiled a list of the best email marketing software and tools to help you gain new subscribers.

1. MailChimp Email Marketing


MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing software that has managed to attain a top position. It is extremely convenient to use and configure. MailChimp is a premium marketing tool whose subscription plans start as low as $10 per month. It is a great tool that helps you send emails, manage subscribers, and monitor results. Moreover, after connecting your website with MailChimp, you can send back-in-stock messaging, build targeted campaigns, and automate helpful product follow-ups.

Impressive Features of MailChimp

·   Offers a drag-and-drop designer to help you create campaigns that reflect your business or brand.

·    Comes with collaboration options such as comments and multi-user accounts that speed up the design process.

·    Equipped with robust marketing automation to ensure that your emails reach the right user at the right time.

·       Has advanced reporting features to help you track website activity and sales.

·      Comes integrated with hundreds of popular apps and services such as SurveyMonkey, Shopify, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Eventbrite and so much more.

To access all features of MailChimp click here

2. ActiveCampaign Email Marketing


ActiveCampaign Email Marketing is a well-crafted email marketing software that has a long list of features to boost your email marketing efforts. Though ActiveCampaign has a cluttered user interface, it is well balanced by its best-in-class and superior quality online support.

Impressive Features of ActiveCampaign

·   Allows you to design aesthetically appealing email campaigns, connect with your subscribers and send newsletters.

·  Offers behavioral and personal data about your subscribers to automate your marketing channels.

·    Offers high-quality CRM and Sales services to assist you in closing deals faster and driving more leads.

·      Also offers flexible and dynamic segmentation.

·   Equipped with high-converting forms that allow you to create forms that do more than capture the attention of your audience

To access all features of ActiveCampaign click here

3. GetResponse Email Marketing Service


GetResponse Email Marketing is yet another popular and useful email marketing service that makes digital marketing through emails as easy as 1,2,3. It is extremely easy to use email marketing services that take seconds to import your email lists.

Impressive Features of GetResponse

· Comes with more than 500 beautifully designed email templates to make it convenient for beginners to build aesthetically appealing email campaigns.

· Comes integrated with many different services including Shopify, Zendesk, PayPal, Salesforce, and WordPress.

·  Offers a responsive email design that works on every screen size and design.

·  Allows you to build landing pages within minutes with more than 100 mobile-friendly templates.

·  Comes integrated with optimization tools, inbuilt web forms, and a powerful drag-and-drop editor.

To access all features of GetResponse click here

4. Aweber Email Marketing

Aweber offers the utmost flexibility and versatility to create and manage email campaigns and subscriber lists. Unlike other email marketing tools, Aweber does not come with many third-party integrations but offers every major feature that you may require for your email marketing.

Impressive Features of Aweber

·         Extremely easy to use and configure along with cost-effective subscription plans.

·         Offers drag and drop editor to allow you to create automated email campaigns.

·         Has an autoresponder that sends a series of automatically delivered emails.

·     Provides a wide range of sign-up forms to choose from to create an email list rapidly.

·     Equipped with RSS to Email feature that automatically builds emails from your latest posts.

·         Offers more than 700 mobile-friendly templates to choose from.

·         Segments target audience on the basis of their actions with one click

To access all features of Aweber click here

5. Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft is an interesting digital marketing tool that offers a wide range of sales and marketing services. Email marketing is one of the many services offered by Infusionsoft. In comparison to other email marketing tools, Infusionsoft is pretty expensive and has its subscription plans starting at $199 per month.

Impressive Features of Infusionsoft

·        Allows you to send reminder emails to customers who have added products to their shopping cart but didn't check out.

·         It allows you to create funnels to convert your subscribers into customers.

·     Comes with unlimited templates to create email campaigns to automatically send voucher coupons to your customers on their birthdays.

·         Easy to understand, set up, and use.

To access all features of Infusionsoft click here

6. Autopilot Email Marketing


Autopilot is a highly flexible and scalable email marketing service that offers a wide range of features to help you create impressive and remarkable email campaigns. This email marketing service allows you to automate users' journeys as conveniently as counting numbers.

Impressive Features of Autopilot

·         Offers multi-channel including direct mail, in-app messaging, SMS, and emails.

·         Comes with action-based trigger automation to send automatic emails.

·         Integrated with world-class breed technologies.

·         Allows you to send unlimited emails.

·         Offers dynamic and static smart list segmentation.

·         Comes with an HTML email editor.

·        Offers advanced email analytic tool to help you keep track of your emails and their results

To access all features of Autopilot click here

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