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Must Have Android Apps for Bloggers and Webmasters

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There are a lot of advantages to being a Blogger. You are your own boss, it’s all your own deadlines and there’s nothing to be done about the hierarchical structure of companies. At the same time, you’ll have a bunch of things to take care of when you are an enthusiastic, Professional Blogger. The first thing you have to do is to stay connected almost always. To do this, your Android Smartphone will be helpful, given that you have installed the right apps on the device.

In fact, there are many apps that would be beneficial for Bloggers and Webmasters around. In this article, we have created a list of the Must-Have Android Apps for Bloggers and Webmasters. This way, you can simplify your Blogging experience even when on mobile. We have selected the apps based on our own experience and user reviews.

·        Flipboard

Do you read a lot? If so, you would have heard of Flipboard, the best content curator app for Android. It’s called the first social magazine and aims to bring content from various sources into one place. Suppose you want to read more about Tech or Sports. You can subscribe to a particular topic and you will find resourceful content from Blogs, Magazines, and a bunch of other publishers.

For Bloggers & Webmasters, Flipboard is a way to know about current trends in the area of Content and to craft demanded content for your Blogs. You can also try creating your own Flipboard Magazine to share. If not for finding topic ideas, Flipboard will help you to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in your niche.

·        QualityTime

As a Web-based professional, you may have to spend a lot of time using your Smartphone. However, it’s necessary to be sure that you don’t get distracted much. QualityTime is an anti-distraction Android App you can get to help you create an effective Digital Diet. QualityTime is a truly interactive Android app that analyses your Smartphone usage habits.

You also have a bunch of options for setting some controls. For instance, you can get notified if you use a particular app for a long time. This way, you can get rid of the distracting apps in a better way. If not for controlling, QualityTime is a nice way to find your usage habits and act accordingly. Personally speaking, QualityTime has been helpful for me all the while.

·        ClearFocus

Do you want to spend your time wisely and complete tasks on time? ClearFocus is an effective way to do that. Basically, it is a time management app for Android. It’s a must-have for Bloggers and Webmasters who value time a lot. You will be able to create working sessions of a certain length. Using a particular philosophy, ClearFocus will schedule it and give you a break.

Apart from time management, ClearFocus allows some customization features as well. For instance, you can keep away from distracting apps during work sessions. You can also disable Sounds, Vibration, or Wi-Fi when you are working. So, with a single click, you can be productive. Some features — pausing your Work Session— are available in the Pro version only.

·        WordPress for Android

WordPress for Android is a must-have app for you if you are running a WordPress-based blog/website. As you can guess, it is the official app for WordPress to manage WP Sites — both the self-hosted sites and those hosted on alike. When you cannot reach out to PC for doing everything, you can count on this free app.

WordPress for Android is fully functional for basic and mediocre needs. You can use this app to publish your posts or edit a few in no time. Also, basic activities like comment moderation and media management are possible here. For instance, you can upload your camera photos directly to your WordPress site. In short, it’s a must-have complementary app for all WordPress Bloggers and Webmasters.

·        Facebook Pages Manager

If you have a blog, you would also have a Facebook Page for promotion purposes. It’s possible to manage pages using the official Facebook app, but it’s always good to have a dedicated solution. Using Facebook Pages Manager, you can deal with different aspects of your Facebook Page.

You can post new content, analyze the insights of each post, and get notifications. If you are running a business page, you can also receive messages on time and reply instantly. In short, you can make Page Management better with this free-to-use Android app. Needless to say, the UI is just classy. This app does not allow you to manage Ads; for that, you need to get another Android app named Facebook Ads Manager.

·        Pocket

When you are a blogger, you need to read a lot! It’s only after reading a lot that you get innovative ideas. However, you may not get enough time to read everything on time. In those situations, Pocket can be of great help. It’s a completely free Android app to save articles for offline reading. Once you have added your favorite content to Pocket, it will be available on multiple devices.

Personally speaking, Pocket has been quite useful for bloggers we know. Just think like this: you find a cool article but do not have time to read it. So, you can simply save the article into your Pocket and read it whenever convenient. The pocket will show the saved content in a truly readable format, with proper formatting. Thanks to the full-screen mode and all, it seems very convenient to use this app for Reading needs.

·        Buffer

Buffer, as you know, is a unified Social Media management service. You can bring all your Social Media Profiles to a single place and manage them. For instance, you can publish the same post on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ in a single click. The best part is that your updates can be scheduled according to convenience and the possibility of trending.

So, if you are a Blogger who is into in-depth Social Media Marketing, Buffer for Android is a must-have option. You will be able to add anything to Buffer, and it will be published at the pre-set time. In addition to publishing posts, Buffer offers a bunch of other features too. There’s a custom Time Scheduler, Analytics options, and all. In short, Buffer is your window to stay connected to social media all the time.

Wrapping Up

With these must-have Android apps for Bloggers and Webmasters, you can enhance your Blogging experience. Of course, you need to make a habit of using these apps. Then, you won’t have to rush to the desk when you have to do something. For instance, you may have to publish a really quick post or social media update. At the same time, Flipboard can be a lot helpful for finding titles and all.

Swaraj Nandedkar
Swaraj Nandedkar is a Blogger for 7 years. He is working as the Content Marketing Manager at TechLila. He loves to Play Games and get high on Adrenaline Rush.

Gangadhar Kulkarni

Gangadhar Kulkarni is an internet marketing expert and consultant having extensive experience in digital marketing. He is also the founder of Seogdk and Director at DigiTechMantra Solutions, a one-stop shop for all that your website needs. It provides you cost-effective and efficient content writing and digital marketing services.

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