Valuable SEM Tips to Reduce Pay Per Click Costs of Your PPC Campaigns

PPC Campaigns

PPC advertising is a very important part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) as well as Online Marketing. Every PPC advertiser wants more exposure to their PPC campaigns or product ads in a small amount of bidding or costs on the internet. So in this article, Seogdk brings valuable information or guidelines about PPC advertising to reduce PPC costs of your PPC campaigns.

During the early years of PPC advertising, you could pretty much figure out a bid for a keyword or phrase and then assume that you didn’t need to monitor it too closely. Because that time PPC advertising was one of the effective online advertising methods used on the internet. Nowadays, the competition for PPC keywords and phrases is very high which means you are likely to spend way more money to achieve the same rank than you needed to in the past.

If you are not careful about your PPC campaign’s budget then you could spend a lot of money without getting better results. So first make PPC management strategies to reduce the cost of your PPC campaigns while maintaining or even improving your conversion and click-through rates (CTR). Follow guidelines or SEM tips to reduce PPC costs of your PPC campaigns:

Monitoring your PPC Ad Campaigns

When you consider the management of your PPC campaign in the context of reducing the budget you have many options to reduce your costs without decreasing the effectiveness of your campaign. Your first step should be to replace any low-performing ads. Monitoring your ads should be a key factor in your PPC campaigns so you can easily determine and replace those ads that are not performing well.

Reduce the Amount of Bid per Keyword

We have another option to reduce your PPC costs is to reduce the amount of your bid per keyword. As mentioned earlier it is not necessary to attempt for the top advertising space and reducing your keyword bid by a less amount per click can make a huge difference in the cost of the campaign.

Select Less Demandable but More Targeted Keywords or Phrases

We know that the high-demand keywords are very expensive and with many high-demand keywords the resulting web traffic may not be as well targeted as it could be. It means that a reduction in conversions resulted in less Return on Investment (ROI). So it is far better to choose keywords or phrases that are not in as much demand but are more targeted. You can pay fewer amounts for these keywords and get more qualified traffic from them which will translate into more conversions and a better ROI.

Use ‘Match Types’ Condition

The Match Types condition helps you to control your PPC budget. It is the condition under which you prefer that your PPC ad is shown. For example, if you have chosen the keyword or phrase “SEO Expert” for your PPC advertisement then you can specify that the ad is shown only under a certain condition. There are main three match types that you could use:

1. Broad Match

It occurs when your ad is shown to the broadest possible segments of searchers. It means that anytime someone searches for “SEO Expert” your ad will be shown. No matter whether those two words appear together or other words are included in the term.

2. Phrase Match

It occurs when your ad is shown for searches that contain the keyword or phrase you have selected not only incorrect word order but also including other words. For instance, instead of showing your ad only for searches containing “SEO Expert,” your ad might also be shown for searches like “SEO Consultant,” or “SEO Specialist.” 

3. Exact Match

It takes place when your ad is shown only for searches that contain the exact words that you have chosen. In other words, if you select an exact match for “SEO Expert” then the only time the ad will be shown is when a user searches for “SEO Expert.”

Modify Your PPC Strategy

One of the best ways for reducing your PPC budget is to modify your PPC strategy. Monitor and review the amount of PPC spending versus the number of conversions you achieve. Then use this information to make changes to your keywords and ad copy to increase the effectiveness of your PPC Campaigns.


This is a very effective method to reduce the cost of your PPC campaign. It is nothing but the practice of dividing the day into several parts and each of which a different type of radio programming or television programming appropriate for that time is aired. In other words, a strategy requires that you monitor your PPC campaigns to know what days and hours of the day your campaigns perform the best.

In addition, it can help you to reduce the instances of click fraud that you may face. Because your ad is shown only at specific times, it is less available for your competition or other malicious souls to use to drive up your PPC costs.


It is an effective method that reduces the PPC costs of your PPC campaign. This is a method of targeting specific traffic for your PPC ad based on the geographical location of your business.


From the above information, we conclude that the budget must be monitored and maintained as well as find a way to reduce the costs associated with your PPC campaigns. So friends convey your feedback about this article via comments and emails till then enjoy your life…..!!!

Gangadhar Kulkarni

Gangadhar Kulkarni is an internet marketing expert and consultant having extensive experience in digital marketing. He is also the founder of Seogdk and Director at DigiTechMantra Solutions, a one-stop shop for all that your website needs. It provides you cost-effective and efficient content writing and digital marketing services.

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