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Enhance Your Internet Presence by using Social Media Optimization

Social Media Impact

Today’s world is a small village; believe it or not, all people come closer because of communication facilities like iPhones, mobiles, fast transportation, and social media. Social Media highly impacts the day-to-day lives of people and has an important place too. Everyone is interconnected with groups, communities, blogs, and their own websites and exchange their views, and ideas through it. In other words, Social Media is a necessity for everyone, so in this social arena, your website is also located and has great competition. If you are loyal to these great lines then definitely you will make your own place, “Be ready for an opportunity when you see it. If your ship doesn’t come in a swim out to it.”

To enhance your internet presence and achieve a top position in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) use the Social Media Optimization (SMO) technique. SMO is a set of methods for generating publicity through social media, online communities, and community websites.

In this article, Seogdk focuses on popular social sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well as the importance of SMO in SEO.

In order to be effective in internet marketing, you need more than just a website. Social media has evolved from a powerful communication medium to a key marketing channel. It offers a platform for customers to find you when they are seeking reviews, comparing pricing, or researching offers. To help you focus on the most important ones, here are four popular networks that are widely recognized and used:

1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. LinkedIn
4. Google +

1. Facebook

Nowadays Facebook is a very popular social media network and has various helpful interactive capabilities, a Facebook Business Page is a great supplement to any website. On it, you can include everything from company location and contact information to updates and multimedia. Formerly generating a “fan” count, Pages now track “Likes.”

Communicate with Your Audience

When you create your own account on Facebook then you are the only person who has the right or authority to interact with many people. In other words, you are the admin of the page. Approve individuals as your friends, so they have to access your post contents and respond to you by comments and messages. Just like individuals have their own accounts on Facebook, businesses do, too. You need an account in order to create and maintain a Facebook Page.

Integrate Other Social Media Activities on Your Page

Facebook provides various useful applications to easily interact with users. There are applications for other social networking platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, etc. so can include them in the bar of your Facebook account. This makes it easy for visitors to find your other social media accounts instead of searching for each platform individually.

Create Custom Tabs

Create custom tabs that are useful when you want to showcase or provide information about something that doesn’t have its own application. You can create a custom tab by adding an iFrame Page Tab.

Use Tags to Interact with Other Accounts

Tagging provides a great way for you to attract the attention of people and other companies. When you tag something, the content you post appears on the wall of the profile or page you tagged and that account receives a notification that it was tagged.

2. Twitter

Twitter is another popular and real-time network allowing users to post (tweets) updates using up to 140 characters. Billions of people use Twitter worldwide. To access facilities on Twitter it’s mandatory to have your own Twitter accountTweets are intended to be informative and newsworthy so use them that way. When you tweet as yourself or for the company then keep your followers or audience in mind because irrelevant or useless tweets aren’t worth an unfollow or a bad reputation.

Follow Relevant People or Industry

Follow those people, products, and companies within your industry to keep up with trends, news, and events. A significant amount of the time, these users will follow you back in return and increase your Twitter reach. Also, when you follow those people in your industry then keep in mind your feed won't be clogged with irrelevant tweets.

If anyone tweet (message) you then simply you need to click the reply icon below someone else’s tweet, or just type “@” followed by the recipient’s Twitter username. If you want to communicate with others then simply use the hashtag (#) for conversation. Hashtags are a way of tagging tweets to make it easy for anyone to follow, promote, and respond to news, products, events, ideas, and offers.

For example, if Seogdk declared #seogdk as the official hashtag for his SEO blog then anyone on Twitter could include #seogdk in their tweets to leave feedback, ask questions, or simply promote the blog.

Use Small URLs in Tweets

The use of links in tweets is a great way to point to additional resources or promote your website or content on Twitter. But always keep in mind that Twitter gives only a 140-character limit to tweets, so don’t use longer URLs in tweets. Use a URL shortening service such as Bitly to make the links you want to share on Twitter more tweetable.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most popular social media for professionals to network on the internet. Over 200 million users worldwide have activated accounts. This social network makes it easy to find potential employees and customers as well as seek industry-specific advice. On LinkedIn, you can post jobs to your company page and post questions for the community to answer. LinkedIn Answers also provides valuable industry insights. To access LinkedIn applications, first, you have to create your LinkedIn account.

Benefits of LinkedIn

•Easily generate leads, especially if you are a B2B company.
•Connect with millions of professionals and discuss problems to get the right solution.
•Participate in industry discussions for promoting your products as well as post jobs.
•Share content relevant to your company so it results in the promotion of your company.

In addition to a company page, LinkedIn also allows you to create Groups.

Creation of Groups

First, identify your industry and come up with a name. For example, Seogdk shares SEO information; so our LinkedIn group is named “Valuable SEO Tips & Tricks.” Then, invite members you would like to be part of this community. Within the group, members may ask questions, post updates, and participate in discussions. While you can answer questions with references to your own products. This offers a great opportunity to generate new leads and create long-term relationships.

4. Google+ 

Important Note: We are sorry to say Google+ is shut down and no longer operating.

Google launched its much-awaited Google+ on the first of June 2011. Okay, that is pretty old news.  Observations are that the online community has welcomed the change and adapted to it without any delay. Millions of people use Google +1 facility for social networking. Online marketing enthusiasts and the web developer community get one more button for social sharing. A lot of buttons on a page do slow page downloading speed but the benefits of social sharing overweight the design issues anyway. 

Core features of Google Plus or Google +1 button 

·         Circles
·         Hangouts
·         Stream
·         sparks
·         Huddle
·         Instant upload

Google + Circles will help in sharing the right content with the right people. Facebook also has similar features – Friend Lists and Groups. And they do the same thing but Circle’s drag-and-drop trait is much more appealing and convenient. Here we can add people by a selective approach like family, best pals, business partners, and co-workers in ‘circles’. You can also drag in and drag out the people from the circles. Collectively this is one more reason to cheer as it will definitely cut out those unwanted irrelevant updates.

Hangout is Google +’s informal video conferencing service. It offers as many as 10 simultaneous video chat screens. It is different from Google Talk and Skype as it allows dropping in and dropping out of the chat session just as they would do in the real world. 

The stream is another cool feature of Google + which is a direct function adaptation from Facebook’s ‘News Feeds’ which shows comments and photos shared by your friends. 

Sparks will let you create topics of interest while Huddle is a group messaging service where anybody in the group or in circles can view each other’s SMS. The Google+ app is already available for the Android market.

Google+ for mobile is concentrating on GPS, cameras, and messaging services of your mobile to make it more ‘personal’. The killer functionality it has come up with is Instant Upload in which the moment you take the picture from your smartphone it will be instantly uploaded to a private folder from where you can selectively share the snaps later with your ‘circles’ no matter from which device i.e. phone, laptop, the desktop you just need to log into your Google Plus profile.


Thank you for reading this whole article I think you understand the importance of Social Media to enhance your presence on the internet. So in the next article, Seogdk will explore new ideas about SEO and website development till then send your views about this blog through your comments and mail. If you have any questions or queries then don’t hesitate to ask. Take care and enjoy your life!!!

Gangadhar Kulkarni

Gangadhar Kulkarni is an internet marketing expert and consultant having extensive experience in digital marketing. He is also the founder of Seogdk and Director at DigiTechMantra Solutions, a one-stop shop for all that your website needs. It provides you cost-effective and efficient content writing and digital marketing services.

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