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Off-Page Optimization Techniques to Increase Link Popularity of Your Site

Off-Page Optimization Techniques

Dear friends, I hope that you all enjoying my blog and information about web technologies and SEO. One of the great philosophers says, “Look backward with gratitude, upwards with confidence, and forwards with hope.” If you have this type of attitude then definitely success will lie on your feet. So let’s start our new special article on Off-page optimization in which Seogdk will focus on Off-page optimization techniques that are increasing the link popularity of your site. Off-page optimization is an effective part of search engine optimization and it is done to achieve good search engine ranking and increase traffic to the website.

Off-page and on-page optimization are in great coherence with each other because off-page optimization is effective only if a Web page is well-optimized on-page. Some of the vital off-page optimization techniques are as follows:

1. Link Building
2. Forum Posting
3. Article Submission
4. Directory Submission

1. Link Building

Building a link with potential partners is a vital part of Search Engine Optimization. Link building helps to achieve link popularity which means the number of quality inbound links pointing toward your website. Search engine often looks up link popularity before indexing a website and link popularity is obtained through link building.

Link popularity is a deciding factor for online business success but at the same time, it is a difficult task too. The search engine wants inbound links from authoritative sites having the same business objectives rather than unimportant and useless sites and often considers the useless links as spam and penalizes the website.

In the process of link building, analyzing the link of a close competitor is also essential. Analyzing their link, how they have widened their network, and which way they are working also brings some value to the website.

2. Forum Posting

Forum posting is another important off-page optimization technique that interacts with many users on the internet. This technique creates huge stuff for your site and increases the link popularity of your site.

Steps to Perform Forum Posting:

·         First you have created information on your websites for posting on forums.

·         You need the URL, title, description, and keywords of your website. Take this info from the source code of the website. Make one file of that info.

·         Create one Gmail account for Forum Posting.

·         Activation links and approved details will come by email.

·         Collect the relevant forum lists having good page ranks for posting your website on those forums.

·         Create one Excel sheet for the reporting purpose.

·         Now open each forum one by one and do the registration. Click>register> Fill out the form.

·         After registration they will send an activation link to your specified email ID. Follow the instructions & activate your account.

·         Again open the same forum and login it using your credentials which are used at the time of registration.

·         Select the correct category from the forum and click on options like “New Thread, New Topic”.

·         Fill in the displayed form of the forum it contains,

Forum Posting
Forum Posting 

The form contains the following fields:

Title: Give a correct title for your post.

Message: Add a description and also include the domain of your website.

Tags: Add keywords to your website.
After filling in the information click on Submit New Thread button. Then it will give the message and it will display your post on that forum. Maintain the report sheet.

3. Article Submission

Article submission is the key element of the off-page optimization process. An article rich in specific keywords is prepared and the URL of the self-owned website is attached at the end of the article. Then the article is submitted to a famous article-presenting website, there begins the publicity of your website. In a short period, you will receive new and potential buyers easily and effectively.

Steps to Perform Article Submissions:

·         First you have to write a relevant article for article submission using keywords on your website.

· The article should be 500 or more words.

·         After writing an article you have to format this article, create a summary of the article, and give proper links using the correct anchor text.

·         Make one HTML format of the article and give links using <a href> tag maximum of three links are allowed in the article body and one link in the resource box. Use <p> tag for paragraphs.

·         Create a resource box for your article containing the Author's name and a link to your website.

·         Now the article is ready to submit to article directories.

·         Create a Gmail account for submission.

·         Take standard article directories having a good page rank.

·         Make an Excel sheet for maintaining the report of article submission, and add those article directories in that Excel sheet.

·         We have to create an account on every article directory so, Open the article directory and first register on that site Fill out the form containing info related to your submission like email, password, Address, Author name, etc.

·         After registration they will send a confirmation link to your specified email id. We have to activate this for moving forward to submission.

·         Now after activation, you can access an article directory using your login details which you have used for the registration.

·         Open website Login> Add Pen Name (Author Name).

·         Click>Submit an article.

It will display the form for submitting your article. Form contains,

Article Submission Form
Article Submission Form

The Form contains the following fields:

Author Name: Select our Author.

Category: Select the relevant category that suits your article.

Title: Fill correct title of the article.

Summary: Add generated a summary of your article.

Article Body: Add body text to your article but first check remarks there It accepts plane articles or HTML format articles.

Resource Box: Fill in the generated resource box of the article.

Check once the filled information is correct if ok then click on the preview button below the form and the check links are activated or not they are activated if you used the HTML format article body.

If everything is correct then click on ->Submit

4. Directory Submission

Directory submission is a crucial process associated with search engine marketing. When a website is built, and optimized well on-page and off-page, then it is submitted to directories and search engines for indexing in their directory list or database. Submission is necessary to make your website public, viewed by general people or information seeker, and ultimately attracts more traffic to the website, increase the sale of products and services, and turn them into regular buyers.

Steps to Perform Directory Submissions:

·         First we have created information about your websites for submission.

·         We need a URL, title, description, and keywords for your website. Take this info from the source code of the website. Make one file of that info.

·         Create a Gmail account for directory submission.

·         Activation links and approved details will come via email.

·         Collect the relevant directories having good page rank for submission.

·         Create one Excel sheet for the reporting purpose.

·         Now open each directory one by one and find any option like “Add URL, Submit URL, Add Site, Submit Site, and Suggest URL”.

·         Click on the above option select the submission option if available means paid, reciprocal, or free, and then fill the displayed form using the created info file.

Directory Submission Form

Directory Submission Form

The Form contains the following fields:

URL: URL of your website

Title: Title of your website

Description: Description of your website.

Category: Select the relevant category related to your site.

Email Id: Add created email id.

If everything is correct then click on Submit or Continue button.

Then it will display the message “Link has been submitted and waiting for approval”
After approval, we will get an email from the directory and then update the report sheet.


Hopefully, from the above SEO information, you can easily optimize your site and increase the link popularity of your website. In the next article, Seogdk will come with a bunch of useful SEO information till then connect with me and send your view about this article via mail, comments, and queries. Take care and enjoy your life!!!

Gangadhar Kulkarni

Gangadhar Kulkarni is an internet marketing expert and consultant having extensive experience in digital marketing. He is also the founder of Seogdk and Director at DigiTechMantra Solutions, a one-stop shop for all that your website needs. It provides you cost-effective and efficient content writing and digital marketing services.

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