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Payhip: Best E-Commerce Platform to Sell Digital Downloads, Courses and Memberships with Ease

Payhip Ecommerce Platform

Payhip is an e-commerce platform where you can directly sell digital products, courses, coaching, and memberships to your fans and followers. It offers easy solutions to bloggers and entrepreneurs to sell anything online anywhere.

Payhip is very helpful for selling downloads, and memberships, and its built-in EU VAT calculation makes you less worried about generating your income. Payhip is trusted by more than 130,000 people globally and it’s growing more and more all the time because they have a straightforward approach to sales.

Payhip is the best choice when looking for an ideal combination of user-friendliness and simplicity. This online store builder service saves you valuable time and effort because everything required is already configured and hosted on the Payhip website.

Prominent Features of Payhip that helps Your Brand Stand out:

·         With a fully customizable store builder, you can generate the website of your dreams just within minutes without any coding.

·         It’s even possible to set up your brand further by linking your own domain or subdomain to Payhip for free.

·         A simple embed feature of this platform allows for bringing Payhip's robust features and high-converting checkout experience to any existing website.

·         You can sell a wide range of digital products including eBooks, videos, software, courses, music templates, and more.

·         For selling physical products with Payhip, you can go for clothes, books, electronics, and other physical items which also allows tracking of product inventory, inserting product weight, and making available variables like sizes and colors.

Range of Key Benefits of Using Payhip:

1.    Payhip manages EU (European Union) VAT for you so that there is no need to figure out VAT for each customer.

2.    With its built-in reporting feature, you can acquire valuable insights into your sales strategies that will help generate enhanced conversion rates.

3.    This digital storefront is cost-effective without any monthly fees as the website takes only a 5% transaction fee from each eBook sale.

4.    As Payhip allows access to several marketing tools, you get the option to outline different social discount codes and coupons.

5.    For product promotion, this digital marketing tool gives an option to embed buy now buttons into your blog or website.

6.    Moreover, you can sign up, manage, and reward affiliates.

7.    It contains various tools for setting up mailing lists with which customers can subscribe and get updates.

8.    This online store builder enables instant product delivery and also sends quick links to buyers.


9.    Payhip e-commerce platform enables membership for your products.


10. With Payhip, it gets easy to convert your site into a full membership site where you can embed your own membership options with diverse payment and pricing intervals and deliver free trials.  

Let’s take an in-depth look at Its Major Features:

1.  Sell Digital Downloads

Payhip acts as an all-in-one solution to sell your software, e-books, and many other types of digital products. This digital platform has everything that is required to sell your work and grow your business. Customers get various options to pay including PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or other major cards as well as payments from an array of international currencies are also possible via Payhip.

Payhip routinely deals with all the vital aspects from end to end so that you don’t lose your focus on what you love doing. It covers;

·         Uploading of any type of file such as e-books, video, software, etc.

·         Then go for a secure and complete purchase in seconds.

·         Payhip automatically makes customers land on their download page.

·         You get direct and instant payment to your PayPal or Stripe account.


A few prevailing Marketing Features for Selling Digital Products and Growing Business:

·         Affiliate program allows rewards to affiliates, friends, and colleagues when they make a sale.

·         By offering coupons, you can run promotional campaigns with flexible coupons involving limits on their use or adding expiration dates.

·         Give freedom to customers to speak out about their price where you can set a minimum range.

·         Use social media to give discounts to those customers who tweet, like, or engage with your brand or product which will lead to sales growth.

·         You can be in touch with your customers or notify them of new products and offers by sending them email updates.

·         Embedding checkout & shopping cart directly into your website offers flawless purchase and download.

·         You are free to make design changes or customize any part of your checkout to outshine the brand and make customers happy.

·         This tool has MailChimp, CampaignMonitor, and many more from which you can Sync your customers directly to your mailing lists.

·         With strong security features, your digital downloads are protected which makes your business successful.

·         Closely look for the number of download attempts, it’s possible to download each file 3 times only.

·         To protect customers from illegal sharing, buyer’s purchase details can be stamped on every page of your PDF.

·         If you have to sell software, don’t worry! We can handle the generation, storage, and issuing of keys to protect your software so that your software license is safe.

2.  Create and Sell Your Online Courses

Online courses allow you to use your knowledge to make a profit and that’s where Payhip works the best. It makes it easy to accept payments from your students by offering them a beautiful learning experience.

Everything students need to have You can offer a wonderful experience with your course that includes lessons such as videos, text, quizzes, downloads, surveys, assignments, and embeds.

In this Feature, Payhip provides all the Tools including:

·         Store builder that aids in building the perfect sales page

·         Payment plans including subscriptions and coupons to price your way

·         Categorize lessons into sections to manage them effortlessly

·         Modify the course player to perfect your branding

·         After completing the course, rewarding students with certificates



While seeking a new store-building solution for your company, thinking about pricing is important. Examining the available features is one of the ways to figure out whether a service is right for you. Following are the different pricing plans for Payhip;

Free Plan: Payhip is persuasive because it allows you to sign up for free, and access all the features, unlimited revenue opportunities, and unlimited products within this package. For many other platforms, there is a limit on the number of products you can sell on a free plan, but Payhip offers infinite access to everything.

     The Plus Plan: This plan costs $29 per month with a much lower transaction fee of only 2%. People who might be selling a large number of different products, mostly prefer the Plus plan. The features of the Plus plan and Free plan are almost the same with the only difference of unlimited products and a lower transaction cost on this plan.

     The Pro Plan: This plan is certainly the best if you’re selling large volumes of products. It costs a fee of $99 each month without any transaction fee. The Pro plan includes access to unlimited revenue and unlimited products like the other payment plans.


Final Thoughts

When there are so many platforms for selling products online including Sellfy, Selz, Shopify, and WooCommerce, Payhip has its own benefits to selling digital products while keeping the costs low. An affiliate marketing system, ways to capture the audience’s interest through coupon codes, and an easy social media buy button are the most wonderful features of Payhip to look for.


Though there are a few limitations when it comes to marketing and sales features, a small business owner should begin the journey toward success. However, as you grow, you may need to change the pricing package to one that needs a much lesser transaction fee or none at all. So first try Payhip for free!


Gangadhar Kulkarni

Gangadhar Kulkarni is an internet marketing expert and consultant having extensive experience in digital marketing. He is also the founder of Seogdk and Director at DigiTechMantra Solutions, a one-stop shop for all that your website needs. It provides you cost-effective and efficient content writing and digital marketing services.

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