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PartnerStack: Best Partner Relationship Management Platform for Powerful Partnerships

Automated Partner Management Platform
PartnerStack is an affiliate marketing platform with which companies can make use of partnerships to grow revenue, amplify distribution, and go to market more rapidly and efficiently. Thus, channel marketers or marketers, community managers, and founders who are looking to expand their company growth in new channels will grow more rapidly with partnerships. Not to mention, the PartnerStack sales tool is all-inclusive and has everything required to start and scale your partner, reseller, and marketing programs.

This automated partner management tool was formerly known as GrowSumo and there are tremendous members, over 280,000, who are successfully using it. PartnerStack is an excellent product with great potential to expand the affiliate program quickly and effortlessly. PartnerStack is the best Partner Relationship Management (PRM) software that aims to help vendors reach, engage, and enable more channel partners.

What are the Features of the PartnerStack Channel Management Program?

·         It provides custom referral links with which each new partner can be linked and directed where the traffic goes to track their performance. It has everything required to get your partners going.

·         Automated email campaigns help to engage your partners automatically through email. PartnerStack marketing program consists of pre-equipped campaigns that are devised for partner success.

·         With the feature of the custom company page, you can design your custom program signup page, upload your logo, pick your favorite color, and invite your partners. Thus, it becomes easy to showcase your brand at the forefront of your program.

·         Dashboard and analytics allow you to simply track your partners with their performance. You can also figure out the source of sales, which is generating the most sales, and things that can be improved.

·         Custom rewards are another exclusive feature that can be employed automatically to boost signups, sales, leads, or anything in between and hence achieve the desired goals.

·         With PartnerStack’s promotional offer campaigns, you can set up a timed campaign and reward your partners for time-sensitive challenges. This again helps to enhance your signups, sales, and even reviews.

All the above features are basic and you will get them with any plan you choose. Besides, there are a few more features of the PartnerStack affiliate marketplace tool as follows, which come only with the specific plan.  

·         Smart Segments: It allows you to categorize, manage, and split or drill down on your partners based on their behavior or performance. You can experiment with segment-specific rewards or messaging for the same.

·         Deep Analytics: With this, you can customize your dashboard to track and export the metrics that matter most to your program and company. E.g. you can obtain live activity updates and individual partners' link performance.

·         Segment-Specific Assets + Tools: To easily upload, administer, and grant permissions for assets and tools within your portal for different partners, this is the perfect feature.

·         Auto-generated Partner Profiles: They aid you in getting insights on your partners and also offer a specific page to partners to push their referrals and manage the messaging for them.

·         Advanced Email Campaign Editor: Here you can easily edit and automate any type of e-mail within your messages tab and also manage replies.

·         Customer Map Tracking: It helps track your partner's global reach concerning sign-ups and shares in real-time with a live map.

·         Unlimited Challenges: Be it a challenge of promoting your blog post, PR, or new feature of the website, track and reward your partners for performing a specific action.

·         Reward for offline events: You can also reward your partners for participating in an offline event.

·         Dedicated Customer Success: A dedicated team provides a one-on-one way of setting up your program or integrating it with your API.

PartnerStack Pricing

Let’s explore the PartnerStack review further with their various pricing plans. PartnerStack pricing and program are mainly divided into three types namely; SMB, Essentials, and ENTERPRISE.

SMB plan supports small businesses with single-tier programs. This plan is mainly for the single-channel partner program.

Essentials plan supports world-class partner experiences, with out-of-the-box functionality. This plan works best for multiple programs such as reseller, affiliate, or referral programs.

ENTERPRISE plan supports resellers and has custom pricing. This plan is mainly helpful for the most complex, customizable, multi-channel partner programs at scale.

What are the PartnerStack’s Pros and Cons?

Pros of PartnerStack:

·         It's fairly easy to sign up and get started
·         A Good number of customizable features
·         Easy to use and affordable
·         Great customer service to support with any program issue
·         User-friendly interface and intuitive dashboard  
·         UX is very clean and simple
·         Effectively manages program automatically

Cons of PartnerStack:

·         Needs more flexibility in setting up different reward types, base percentages, and periods
·         In-app messenger is not very advanced


So, go ahead with the PartnerStack: #1 rated partner platform for SaaS(Software as a Service) and see why software businesses of every size trust PartnerStack’s SaaS marketing program to drive partnership revenue and make your partnerships simple, automated, accurate, and scalable. Get a completely free content marketing playbook only for our readers that is custom and unique to your business.

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