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Supermetrics: A New and Simple Reporting Automation Tool for Excel

Supermetrics for Excel

A perfect reporting automation tool for marketers who create insightful reports in Excel spreadsheets is right here. Supermetrics for Excel will make reporting and analysis of marketing campaigns as easy as ABC! With this tool, you can effortlessly get all the marketing data in one place while saving a great amount of time. It provides transparency and insights which are really to be appreciated.

With Supermetrics, marketing reporting in Excel has become much easier. You can pull data from numerous sources, assemble advanced dashboards, and set up automatic data refresh and emailing. Moving ahead in this review article with the idea of what Supermetrics for Excel is, let’s learn about why Excel, the unique features of Supermetrics, pricing, how you can build dashboards with it, and brief information about how to get started and its pros-cons.

Why does Excel go perfectly with Supermetrics?

The first important thing is Excel can reliably handle large data files as compared to other online-based spreadsheet tools. Secondly, it presents rich formatting options with which simple-to-understand and visually winning reports can be created. Lastly, it has remarkable data-crunching features. The long list of advanced formulas, tools, and data manipulation options can be employed for marketing metrics analysis with which it becomes easy to know what is performing well and where enhancement is required.

Some of the Unique Features of Supermetrics

·        Automate Boring Manual Work and Save Time

If you have to generate a PPC marketing report in Excel, you will copy-paste the data manually or download several CSVs from each platform and then drag them together. This task is actually monotonous, and unproductive and there is the possibility of human error, isn’t it? However, if you use Supermetrics, it will automate the process of data collection with data accuracy and precise numbers in just a few minutes. This PPC and the SEO tool will surely save around 10 to 30 hours every month.

·        Pull all Your Marketing Metrics into Excel

With Supermetrics, you can pull data from Google Analytics, Google Ads, Web Analytics, PPC, Facebook, Linkedin, Bing, and many other marketing platforms into one dashboard. For example, if you have to create a Paid Channel Mix dashboard then it will give you the campaign performance overview on various social networks.

·        Easy-to-use Interface

An intuitive UI delivers a smooth and seamless user experience with which you can acquire any marketing data easily with a few clicks. With the Supermetrics sidebar, you can choose accounts, pick the necessary metrics, use one or more dimensions to break them down, and set up filters. Once the queries are created, you can modify or refresh them separately or in a group. Hence, no VBA or coding knowledge is mandatory.

·        Automatic Refresh and Emailing

Once you create a report using automated reporting and analysis, you can generate queries for refresh and emailing. For example, you can generate a trigger so that your colleagues or clients receive the report sent by you every week or month.

·        Customized and Flexible Reporting

With the customization feature, you can get any metrics you need, join them with any dimensions, and study them in any form you want.

·        End-to-end Automation

Hence Supermetrics allows you to automate the whole workflow, be it about fetching data and analyzing it, or be it about generating or refreshing dashboards, and emailing them to clients or colleagues.

Though this add-in is new, the technology behind it has been proven solid. Supermetrics for Excel is a PPC reporting tool that was selected at SMX (Search Marketing Expo), It has a 4.5-star rating in the Chrome store, and more importantly, it has 400,000+ happy users.

Pricing of Supermetrics

There are mainly three different plans of pricing, namely Essential, Core, Super, and Enterprise. The cost for the Essential, Core, and Super plans per month per user is $69, $239, and $579 respectively which comprise different features. For the pricing of the Enterprise plan, you need to contact the Supermetrics team.

Moreover, you can avail free trial for 14 days with all the features and there will be 22% off for an annual subscription. For more information about pricing plans visit here.

How to Install Supermetrics for Excel?

You can find Supermetrics for Excel in just a few clicks. You can start either with the online or the offline version, it is accessible from both online and desktop after installation.

You can go to the Microsoft AppSource to download the Supermetrics app. Then, click on ‘get it now’ to start the process. Select an option to start with either a mobile or desktop version of the add-in. Once the installation process is performed, you will notice the Supermetrics in the “My add-ins” section of the Excel top bar. Now click on “Show Supermetrics” from the Data tab on the top to open it.

Supermetrics is quite simple to implement as a company-wide solution: as an admin. Once it is installed and distributed, everybody from your team will be able to see Supermetrics in the “my add-ins” section.

Pros of using Supermetrics

1.      It creates fast and on-the-fly reports which save PPC reporting time.

2.      Supermetrics’ interface comes with some handy features such as a dropdown menu.

3.      It analyzes data in one place.

4.      Consists of robotized dashboards for performance tracking.

5.      Unparalleled integrations with major marketing platforms.

6.      Works admirably in announcing crosswise over stages.

7.      Makes available genuine and accurate statements while comparing and analyzing.

8.      The tool refreshes automatically to provide the latest report.

9.      Tracks your daily budget hence you can know about your spending.

10.  Automate alerts and set your performance.

11.  Supermetrics for Excel is constantly developing with more data sources being added all the time, so you will be able to create even more advanced reports!

Cons of using Supermetrics

I don’t find any complexity in this tool yet.

Final Words

Would you like to effortlessly pull data from multiple marketing platforms into Excel in a few clicks with this actionable and quick tool? Now it is your turn to check out Supermetrics for Excel!

Gangadhar Kulkarni

Gangadhar Kulkarni is an internet marketing expert and consultant having extensive experience in digital marketing. He is also the founder of Seogdk and Director at DigiTechMantra Solutions, a one-stop shop for all that your website needs. It provides you cost-effective and efficient content writing and digital marketing services.

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