What are the Top SEO Trends to follow in 2020 and beyond?

Top SEO Trends

When new companies emerge every day, the reader's interest becomes increasingly competitive. By keeping up to date on SEO trends, you can follow the specific requirements for websites to be listed through search engines.

Google changes its search algorithms hundreds of times annually. Many adjustments can affect your search ranking even if they are minor. The top SEO trends that will be the talk of the town in 2020 are as follows:

1.  Searching with Voice

In 2017 alone, there were 33 million search queries made with voice. The March 2019 data shows that voice searches are 20 percent of the queries made from mobile. More users will make search queries in the exact way they speak because voice search is becoming more and more popular.

Users would like the questions they asked to be answered correctly. People using long-tail keywords in the searches are more likely to become a customer than people who have just started.

List and bullets increase your voice inquiry rankings and most voice inquiries are local, which is why you should locally optimize your website.

2.  Featured Snippets will remain a Hot Topic in 2020

A snippet is a recap of the search query response. Google shows it above organic and paid results at the top of the SERP page.

These have been around for some years and led to major improvements to the product page of Google's search engine. Nearly half of searches do not result in any clicks since the visitors collect the answers from these snippets. In reality, Ahref's analysis has shown that the featured snippet has more traffic than the first organic search results in the Google search engine.

You should use keywords and content that is question-based. Use the questions from the section called "People also Ask" as it provides an in-depth answer to related questions.

3.  More Advertisers will use SEO Influencers

Over half of the total marketing budget of 17% of companies is spent on influencers. The statistics highlight how important marketing is for businesses, especially travel, fashion, cosmetics, lifestyle, and e-commerce.

Online users look for trustworthy information. Reviews by influencers are mostly the basis of that information. The value details from an influencer more than an advertisement. Working with an influencer will help you create awareness, expand the scope of your content, and boost exposure online.

Most businesses do not see the value of their investment in influencer marketing because their funded advertising is not adequately planned or executed. If it does not match your audience's needs, your marketing fails.

Partner with your niche influencers, who are already involved in your audience, to get the most out of your visitors. Google also has control over and raises the SEO activities with the links from influencer pages.

4.  There is No Stopping for BERT

BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. It helps everyone to develop a system of answering their own questions. This is the first important change Google has made since RankBrain in 2014 to its search algorithm. 

In ten questions, BERT will impact one. SEO marketer implementing BERT templates are growing their chances of putting samples in Google SERP on the first page. In conversational queries where the "to" and "for" preposition is important for the context of the search query, BERT has a powerful influence.

BERT cannot be optimized. For a better understanding of the natural language, Google uses BERT in different ways. However, you can optimize the intention behind search requests since the coordination of intention is essential to successful content creation. Analyze on the first page of SERP the top five contents for this particular keyword before composing a copy.

5.  The Digital Experience will See a Rise

The first digital approach to improve customer experience has been taken by 44 percent of companies. By comparison, the change has contributed to revenue growth for 56 percent, according to 56 % of CEOs.

Load page speed is a major factor. Great content is nothing if you don't easily load your website or if you have a complicated user interface. Successful companies recognize that creating long-term customer relationships relies on customer experience. Customer experience also impacts the search rankings since only people with good user experience spend some time on their pages. Concentrate on your user experience to help clients find the information they need. Make it comfortable to go to the next page or link for visitors.

You need to wear your guest's shoes to find roadblocks and poor experiences to provide the best user experience. Don't use long, incomprehensible words. Lack of clarity also has negative effects on the SEO of your website and increases the bounce rate.

6.  An Increasing Trend of Video Content

Videos are an important part of your digital marketing and SEO strategy. The video appears 50 times on the first page of SERP than the single-text web page, according to a Forrester Research report. Likewise, Google includes 62% of videos for basic searches.

Build useful YouTube videos to boost the website's existing content. This is not a first-page guarantee, but when Google indexes your video, you will experience greater transmission.

Introduce links to videos to more visitors to your website. Add a link to the YouTube page to help understand the content of your video.

7.  Search Rankings will depend on the Length of Content

You can only beat the competition to page 1 ranking with high-quality content. But you must also take quantity together with quality into account.

The ideal length of a blog post is very arguable. Data shows that at least 2000 words are the total length of the top results in SERP. This is because high-quality, long-form blogs gain greater exposure.

However, the user asked questions, and questions related to the main search inquiry must be answered in detail by your content. Long posts increase the time spent on your website, telling Google that your content is good. You build credibility, and the search query ranking is improved by Google.

8.  Searching on Mobile will be Dominant

 40% of transactions occur on mobile, and 87% of internet users are on mobile phones. Google pushed into first indexing mobile sites first on 1 July 2019 to boost mobile searches.

If you don't optimize your site for phones, you can't get along in search engine results. You have also optimized for mobile if you have optimized for voice search. In addition to implementing long-tail SEO keywords, change the content and strategic SEO representation structure.

Wrapping Up

Whenever you think you understand SEO fully, updates to the algorithm will occur. SEO today is an interconnected process that requires the effectiveness of both offline and online marketing techniques. Invest in SEO as an ongoing lead generation tool and keep up with the latest SEO developments to get updated. You can use SEO tools to optimize your site for SEO purposes.

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