The 7 Deadly Sins of Blogging

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Why am I writing this? Because of every writer, aspiring or otherwise should know and have it ingrained in his head that there are certain things within the digital world that you do not attempt in blogging. Doing such things marks you as the black sheep of the blogging world takes your business down and discredits your site in your audience’s eyes as well as the search engine’s. You do not want that, the people who are working with you do not want that and even we who are writing this do not want that.

1. Stealing is a Big NO NO

The age-old favorite, the cliché, the trap many people end up falling in despite the many-fangled precautions they do or do not put up. Let us be perfectly clear about a few things. If you are taking the content of someone else’s blog or website in a more direct manner and not giving them credit then you are practically stealing. So if I can see the correlation (being a moderately serious blogger) then so can the professional ones who read at least twenty blogs a day and write profusely. The last thing you need is comments on your blog telling you that so and so the blog has your content too, with the link posted just below.

The fix: Some content is great and you want to include that. That is perfectly alright, knowledge sharing and content expansion are after all that these blogs are about. The hitch? Just make sure you credit the blog you take the content off. I am a blogger and nothing is worse than seeing my content posted on other blogs without being given due credit. Add the hyperlink to the blog you borrowed content from. It saves you any embarrassment and adds value to your own blog as well as it tells readers that you do include other opinions too for validation.

2. Being Lazy: Sloth: Not Coming Up with Ideas

I have seen far too many bloggers nowadays who are simply willing to follow whatever the more followed blogs are posting and include those topics in their own posts. Now trying to offer insight into a trend is one thing but blatantly following everything your neighbor is doing is adding no value to your own blog. 

Your blog is your entity, your marketing strategy so if you are only copying whatever the neighbor is doing then you are only hacking your own potential in the foot. Think of it as one brand getting a successful advertising strategy rolling and the other brand copying all of their ideas for the ads. Remember it is not the content here you steal but the ideas. So, in this case, the audience does not dismiss as being dishonest but it does dismiss you as being uncreative and unoriginal with your own marketing. All are traits which you do not want to be connected with you or your work.

3. Do not Make Your Blog Difficult to Understand

This is pure common sense. But because too many writers violate it, it has become a gross sin now. Again you have readers of all sorts coming to your blogs, all have a varying sense of reading and comprehension but many of them can be your potential clients or customers. If none of those, then they can be your blog’s admirers and avid readers and all these things only do good to you. So keep your language easy and simple to understand. Yes, a versatile vocabulary helps but do not be verbose where the ideas can be communicated simply and directly.

4. Do not OVERLINK

Very simple to follow right? Would you like to read an article that has more blue lines over its paragraphs than actual ones? Probably not right? So do not subject your readers to the same ordeal. It is highly irritating for people if they come across blogs with too many hyperlinks stuffed into the article. Such a blog is not only unprofessional but also gives the impression of an over boarded marketing technique. Remember marketing with your blog is fine but if you make it that obvious then your blog’s content loses value.

5. Do not Put Others Down

There is a fine line between offering criticism on an opinion or a post offered by a blog and then going outright against the blog and discrediting everything they say. Even with criticism, your tone and writing need to be in check. Remember you are criticizing to not only give the readers your view but also to offer something corrective to the other blog. Become too harsh, become too personal or just be uncouth and you risk losing your professional standing.

6. Do not Mislead Your Readers

For marketing purposes, many writers try to rake in audiences with catchy titles while they talk about things on the blog which are little relevant to the topic itself. Do Not Do That. The harmful comments that appear in the comments section of blogs like these do a lot of harm in the long term. Google especially is introducing a stronger mechanism for content checking upon pages which means those comments which talk about your content being misleading might very well start to factor in Google discrediting you.

Aside from that, tactics like these make the newer readers distrust your content for future reference as well, even if all of the other posts are 110% spot on with content.

7. Do not Just Write What Your Readers Ask of You to

The key word here is JUST. As a blogger you are supposed to write your topics with your perspective, all the while keeping things fresh and answering some questions that audiences may have. You do write for the audience too but you do not center your post around the audience. Remember subtlety is the spice for a good life in blogging so you make things come off subtly without being seen as a marketer. 

Offer your insight, be creative and never be pressurized in your line of work. This keeps the content on your blog fresh and adds a lot of knowledge value to your site.

Megan Dennis
Megan Dennis is a web enthusiast and passionate blogger who love to write about online and B2B marketing related topics. Follow her on Twitter.

Gangadhar Kulkarni

Gangadhar Kulkarni is an internet marketing expert and consultant having extensive experience in digital marketing. He is also the founder of Seogdk and Director at DigiTechMantra Solutions, a one-stop shop for all that your website needs. It provides you cost-effective and efficient content writing and digital marketing services.


  1. I admit I've been guilty of doing this sin, so now I follow this advice: Do not Make Your Blog Difficult to Understand.

    1. Its just not you, many bloggers are doing the same mistakes. Well, I am honored that you found it informative. :)

  2. Hi Gangadhar & Megan,

    That was an informative post - much required for the bloggers nowadays :)

    Yes indeed, stealing content or taking it from places is not right and would harm your reputation as a blogger, and your blog too, as Google penalizes such blogs.

    If you wish to use the content, always give due credit to the author or blogger, and link to them, which is the right way of doing it.

    Being lazy or not being consistent with your posts, as bloggers, would make you more of a hobby blogger, not a professional. There is no shortage of ideas, you just need to remain alert!

    Apt points to not put others down, don't overlink, don't mislead your readers, nor make your blog posts tough to understand. Format them well, and use short sentences and paragraphs too, as your readers have short attention spans!

    Thanks for sharing these with us, which would help more bloggers :)

    BTW - Good visible changes on your blog Gangadhar - keep going :)

    1. Thanks Harleena for your valuable feedback about this post and for my blog as well......!!!

      I totally agree with your proposed suggestions to grab readers attention and surely I will apply it.

      Thanks again for your blogging tips.....Hope to see you around here....!!!

    2. I am continuosly observing the same thing in the industry and this thing led me to write this post. :-)

  3. Hi Gangadhar

    Very well researched post and with quite unique contents. It shows your spart to offer something new to benefit others.

    All the sins you mentioned are worth noting and one must avoid them to be a successful blogger. Overlinking is the most dangerous in many cases.

    Arrogance is also another sin while dealing with the visitors. It is the right of each visitor to comment freely one one's blog and that blog should accept the criticism openly to prove himself a great internet marketer.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

    1. Hello Mi Muba,

      Glad to see you here and thanks for your informative feedback about this topic....!!!

      Your absolutely right that arrogance really harmful for blogging because it hurts visitors emotions when you treated in wrong way.

      So its better way that heard views of your visitors politely about any subject and make it as discussion which further results in great bonding with your visitors.

      Thanks again Muba for sharing valuable thoughts with us and have a great ahead........!!!

  4. Awesome article and great points, Keep it up.

  5. Content development has now become just an art of rewriting,. I believe that even if someone likes the content and feel interested to write it then they should go one step ahead and add something interesting, beautiful n worth reading, such as creating an attractive info graphic presentation

    1. Thanks Twinkle for adding your valuable thoughts about content development and strategies......!!!

      Hope you to see around here.......Have a super Sunday.......!!!