10 Tips To Deal With Online Negative Review

Online Negative Review

The online marketplace has become very active, even a single online negative review can create havoc for any business, whether it is a startup or huge one. And, it is also known that every business goes through bad and good reviews with the changing times. Sometimes, the potential of bad reviews is so extreme that it can lead to a setback for the business or jeopardizing the hard-earned reputation. In this stance, it is necessary that the business professional should deploy proper measures that can minimize the effects of the bad review.

Now you are thinking about what measures should be deployed in order to deal with the negative feedback or bad review. Don’t worry! This blog articulates the 10 best tips that can help all the businesses deal with bad reviews.

1. Maintain Calmness Before Going to Respond

A business professional should be calm and relaxed before providing a response to the negative review through email, telephonic conversation, and online media. It is obvious that most of us become angry or nervous with negative feedbacks and in this state, if we just go out and start handling reviews, then it can bring more harm to the business because this reflects unprofessionalism. In fact, even the smaller issue will become a giant one. Therefore, it is imperative for every business professional to stay cool and calm.     

2. Respond As Quickly As Possible

Try to resolve the issue as early as possible, otherwise, you will miss an opportunity to dump that negative feedback and may have to face adverse effects of that review. The online negative reviews that are left unhandled may escalate the intensity of negativity about the business in the online marketplace. Therefore, it is highly important for all businesses to respond to customers rapidly. This can cease the birth of the bigger problem for the business in the future and streamline the online reputation management process.

3. Identify Root Cause Of Problem

Identifying the root cause of the problem can help the online reputation management team & business professional clear away problems & reduce the chance of any bad review in the future. The root causes can include, poor services handling, unprofessional behavior from the employee, defective product and many more, if all these things are addressed in relevant time, then surely the employer can secure his business.       

4. Never Manipulate The Negative Feedback

Most business professionals try to hide the negative feedback on their websites and hence, they delete those feedback. Removing these feedback may affect the authenticity of the business. Hence, it is better to never delete those online negative reviews. To reduce the adverse effect of the bad review, the employer should talk to the customers and sort out the problem. Secondly, praise other satisfied customers to share their feedback, this will minimize the intensity of that bad feedback.

5. Be Responsive & Alert On Social Media

With the billions of active users, social media (like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.)  have become a huge platform, where any customer can easily share their views. Here the negative feedback can spread like a fire, if not controlled in time. All the businesses should keep an eye on all the negative feedback and give proper response time to the users.

6. Prioritize Negative Issues On Basis Of Extremity

There are circumstances, when the business professional witness the list of negative feedback, then, in this case, the employer should resolve that issue first, which seems to be associated with the legitimate complaint. After then, they should consider other complaints.

7. Have A Conversation Directly With the User

Many professionals feel reluctant or they don’t have any policy to contact their clients directly in terms of solving the issue. In order to sort out the negative feedback, it is better to have a conversation directly with the customers. There is no harm in sharing personal number and email id with the respected customers. Moreover, with the help of direct communication, business officials can save themselves from getting caught in arguments in social media that can attract the online masses

8. Reimburse Customers’ Loss on Time

Making the reimbursement is a superb way to clear away bad reviews. The business can compensate by providing discounts on other products, transferring the paid amount to the customer’s account, offering gifts and other sops. All these things can enable the business to maintain calmness and even enhance online reputation.

9. Report Abusive Comment

Do not hesitate in reporting to social media officials about the abusive comments from the users. Various social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook and others provide assistance to report against the users, who are writing the abusive comments about the business.

10. Avail Services From Online Reputation Management Consultants

Numerous reputed online reputation management companies are working worldwide to streamline the online reputation management services. Their services can be helpful for every business to identify the pitfalls and maintain a reputation in a good light.


Handling negative reviews is not only challenging but also a daunting task. It demands patience, time efforts, and even money. If anyone is not good or does not have confidence in dealing with a bad review, then it is better to take the help of online reputation management consultants without having a second thought.

Ritu Singh
Ritu Singh is an experienced SEO professional, working at BetterGraph for many years. She likes to process different experiments using digital marketing tools and has keen on writing blogs and articles. Her informative content has become a source of inspiration and knowledge for many online reputation management and digital marketing professionals from all around the world.

Gangadhar Kulkarni

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