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Understanding of Organic SEO and Key Elements to Achieve Great SEO Results

Organic SEO

In the previous blog, Seogdk explores information about the requirements of SEO in website development as well as focuses on the creation of a proper SEO plan for your website. A successful SEO plan includes one important factor which is known as “Organic SEO”. It’s just a different method of creating a site optimized for search ranking, without having to implement any new technologies or spend more time submitting your site to different primary and secondary search engines. 

So in this article, Seogdk focuses on the understanding of organic SEO and valuable elements which important for achieving organic SEO.

Realization of Organic SEO and Its Importance

Organic SEO is just as much work as any other type of SEO and a time-consuming process. Most people are happy with plain SEO which usually means a combination of organic and paid services. It’s best if you just think of SEO as just SEO then you don’t have to worry about distinctions that aren’t really important in optimizing your site.

Some SEO experts define organic SEO as optimizing the content of your site to catch the attention of the crawlers and spiders that index the site. Others think it’s the number of quality links you can generate on your website. But in truth, it is a combination of those and other elements such as site tagging which will naturally place your site in search engine rankingsHow high those rankings are depends on how well you design your site.

But don’t think that organic SEO is an easy way to land in a search engine. Basically, if you put a site online and spend a little time getting it ready for the world to see, you will have probably achieved some measure of organic SEO without really trying. Therefore your site will probably end up listed with some search engine somewhere without too much time and effort from you. Elements that naturally occur on your site like the title of the site, URL, included web links and the content will probably land you in the search engine.

Organic SEO maximizes those naturally occurring elements that create a site that will appear at the top of the search engine result pages (SERPs)One of the most attractive features of organic SEO is that the methods used to achieve high SERP rankings are at no cost.

Achieving the Organic SEO

Achieving organic SEO is a lengthy process but it targets the right elements of your site. If your attention is focused on the right elements then you will find that organic SEO can be an effective method of achieving a higher search engine ranking. Most people think that organic SEO is not as effective as organic SEO combined with some form of pay-per-click (PPC) or paid advertising program. This is partially wrong because organic SEO is well combined with reasonably paid programs to push your site right to the top of the SERPs. A good first step in SEO is optimizing the organic elements of your site as possible. Here we cover these elements briefly.

     1. Website Content

Website content is one of the most highly debated and important elements in SEO. Mostly because many unethical SEO users have turned to black hat SEO techniques such as keyword stuffing, site mirroring, etc. for generating artificial web traffic to improve website ranking in search results. Despite these unethical or honest techniques used in SEO, website content is still an important part of any website optimization strategy.

The content on your site is a key factor for visitors. If your site’s contents are unique and relevant then it provides information about your products or illustrates the purpose of the site which brings visitors to your website. Product descriptions, articles, blogs, and advertisements are all read by spiders and crawlers as they work to index the web.
Keywords are a very important part of your site content and require special attention.

Learning which keyword will be the most effective for your site will require the study of your audience but it also requires some trial and error. Try using different keywords each quarter to learn which ones work the best. One more that you use a tracking program like Google Analytics to monitor your site traffic and to track the keywords that bring visitors to your site.

     2. Google Analytics

Google provides a free website statistics application that you can use to track your website. You can access it by going to Google Analytics but first mandatory to have a Google account to access this program. Once you create a username and password you can access the tracking capabilities provided by Google. You will need to copy a snippet of text that Google provides into the coding of your site. Once you have added the code to your site it will take a few days for Google to gather enough information to provide reports about your site.

Google Analytics can also be combined with the Google Adwords program to provide paid keyword tracking and information. Still, if you need a free tool to examine or monitor your site then Google Analytics is a good starting point.

     3. Internal and External Links

One of the most important elements of organic SEO as your site content is the links on your page i.e. incoming and outgoing. It is referred to as a backlink to your site. Today links are a very important factor for your site building and if these links are relevant to your site content then it is more beneficial for search engine ranking. In other words, if your links are not relevant to your site content then the search engine will give you little value.

Internal links lead from one page to another within the structure of a single website while an external navigational structure leads users off your website. Design your sitemap so it’s easy to decipher and will take users to the pages they are seeking without difficulty and confusion.

     4. User Experience

User experience is a little harder to quantify than other site ranking elements. It’s easy to say that users find your site simple to use i.e. they will find the information or products that they are seeking or they will have reason to return to your site. But in practice, it is very difficult to achieve.

Search engines today are smarter than they have ever been. They may not be able to make your grilled cheese sandwich, but they can certainly keep track of what results users click on when they run a search. Those result selections are essential to add to the organic ranking of your site. Here is a scenario. Suppose you search for something like travel-related information. When the search results come up, how are you going to choose which results to look at? Most users read the small descriptive links that are included in the search engine ranking and select from those.

To maximize the usability of your site, make sure the keywords you choose and the description of your page are as accurate as possible. It may take time for you to learn how to make all of these elements work together, especially when it comes to elements like descriptions and keywords. Just remember, it’s an art more than a science and it takes time to see the most accurate results.

     5. Website Interactivity

Site interactivity is essential to achieving a high SEO ranking. Why is interaction so important? Because if you can influence a user to interact with your site and have more of a chance of gaining a goal conversionGoal conversions are the completion of some form of activity designed to gather further information about your user. A goal conversion can be something as simple as enticing users to sign up for a newsletter or it can be more specific like persuading them to make purchases.

Goal conversion is the purpose of many websites. For instance, the target goal conversion for an e-commerce site might be for the user to purchase from your site i.e. meet the goal conversion.


Organic SEO is a very hard methodology to achieve. One way to achieve it is to have a solid SEO plan that outlines where you are and what needs to be added to your site design or content to make it more visible to users. It also takes a lot of time and effort to create and implement the right SEO plan. In the next article, Seogdk will bring the sack of information about website development and search engine optimization. Till then send your feedback about this article by comments and emails. Take care and enjoy your life...!!!

Gangadhar Kulkarni

Gangadhar Kulkarni is an internet marketing expert and consultant having extensive experience in digital marketing. He is also the founder of Seogdk and Director at DigiTechMantra Solutions, a one-stop shop for all that your website needs. It provides you cost-effective and efficient content writing and digital marketing services.

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