How Inbound and Outbound Links Important for Enhancing Search Engine Rankings

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Inbound and outbound links are the key elements in search engine marketing because inbound links improve search engine ranking of your website. Inbound and outbound links also increase web traffic to your site indirectly. If you have few thousand inbound and outbound links to your website and each website send 1 visitor a day assume the traffic what you will get.

In this article, Seogdk shared important key elements which demonstrate how to get inbound and outbound links and its significance to build your website's search engine rankings.

Easy Ways to Get Great Links to Your Website

The link is the anchor text used to take you to another page from the current page. These anchor texts are the actual food for the search engines. These links are of two types.

1. Inbound links - These are the links to your page from other websites.
2. Outbound links – These are the links from your page to other websites.

Both influence the improvement of your web page in search engine rankings.

1. How will Inbound Links Influence Your Website?

Almost every search engine use inbound links to rank a web page. Link popularity is the concept that most affects the search engine rankings. If a good site links to your page this tells the search engine that there is something interesting and useful information on your page and it may give some popularity to your site.

Inbound links also tell the search engine that your site is reliable and trustworthy. This trustability of your page depends on the search engine rankings that every search maintains. This rank improves only with inbound links to your page.

As many inbound links you get to your page the more the rank will improve to your page. But all these inbound links should come from good and relevant sites which already have some good page rank. The inbound links to your page must improve steadily but not rapidly. If you start building links rapidly search engines may think your page as spam and put your page in a sandbox.

2. Quality Inbound Links Only Influence Search Engine Ranking

If you have some inbound links from sites of low quality it will damage your search engine rankings. Only good quality inbound links will improve your search engine rank. How do you justify high-quality inbound links?

1. If you have a page with the content written about “music”, if your inbound links come from the same kind of sites in which content is written about music only even with low rank, that can be treated as a good quality inbound link.

2. If your inbound links come from a page with high rank, that also can be treated as a high-quality inbound link.

Low-quality inbound links may affect your search engine rankings. If your page has the content about ‘health tips’ and your inbound link comes from a page whose content is about cats and rats of an aunt, that can be treated as a low-quality inbound link which may give a negative effect on your search engine rankings.

3. How to Get Quality Inbound Links?

1. By buying links from sites with high page rank. Many sites offer these inbound links with some cost per month or year.

2. By exchanging links with other and relative websites. If you have good and trustable content on your site, there will be so many other relative sites which offer a link exchange with reciprocal links. That is if you place a link to their site they will place a link to your site from their page. This link exchange will influence your site in another way also.

3. If you have some links from other good and relative websites with reasonable traffic they may send traffic to your site through those links. As many links, you have from good and high web traffic sites that much traffic you may get to your website.

4. Outbound Links also Influence Your Search Engine Rankings

Like how inbound links are important to your site the outbound links are also important which influence search engine rankings. Links to other web pages tell search engines that your site can be trusted and there is nothing to hide on your site. These outbound links should not be used to the sites with negative information. Outbound links also create backlinks to your site.

If your outbound link links a web page where a link to your page is placed that also gives good results. But you should not use many backlinks to your site.

If you link to high-quality sites with good rank, search engines associate your page with the pages of those sites. If you have not good outbound links your visitor may go back to search engine which will also give a negative effect.

Never have outbound links to the spammers which might affect to a ban of your site by search engines from their search results.

5. The Important Tips to Get Inbound Links to Increase Search Engine Ranking

1. Use the keyword in the link text of your inbound links. The keyword is the search term used to find a good site on search engine. If your page has to be listed with good ranking with a search term ‘popular software’ and then use ‘popular software’ as the anchor text for the inbound link to your site.

2. Use keywords as link text from relevant websites and other similar words from websites with high search rank which are not relevant to your website.

3. Don’t link only to your home page but the link to other pages also of your website and place links to your home page from other pages of your site.

4. Get your inbound links is built with anchor text only but not with scripts or no follow attributes which cannot be parsed by search engines.

5. Before building inbound links to your page from another page just ensure that the page has a good search rank. 

6. Build a page with name links with your link code so as to enable link exchange with other sites.

Gangadhar Kulkarni

Gangadhar Kulkarni is an internet marketing expert and consultant having extensive experience in digital marketing. He is also the founder of Seogdk and Director at DigiTechMantra Solutions, a one-stop shop for all that your website needs. It provides you cost-effective and efficient content writing and digital marketing services.

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