Surefire Tips to Boost Your Website SEO Rankings in SERP

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Website SEO Rankings

Tricks, tricks and more hidden tricks you could see being performed by SEO gurus. Conventionally it was damn easier as you just need to get some keywords build links on it and you achieve what you want, but now it has become not only difficult but more and more complex. So the major plans we would be looking onto are:

1.  Keywords

Keywords could be just a word or a phrase that the people would be using to search the website of yours or your competitors, so you just have to research and decide the one to get targeted.

·        High Followers with Low Competitors

The keywords has to be the one that has large followers but with a low competition. Unfortunately, the same keyword that our competitors would also be searching hence such words would be rare and limited. So take time to have a list of it.

·        Large Keywords

Go for keywords that are two or three words long like "Best SEM & SEO Tool" or "Best Social Media Sharing Tool". Here as the competition is lower, hence it would give you a better search volume. This keywords are also known as long tail keywords because it is not necessary that people would searching something with just a single word they could even use long sentences.

·        Competitive Analysis

Analysis of your competitors website would also be helpful to you get some keywords. As the competitors who would have already set their business would have done some research over it, here you just have to pick from where they had stopped.

2.  Technical Optimality

Crawlers are the software that read website’s text and code. And if the crawlers are unable to read it then it could make your website rank lower or the result could be much worse.


Keep the length of URL under 100 characters and don’t use underscores or special characters instead use dashes.


Phrases like "SEO Tips" or "Blogging Tips" are your keywords then it should be there in the beginning of the title in between the tag as mentioned above. Moreover the title should be unique and should be long, i.e. 65-70 characters.


Should contain description of 1 to 2 sentences of the page up to 160 characters long and should be written in between the tag mentioned above.

-Redundant Content in Your Website:

Avoid redundancy regarding the content within your website as crawler would be unaware about its index. So the same stuff in multiple URL’s would result a negative effect to your website. Suppose the content in your home page is similar to the product page then it is possible that crawler could throw any of your page out.


A short description about your website makes it more prominent in search engines.


XML has its sitemap protocol that has to be submitted every time the new content gets added so that it could get crawled.

-Rich Media:

A related tag would help the crawler to crawl your website at ease. The media could be either audio or video.

3.  Usability

Engagement metrics let you know the satisfaction level and how helpful your site was there to your users. So to have such high quality website jot down the following tips:


Labelling makes the important content an easy spot thus it becomes much easy for visitors to find the information. As people don’t like to read the whole page just to get the stuff that they were looking for hence it is better to label each point.


If the search engine would be ranking multiple pages then it is possible that the visitor could get struck to the single page and won’t be able to know the whole website.


Except blog post no page should have more than 800 words in it. Try to have relevant keywords with unique content.

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4.  Building the Strategy Using Social Media

Social media has become the strong source for generating ranking for the website. So in order to build the strategy look at the below mentioned points:

-Gain the exposure by creating or by being a part of large community.

-Understand the market before don’t just directly step into it so a research on users demand is quite essential.

-Don’t just target all the channels at once, go step by step by targeting three or four at once.

-Every channel has its trend, so post as per the trend by creating a plan for it.

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  1. As we all know SEO is so important to are business but with the change in googles algorithms more and more content marketers are looking for better ways to get their content to the mass. I still believe that SEO will always be around like ballet is the key to dance. Thanks for the content you share.

    1. Hey Darryl,

      You are absolutely right that SEO is the key element in internet marketing and it is mandatory factor to combat against Google penalization.

      Thanks for voting this article and share valuable feedback about this topic....Hope to see you around here again....Have a great weekend.....!!!


  2. Great Thanks for the advice. Simple and to the point. I will start updating my website more regularly. Short, simple and crispy information...Cool! I think that measurement of SEO activities is very important things – it shows you the proper way. This is what we are all in the process of doing. I think this information will help me to improve the SEO of my blog.

    SEO = Quality content, competitive & realistic KW or key phrases, optimize your links and avoid spamming – simply the key to getting good rankings. Keeping the content fresh is really key. Also remembering to gain inbound links for specific pages and articles can really help...

    It's clear to me that SEO does not only drive results but has the highest conversion rate when compared to other forms of online marketing. Keep the great articles coming, and I'll keep coming back! :)

    1. Hello Vrushali,

      Glad to know you found this information useful and will helpful to improve your blog's SEO.

      Absolutely, If your content is fresh and informative then you will get more online exposure with precise audience attention.

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  3. Good piece of information but I find all these as very generic. And the way SEO is evolving we can't be sure of the effectiveness of conventional techniques we are using. Times have changed. Isn't it?

  4. Hey Rahul,

    First of all thanks for sharing your valuable views about this topic....!!!

    Ya absolutely right that above points are inclined towards basics of SEO but it really worthful to get quality web traffic.....!!!

    According to my personal experiments these guidelines are mandatory to apply for getting online success.....!!!

    Thanks again and hope to see you around here again....Have a great day ahead.....!!!


  5. Nice Post
    You are Absolutely right, this post is very helpful for me
    Thanks for sharing valuable tips on your blog

    1. Hello Friend,

      Glad to know you found this info helpful and thanks for sharing your valuable feedback about this article.


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