Generating Excellent Sales Through Web Traffic Doesn’t Have to Be Rocket Science

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Lead Generation Tips

With numerous experts proclaiming that they know the secret of boosting your sales and traffic to your website, it’s hard to know which ones are to believe and which ones to ignore. It may sound technically difficult to increase one’s web traffic, but it doesn’t have to be complete rocket science for those who want it to happen.

Although quality time and resources are expected to be expendable, these are essential in solving that one question that plagues the up and coming website owners:

Why aren’t visitors coming to my page?

Here are some of the Guidelines:

Content is Key

Content is in reality, the lifeblood of your site. Without it, then what is your website even about? It isn’t just simply words that can be seen all throughout your page. It enables visitors to know what is it about, what you stand for and what is your aim in having them visit you in the first place.


As mentioned above, content isn’t just about words showing up on your page. It has to be relevant as to what you want to convey to your visitors. For example, you are trying to sell SEMrush PRO Trial; your content should be about SEMrush PRO Trial. It should be specific if it is in digital form or physical form.

With that being said, you should refrain from posting any other content that SEMrush owners might find annoying or inappropriate like SEOprofiler Free Trial. Although this may increase traffic, it could also reduce the traffic that matters to you.


In this era, more and more people are getting bored with just reading posts and content. Videos often help alleviate this phenomenon. Whether we like it or not, videos do demand attention to those visitors who would frequent your site.

As with quality, not all videos provide views and visits. Videos must be lively and most importantly be complementary with the intended content. If videos don’t suit your taste, then simple animated pictures or GIFS could also provide the trick in stimulating readers all throughout their time in viewing your website.


Say you created content that is worthy of limitless traffic, but what use is it if no one sees it? It’ll end up dead and useless. Nowadays, social media may prove to be the next frontier in digital marketing. Even if we are talking about web traffic, it directly correlates with digital marketing.

A single share can do miracles in providing traffic or hits to your website. Again, visibility is what matters when you have content that you know will be share-worthy.

Having Good SEO

Search Engine Optimization

A situation like this is where it gets technical. Whenever we hear the letters S, E, and O, we automatically think of dumbfounding equations and numbers that randomly appear in our thoughts. Don’t worry, it is not as complicated at is sounds. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is just that: Optimization.

Every page on your website counts as a potential entry point, thus, increasing traffic. Each page should be an opportunity or a chance to speak out to your intended visitors with the right keywords. All these qualities go hand in hand with each other.

Showing Expertise

You are not limited to just being on your website. In essence, we are all visitors to each other.  Why not make the best of it? Try sharing your expertise on a topic on other pages. Occasionally, it would provide curiosity to some of those visitors and redirect them to your site.

It may sound a lot like hijacking traffic but other website owners or managers are free to do so and in a way, “use” your site for the same purposes. It helps if you are opinionated and firm on matters and surely, it will generate a lot of interest. A lot of people will be talking about it, therefore, again increasing your traffic.

Be wary, though, visitors may become sympathetic, and they will notice your comments or “expertise” as harmful and destructive especially if you mislead them to your site.


Your content may be the best of them all, but without a proper headline, it will miserably fail to catch attention. If content is the lifeblood of the web page, then headlines are the lifeblood of content.

Provide a catchy or interesting headline, and the rest will do its magic. Be careful in over sensationalizing headlines; this may cause visitors to think that it’s click bait. Always provide appropriate content for the appropriate Headlines.

Payments to Search Engines for Rankings

If all else fails, you could always pay for rankings on search engines. This strategy would help, but this will not ensure a surge or increase in traffic. Visitors will instantaneously lose interest if they click on your web page(even if it is first in the rankings) if the content they feel is not up to par with what they are searching.


These are just some of the tips and qualities that every web owner or developer should consider. Again, this may seem like rocket science at first, but with the appropriate attitude and resources, most of us will be experiencing the quality and an excellent surge in web traffic and sales that we are looking for.

Author Bio
Susan Culp
Susan Culp is a business blogger who has expert knowledge in stock market updates and marketing strategies. Even if she is busy, She shares her gathered knowledge to websites like MoneyBanker and still finds time to travel and learn more about different cultures and approaches when it comes to developing and building businesses.


7 SEO Competitor Analysis Tools for Beginners

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SEO Competitor Analysis Tools

You might have heard about this term, “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” And this term is absolutely perfect when you are trying to open an online business, and looking for higher ranking. To be in this competition, you have to check out more about the competitors. And more you get to know about them, the better result you can catch up with. Competitive analysis is one such term, which you need to be aware of. You must know more about the tools, which are gaining worldwide popularity and will help you to know a bit more about your competitors.

Look at the Seven SEO Tools

There are 7 competitive analysis tools, which are crucial for the growth of your business. You have to start tracking the search rankings, and their working capabilities, if you want to get along with the best result. It is time for you to know more about the best tools, which will help you with SEO competitive analysis.

1.   Alexa

Alexa SEO Tool

Want to monitor the traffic in the best manner possible? If so, then Alexa is the right option meant for you. This tool helps in tracking Global web traffic of competitive websites. Depending on the kind of business you are dealing with, this tool will work on the competitive marketing strategies. This is a must have tool these days, used for transforming data into competitive value for business. In case, you have any Moz toolbar that will help you to show the ranking of Alexa’s website. This will further help you to spy on backlinks, keywords, and traffic of the competitors.

2.   BuzzSumo

Buzzsumo SEO Tool

It is time for you to analyze content, as per the competitor or the topic. And to help you out in this venture, make sure to get down to BuzzSumo. It is your ultimate SEO competitor analysis tool. It is vital for the growth of your business and needs to be handled with care. Some of the top-notch brands and competitors are here, and ready to share some of their thoughts with you, regarding promising use of BuzzSumo.

3.   SE Ranking

SERanking SEO Tool

Want to monitor the ranking of your competitors? If so, then you might want to catch up with SE ranking, right now. That will help you to target some of your choice able regions, and get to know more about the ranking of your website. You are about to receive data on the average position of the website along with visibility rate. Moreover, it can work wonder with the traffic forecast, which will help you to gather data.

4.   MixRank

MixRank SEO Tool

This is another competitive analysis SEO tool, which will help you to see the ads, your competitors are using. You will be able to check on a snapshot of data. And this panel is going to cover text ads, display ads, demographics and even advertisers. And you will land up with a full and final report for the account creation over here.

5.   SpyFu

SpyFu SEO Tool

Your competitors are using some of the most promising ads and profitable keywords, which are helping them to gain required result. But, that makes you lagging behind. Those days are now gone, as you have Spyfu for your rescue. This tool is just amazing and would help you to catch up with the same promotional keywords and ads, which your competitors are using. Just provide the competitor’s website now and you are all set to go.

6.   MOAT


Now, the ways in which brand advertises online keep on changing. And you need something to keep a track on that sector. For that, you might want to catch up with MOAT for the right means. This analytic tool will help in tracking the related metric data with viewability across multiple videos, displays and mobile devices.

7.   Monitor Backlinks

MonitorBacklinks SEO Tool

Another interesting type of SEO competitive analysis tool is the Monitor backlinks. As mentioned by the name, this tool is used for looking at the current backlink profiles, which are new to the market. You can even get the chance to disclose some negative backlinks. Get the chance to work on quality backlinks, at the same time.

So, make sure to follow up with these analysis tools, and your business will score some good marks in no time. The services are best suitable for you.

Author Bio
Sunny Chawla
Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs - web design and development company. Helping global businesses with unique and engaging tools for their business. He would love to share thoughts on social media marketing, web design & development.


How to Double Your Sales with Local SEO?

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Local SEO

Talking about SEO, Search Engine Optimization simply refers to the technique used to grow the position of a website on search engine results pages (SERP) on websites like Google, Yahoo and so on. If you think why to develop SEO strategy for your business then you have to understand that in case you develop a local SEO strategy for your company, it can help attract consumer traffic to your website and upsurge your sales and revenue as well.

Why Local SEO is Significant?

Just imagine what it would be in case no one could conveniently find your place of business, or even your phone number. In such a Scenario, most of the companies will fail to do business with you for a longer time. Moreover, your potential customers will take a U-turn too. Now the same thing can occur with the website if an individual cannot easily locate it. The traffic volume if it was at all, slowdowns to a drag. Your potentially important consumers never even know you are right there.

If you think that as long as you have an address for your website, why won’t people be unable to visit me? The answer is that only those consumers can get to you through your website that has an idea about your address in advanced. Otherwise, it is nearly impossible for the vast common public to reach out to your website.

Your website will certainly mingle with thousands of websites and might not be able to climb out of the heap of websites in the absence of local search engine optimization. Actually here an important factor is that you cannot expect everybody to watch, read magazines and newspapers and so on. So, in case you are just visible on these platforms, you might be getting skipped by your potential customers.

How the Concept of Local SEO Works?

SEO Strategy

How do the pages get indexed? How do the search routines actually work? These deep factors are known to the operators of search engines only. And this is usually extremely held exclusive information. All the procedures get constantly improved with time. The data which the operators of search engines shall release, coupled with the outcomes of research into why particular pages are at top of list of results of certain searches, help the businesses in their procedure. By making use of such information, a sensible determination of what method can be used to improve a visibility of a website and its effectiveness in the search engines. Through an examination of a current or planned website, the experts can endorse and implement changes which might dramatically improve the chances of your site being found.

And yes, many of these changes might alter the real content of what is showed on a page. Several of these changes, however, will have no consequence on what a user sees when visiting a website. So search engine optimization can definitely help you.

An Increase in Sales

Increase Sales

You know high rankings place your business at the topmost of wherever your service or product appears. The following three things reflect that local SEO is going to double your sales for sure:

-          Firstly most of the people search for information or data through the internet. Their experiences start with a search engine. So, your presence there will certainly make an impact on their buying pattern.

-          You know many of the all organic clicks go to top three search results of the organic search.

-          Most of the people never try to scroll the first page of the search engine. So, in case you are making use of an effective SEO strategy, you might reserve a good place on these search engines. Who knows you, as a consumer, too never actually crossed the first page? Did you?

So, it makes a convincing point that as long as you are making the most of local SEO, your sales are going to see a jump. Of course, once people get to see you there, they would definitely get into your website and explore your services and products. On the other hand, in case you aren’t there, how can you expect that people would come and knock on your doors? So, give it a thought and the answer will be right there in front of you!

How to Grab the Finest SEO?

It cannot be denied that higher rankings can have an extremely dramatic impact on your business. The tough part is thinking out how to get there. Of course, you can perform it yourself or simply outsource to another firm, the decision is going to be yours only. But whatever you decide, remember that you have to do a good research and proper homework before you take any step. But yes, in case you have any doubt about your SEO capabilities, then it is much better that you hire an agency. Their expertise, professionalism, experience and skills will cater you prolific outcomes in search engine optimization.


Thus, there is no doubt that you can double your sales with the help of local SEO unless you are making the most of it.

Author Bio
Parneet Mehar
PARNEET MEHAR is a freelance writer from Los Angeles, CA. She is working with the SEO agency in India since 6 years. In her spare time, she enjoys painting and making DIY crafts for family and friends. For more information catch her on Facebook.


Black Hat SEO Tactics to Stay Away From

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SEO Tactics

It’s natural for businesses to wish for superior online visibility and improved search engine result rankings. After all, the more your business is seen over the internet, the more it gains. We thus see a mad scramble among marketers to try and use different tools and techniques for SEO purposes.

But yes, search engines have drawn a certain line which nobody should dare crossing for ranking and visibility gains. Many businesses, however, make the mistake and go ahead with black hat SEO tactics hoping to gain big but end up on the wrong side!

Search engines keep changing the algorithm and with that, old practices go obsolete and you need to adhere to what is relevant. So, always try to follow right optimization techniques, not the prohibited ones.

Why Black Hat SEO Tactic should be a Big NO?

When it comes to rankings and visibility, search engines are very clear in their approach – you have to be within the set guidelines. If you, however, try to game the system to gain any kind of benefit, it then might cost you, dear. The same is true with black hat SEO tactics.

Why such Tactics should Never be Tried?

·         They may bring you short-term gains of some sort but they are not worth the pursuit for being illegal

·         If search engines find out, you, or your website, will be penalized severely

·         Those caught following dubious tactics can see the site being de-ranked

·         Sites get banned and they stop showing up in results for days, weeks or even months

·         A huge loss of traffic will ensure if harmful ways are adopted to gain at optimization

Black Hat SEO Tactics to Avoid

When it comes to achieving ranking and visibility, you have to follow the established norms for sure. Your optimization efforts just can’t go against the norms laid down by search engines. So, don’t venture out to a zone strictly restricted by search engines.

Here are some of black Hat SEO tactics to avoid:

1. Keyword Stuffing

There was a time when search engines only looked at keywords in the content to rank websites. Those were the days when keywords were perhaps the most defining parameters to rank a site better in search engines. Over the years, other ranking factors have evolved making search engine give lesser priority to keywords and ranking based on them. These days, you just can’t stuff keywords more than the required limit set by search engines else the site might get banned.

2. Hidden Text

Marketers often add text and links to their content in a manner that only search engine robots can see them and not the general public. Keywords are used a lot as hidden text so that ranking benefits are availed even without making the content look unnatural and out of the flow. Clearly, many secretly adopt the practice of using taking the links and linking them with high-value sites. Search engines don’t approve this manner of hiding text or links and often penalize the offenders.

3. Buying Links

Inbound links are important as they lend weight and heft to your site. However, their number makes the difference that this is why marketers vie for them. After all, having more links means a site is considered valuable simply for being connected to relevant sources. But yes, you are not allowed to buy or exchange links as search engines are against the practice.

4. Spinning Articles

Original and well-written content are known to bring superior rankings and better traffic when they link to a site. Yes, rankings are influenced a lot by written articles which are leveraged upon. Many marketers, however, ignore this basic tenet and rather take to spinning articles which are neither fresh nor original. Since such content doesn't add any value to users, having them on the site invites penalty.

5. Social Networking Spam

It’s quite common to post links to social media. Many people do it day in and day out. What however comes under the black hat tactic is posting or sending links to people in social media messages or comments sans any value. Search engines penalize to those spamming people on social media with links to their web pages. Don’t do this else you might get the site banned.

6. Cloaking Content

Cloaking content is a big no black hat tactic and you should stay away of that. Search engines don’t rank sites with cloaking content as this way, the same content is presented in two different ways, one to the reader while other to the robots. The version presented to the robots is often stuffed with keywords while the one users see is more relevant.

In overall, black hat SEO tactics are harmful to your website and its online performance so better to stay away from them and avoid any penalty.

Author Bio
Sid Garg
I am Sid Garg an SEO specialist with 2 years of experience of the domain. I consult and guide brands on planning, execution, and implementation of SEO tactics to help them with rankings and visibility. Currently, I am employed with Mind Digital Group.


Powerful Key Blogging Tips Every Blogger Should Know

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Blogging Tips

Blogging is a great way to communicate and to bring life to information that you want to tell you audience or readership about. In today’s world, there are many bloggers who are trying to make their mark in society, but unfortunately are just falling short. If you’re one of these bloggers and you want to become a successful blogger, this expert guide will give you the powerful key blogging tips that every blogger should know to be successful in life. Let’s get started.

What You Should Be Doing When Blogging?

    1.  Give Detailed Information

Let’s face it, everyone can write a blog piece, but not everyone can write it in a way that is detailed and informative for the reader. When writing a blog, it’s important that you write your information in as much detail as possible. If you research and look up popular blogs in your industry niche you’ll find that they do more than just tell you about a subject, they show you. They give you detailed information that you can take away and use. When writing detailed information here’s a few tips you can consider:

·         Go into detail on a subject. For example; if you’re trying to write about the health benefits of pineapple, don’t just say pineapple is also good for bowel movements. Instead, say something like; pineapple is good for digestion due to the enzyme bromelain which helps to break down proteins a lot easier for better absorptions of nutrients.

·         Research the subject well to make sure you have supporting facts depending on your topic so you’re more credible when writing it.

·         Where possible add links back to facts and studies to show you’ve done the research above.

By giving your readers more detail than just generic content you’ll be able to improve your chances of getting published on popular blogs.

    2.  Ensure Content Is High Quality

Everyone can write, not everyone can write good quality content. When writing your content, you need to make it of high value and quality. In order to generate high-quality content, you should consider the following tips:

Quality Content

·        Check your content to make sure there are no spelling mistakes. Content that is filled with spelling or grammar mistakes makes the piece you’re writing appear unprofessional. Always check your content several times to make sure it’s easy to read.

·         Use a balance of white space and text. What this means is balance your text by using subheadings, bullet points and even paragraphing. If you don’t, large blocks of text will cause eye fatigue and can cause the reader to lose their spot while reading. It also doesn’t give them any breathing room to take a break when needed.

·         Use supporting images that are free to use and that are of high quality. If the image isn’t relevant to the content don’t use it. You can use sites such as,, or iStock to name a few to source your images. However please note some of these do charge for royalty free images.

·         Use intriguing titles and headings to catch your reader’s attention. Use power words to help generate urgency. For example; ‘Blogging Tips For New Bloggers’ isn’t as intriguing as ‘Powerful Key Blogging Tips That Every Blogger Should Know’

·         Make sure the content is plagiarism free. Duplicate content can hurt website rankings and won’t get you published. Use and DMCA protection to help check for duplicate content.

·         Write content that’s informative (as suggested in the first point) and give readers something they can use immediately.

Quality content isn’t about just writing any old thing. It takes the time to generate content that is up to the standards that are required for website publishing. Take your time and research your niche well to give more to your readers.

    3.  Check The Writers Guidelines

When writing for a website, it’s important to abide by their guidelines. If they want 1000 words, you need to make sure you write 1000 words. If they want a specific topic, make sure you keep to that genre. Writing as per a website’s guidelines will help you to improve your odds of getting published. Not following the rules will turn your writing into a waste of time. Always abide by the guidelines for better results.
Guest Blogging Tips

4.  Don’t Settle For Low-Grade Sites

To be taken seriously as a blogger you need to strive on publishing on quality websites that are not only popular but that aren’t filled with spam content. Sites such as this will hurt your reputation. So how do you find out whether a site is a low grade or not you ask?

You can do this by running the site through a DA checker and checking the spam score of a website, DA stands for Domain Authority. The higher the domain number, the higher the authority the website has. The higher the authority, the more website visitors visit the site and the higher it will become on Google and other search engines. Domain authority can be checked by using DA checkers such as the Moz DA checker.

This type of checker helps you to see the Domain Authority of a website and also shows you whether it is full of spam content. If the spam score is above 3 it’s better to shy away from sites such as this. If it’s 3 or below it’s good to try and gain publishing rights. See the screenshots below for good and bad DA/Spam Scores.


Blogging is a great way to spread your message and sometimes make money from on the side. If you’re a keen blogger but you’re just struggling to get publish, why not try these tips on how you can help to improve your odds. So are you ready to start blogging?

Author Bio
Aaron Gray
Aaron is the co-founder of Studio 56 and is a passionate digital marketing expert who has worked with some of the largest digital marketing agencies in Australia. He has been working in the digital marketing field for ten years. Aaron loves to travel the world to not only enhance his cultural experiences but learn and enhance his skills in the digital marketing industry. He is dedicated to helping others reach their online marketing goals.