The Dark Side of Online Marketing You Should Be Aware of!

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Digital Marketing

With the changing times, one cannot ignore that digital marketing has so many different aspects and influence on your business. Business promotion related works are becoming digitalized to such an extent that a number of companies today solely depend on the digital means and have completely cut out the other promotional methods which were conventional and old age methodologies. However, the sun always appears brighter on the other side and hence while digital marketing is accepted as a great way of ensuring that your business thrives, one cannot completely ignore the various disadvantages associated with it.

There are different methods of marketing which are innovative and yet they have a dark side associated with them as well. Digital marketing is not as flawless as it appears to be and hence it is important that you have a clear conception about the same before you actually rely on it entirely.

The Role of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has a great influence on the changing marketing patterns, and hence a number of people who are into business rely on this method in particular since it is so popular in the contemporary times. However, you have to keep in mind the drawbacks and the negatives associated with this process to avoid any kind of disaster that may happen if your marketing strategies backfire somehow.

We are going to give you a thorough idea about the various drawbacks associated with digital marketing, and you can rest assured that when you have a concrete idea about the entire concept of digital marketing, you can easily ensure that your marketing needs are fulfilled well enough. You can avoid any kind of disruptive practices as well when you have a thorough idea about the various drawbacks associated with the digital marketing and online marketing world.

Nothing is Available at Free of Cost

It is perhaps the greatest misconception that is related to the digital marketing world. Online marketing methods are not entirely free of charge, and in fact, depending on the agency you employ for the works, it can prove to be very expensive indeed. There are expenses related to hardware, software, the designing of the website, the overall maintenance of the site, the hosting of the site, and the amount of time you need to give to this particular work altogether determine the expenses behind it.

The time you invest is also a type of expense which is really precious and hence has to be taken into consideration. The reputation of the professional whose service you seek for managing your business debt also determines the rates at which you get their service, and it can also prove to be a costly affair indeed. Mainly companies which have business contracts for providing their marketing related services have high expenses which are often difficult to come up with unless you are a well-established businessman.

Debt Management for Online Marketing

Online marketing can add significantly to your overall expenses related to business. If you are new to the debt management techniques, then you can always try out the debt settlement reviews to get an idea about the different types of policies related to online marketing. To those people who are looking for a solution to debt crises often choose to cut out their expenses in the digital marketing field since this is a significant source of expenditure and not an easy one to handle even when you are going through a crisis regarding finance for your debt issues. Facing trouble with debts is common to most business, and there is always a risk factor associated with the marketing needs that you have. If you are new to the online marketing world, then you may have an issue when you find a number of expenses that you incur daily for your business promotion work and yet cannot do away with the debts you have to pay.

Virtual Shopping Vs Online Shopping

To a number of people even today, there is no alternative to live shopping from the store. While a number of individuals use the internet to gather information about particular products they wish to buy, the online shopping for any kind of business is still viewed with apprehension and even more so when your business is new and small and do not have many reliable offline outlets. Hence even if the promotion works of the business are done such that you get a lot of target clients for the company, getting actual shopping and profit from them is not guaranteed since many of them would first look for options which are offline.

The best way to ensure that your online marketing strategies work is taking a part of the business online while the primary income source is your offline retail store for the same products. Furthermore, when you have a virtual shopping option for the people, it is important that you have a very prompt and experienced customer care system which can address any type of trouble that they are facing with your website of products.

Conclusion: Digital Marketing Taking Over the Market

While digital marketing is taking over the world rapidly, one cannot completely ignore the negative aspects of this marketing method. If you are new to digital marketing, you may not be able to handle all kinds of tricks and strategies on your own and would need professional help which is rather expensive. When you have a thorough idea about the drawbacks of the marketing methods, you can easily determine which would be the best solution your business promotion needs. Also at the same time, you can avoid all types of business debts if you employ this knowledge about digital marketing judiciously.

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Isabella Rossellini
Isabella Rossellini is a viral marketing expert online and also has a very relatable opinion about the debt settlement reviews. You can follow her works online to get an idea about the various aspects of businessdebt as well as digital marketing needs which we all have these days.


How to Build an Email Marketing List?

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Email Marketing List Strategy

When you decide to build an email marketing list, you should know that you are making a long-term valuable marketing asset, and investing in list building will pay off in the long run. One reason why lists will help grow your business is that it's a direct line of communication with your people or consumers. And you would want to continue to build relationships with them.

For example, you regularly send emails to your subscribers and provide them with useful content. That is communicating directly with your consumers. This leads to referrals, leads, purchase, social sharing, and other revenue-generating activities.

Another reason why lists are important is that it is a low-cost way of courting people and delivering quality content consistently.  Plus, this is an avenue to build rapport and trust with your target consumer base. And this allows you to spoil them with goodies to convert them.

Further, an email marketing list should regularly be updated because the database degrades by approximately 22.5% annually. Why? A number of factors are behind old lists degrading, such as the contacts change email address, abandon their old AOL that they used, or simply opt-out from your email.

Thus, to fully maximize the advantages of email marketing, regularly add fresh contacts in your email campaigns. And if you want to build your list, then do it the right way by using the tips below.

Let’s get started.

1. Content

Before starting on list building, focus on creating good quality content that your audience will find not only useful but also interactive and exciting. Your target audience will continually subscribe as long as you keep the consumers interested. Further, if you have quality content, chances are your subscribers will forward your link to their friends who are not on your list, thus expanding your network.

To find good quality content, you should know what topic you should write. Pick a particular niche or topic before writing. Let's face it: people are either too busy, lazy or just purely overwhelmed with the extensive information surrounding them that they naturally place labels to simply things. So, know what your target audience or consumer wants because they mark them to make their lives easier.

There are three essential pieces to consider:

a. Social Media Content

Social media has become an integral part of the day-to-day lives of people, like it or not. Thus, your potential customers are highly likely active on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  Create a social media-specific content for your business and also link your blog posts. Pushing social media traffic to your site is your ultimate goal here.

b. Website Content (Blog)

By creating fresh new content such as blogs to your site, visitors will continually be coming back for more updates. This increases the chance of your site visitors being part of your list.

Always remember that your blogs shouldn't sound self-promotional and ends up looking like an advertisement. The focus here is on providing updated information that is useful for your audience.

c. Giveaways 

A little reward goes a long way, sometimes. There are site visitors who will be more than willing to exchange information for a giveaway. This could range from how-to guides to coupons to discounts or anything that peaks the interest of your target audience.

2. Social Sharing and “Email to a Friend Button”

In your emails, encourage your subscribers to forward your emails to their friends by adding social sharing and "email to a friend" buttons and a compelling call-to-action (CTA). This will allow you to gain access to a new network and increase chances of opt-ins.

3. Conducting Online Contests

This ensures your target audience is engaged by giving them reasons to compete. For example, sponsor a video contest wherein customers create and upload 1-minute videos about why they prefer your products or services. Then, you promote the contest online and invite others to vote which video should win. This inevitably drives traffic to your site and more chances for opt-ins.

4. Offering Opportunities for Guest Blogging

Content Writing Tips

Include a strong CTA in your guest blogs and links for site visitors to subscribe to your website and be included in your email marketing list.

5. Partnering with a more Established Business or Website

You can collect fresh emails for your list by running a promotion or email newsletter with another site or business.

Also, you can conduct a co-marketing offer with a partner such as holding an eBook or webinar. Then, you ask the partner to promote the registration the target audience. This is beneficial for both because you can swap leads any time.

6. Offline Event Hosting

What better way to show and tell your product than in person! By conducting offline marketing events, such as meet and great, conferences, and hackathons, you'll get a better chance at collecting email addresses from sign-up sheets provided during the event.

7. Webinar Hosting

Seminars online, aka webinars, are also great avenues for collecting email for your list as you can require participants to provide email address upon registration.

8. Using Google+ Page

You can promote offers using Google+ Page.

9. Be Active

In your blogs and forums, make sure to interact with your target audience or potential customers and of course offer insightful comments. This paves the way for you to sneak in the link of your website and promote your business or service. By linking your website, visitors will eventually stumble into your opt-in forms, and they become part of your list, should they sign up.

10. Word of Mouth

The traditional marketing strategy before our technology-driven age still works wonders when done the right way. Ask current subscribers or customers, even new ones, to refer new visitors or potential customers to your growing list. To further motivate them, offer them rewards such as discounts for every valid referral that is confirmed with consent-backed emails.

11. Go Mobile

When you are out there attending events, you can still collect email addresses from the people you engage with. Thus, take out your Smartphone and collect them all! Second, if your website or business has a mobile app, then always attach an email opt-in to the app. Another way is to offer the app as a free download on your site with their email addresses as the ultimate price.

12. Upfront Sign-ups

Don't hide the subscribe button on your website. Keep it up front with a compelling CTA. You can place these on the homepage, blog's main page or on the "About Us" or "Contact Us" pages.

13. Exit Pop-ups

Sure they are annoying, but they increase the chances of people subscribing to your site and become part of your list. They are instrumental when used sparingly.

14. Business Cards

What better way to collect email addresses than business cards. If you meet people face to face, always ask for their business cards since 99% of individuals place their email address on their cards and then offer yours.

Another way to collect business cards is by placing a glass bowl in local stores or coffee shops. Provide them with an incentive with a free product for every business card.

15. Build an Online Community

People want to feel they belong to something. It's an inherent characteristic. So, make use of it by creating a community where you can easily engage with your customers or potential audience. Then, you can include a sign-up form for every newsletter to the community.

16. Foursquare

Give out a reward to every customer that does business with you. Then, show that that particular customer checked in at your establishment on Foursquare with the use of their mobile device. By doing this, they're announcing to their network that they transacted with you. At the end of the month, reward the customer who has the most exposure in exchange for their email address.

Surely, this is a lot to digest. But by building your list the right way and creating a fool-proof strategy, you will be able to funnel traffic into your highest-converting pages, generating revenue.

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Marc Mazure
As part of a team of highly skilled marketers online for MLA, Marc Mazure serves to execute the highest standards in design while providing his clients with development & e-commerce solutions that are tailored to consumers’ needs. With years of experience in the web design London industry, Marc offers a multitude of services with the very highest standards and principles in web design.


SEO Tips: How to Avoid Google Penalty?

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SEO Tips

If there is one that sits in the ruling center of SEO, that would be Google, because it owns the world’s leading search engine. That is why Google Penalties are the most feared online search engine penalties in existence.

What is a Google Penalty? For starters, Google Penalties are the penalties that Google applies to a specific website if this website violates the Google Webmaster’s Guideline. It is just that simple. Google has some certain rule, and the websites apply then. If something goes wrong, that’s when Google apply a penalty.

In the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) perspective, penalty greatly connects to a negative impact in their managed website. This negative impact will directly affect the website’s organic search rankings, especially its Google rankings. With this, website owners and marketers will do everything just to avoid Google penalties.

Can Google penalties, be avoided? The obvious answer would be yes. So, how do you avoid Google penalties? Well, here are ten tips for you (a diligent SEO marketer and website owner) to avoid Google Penalties:

1. If You are a Wise SEO Marketer, You would Know that Buying Links is a Big No-No!

The building of links is the bread and butter of SEO. Perhaps that is why new SEO marketers buy and build link wherever they can stick their paws into. Unfortunately, that is a huge mistake, newbies! Links that pass SEO value to your website should look natural.

There are many ways on how to do link building naturally. In a more technical side, you should add a “nofollow” attribute to the link so that those hyperlinks you constructed will not influence the search engine ranking of the link’s target. This is important because it would look like you actually do not want to cheat. If you do this, you will save your website from link schemes and search engine spams.

In a common user’s perspective, your web content would look like trash if those are full of links. This discourages to whoever visits the page. Exit probability rates from visitors would be one hundred percent. How much more from Google bots?

2. Do not Overuse Keywords

A common netizen will probably brand your content as irrelevant and spammy if your keywords are repeated for more than five times in your page. If this is how a common netizen will feel, how much more for Google search engine bots? That content will not look natural and absolutely irrelevant. It can be directly seen that the sole purpose of the existence of that page would be for SEO marketing.

It is obvious if we say that stuffing your content with repetitive words will hurt not just your online reputation, but also your search engine rankings. The use of keywords is as important in SEO like link building. They are the bread and butter of an SEO campaign. That is why it is very important to use keywords, not repetitively, but appropriately and efficiently.

3. Original and High-quality Contents are Your Saving Grace!

If there is one thing that is a must be in SEO, that would be to produce relevant and genuine contents. These contents should also not only benefit the search engine rankings of websites. These contents should also benefit the common Internet users because that’s what these contents are created for; to be read by normal people of the Internet.

4. Do not do Cloaking

What is the purpose of creating website contents again? Website content creation is both for SEO and for the use of the normal people of the Internet. Now, if you cloak or hide texts on your page just for Google index it, do you think it would serve a purpose for the common Internet users? It will not, right? Basically, Cloaking or hiding texts for the sake of increasing your search engine ranking is cheating. That’s a red flag already.

5. Avoid Generating Your Pages with the Use of Unauthorized Auto-generated Programs

SEO Strategies

It will not only slow down Google, but it will also lower your search engine rankings. That’s a negative impact for both Google and you. So why do it? Moreover, auto-generated pages are also a big no-no for Google because the creation of these pages will allow a lot of unuseful and untraceable materials.

6. Do not Duplicate Your Contents

If you think your duplicated contents cannot be tracked, well you are wrong. Also, duplication of contents goes against the very purpose of why people create contents, which is to provide relevant information to people. This is, of course, another red flag, not just for Google, but also to the common netizens.

7. Limit Your Guest Postings

If there are too many Guest Posting on your website, it will just look like a public market because it is obvious that Guest Posts will only bring more and more links. Since it is already stated in item number one that the more the links, the more negative your website can appear, it is common sense why this item is here in this article.

To add to that, Google may, in the near future, devalue links coming from Guest Posts because Guest Posting is now becoming a trend. Well, we all know that the more an item trends, the more it is becoming as trash, right? Perhaps Google knows that, too. Thus, you should do your best to not give more than 20% of your link profile to Guest Posts.

8.  Diversify Your Anchor Texts!

Do not use one keyword for all your website contents. It will be too obvious, not just for common Internet surfers, but especially to Google. The more creative and diverse your anchor texts or keywords are, the more helpful these will be to your search engine rankings.

Many SEO experts think that Google will use anchor texts are a factor for search engine rankings in the future. This means the game will be tougher, but this makes sense, right? There will be irrelevant contents that will be eliminated when this happens because of today, in the SEO market, a majority of the anchor texts are all over the place.

9. Avoid Building Fake Accounts. Real Social Signals are Way Better than Fake Accounts!

What do you prefer? Getting promoted by real people or by social media users who have zero engagements with other users? That’s common sense, right? The real people do the real marketing for you. That is why, even if you have millions of fake followers, it will still not do better than having less than ten followers that are real people.

10. Build Trust

Since rank is equal to relevancy, authority, and trust, having trust will help you go up that search engine ranking. Moreover, if a common netizen trusts your page, he or she will not hesitate to visit it over and over again. Thus, it generates more traffic to your site, and probably future referrals.

How to build trust? Well, one trick is to be referred by trusted sites such as sites with .edu and .gov links. Another is getting links from sites that have already established their brand names. For example, Facebook, Shopify, and other brand names that common people trust.

Now those are the ten tips on how to avoid Google penalties. If you are diligent enough in following, not just those ten tips, but also all the rules in the Google Webmaster’s guidelines, you will be good to go.

If you no longer need the preventive tips because you are already penalized by Google, here are five tips on what you should do if you are in that situation:

Search Engine Ranking

1. Avoid Panicking

You have to know that even if you are penalized, there are still bigger websites that get penalized as well. So just relax and don’t over think because you can still get through it.

2. Start Looking for that Disavow Tool

You got penalized because of harmful links. That’s a given. Thus, you need to disavow those harmful links now. This is your way of telling Google not to count those links that are harming your site.

3. Remove those Links that are Getting You into this Mess

It is good to disavow, but it is only a band-aid solution. To resolve the root cause of your penalty, you should cut and throw those links away. Make sure that you will never see those types of links again on your website.

4. Request Google to Reconsider Your Penalty

Even if it is a little bit awkward to do that, but yes, you have to try and ask for reconsiderations.

5. Keep Calm and Wait It Out

Sometimes, you need to wait out the rain because Google may be a super company, but there are still times that they will not be able to act out things quickly.

Final Words

Google penalties are absolutely and hard to recover from. As a diligent and hard working SEO marketer, you should study by heart the Google Webmaster’s Guidelines for you to avoid the discomforts of a Google penalty. At least we all know that avoiding Google penalties is absolutely possible, so, just be diligent about it and follow all those tips mentioned above. If you do that, you are good to go!

Author Bio
Mark Joshua Santos
Mark Joshua Santos is a Filipino Blogger and a digital marketing enthusiast that writes for a web agency in the Philippines. It develops mobile apps, SEO, and do web design.


Apply These 10 Secret Techniques to Improve Local Business

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Local Business Techniques

The advancement in the living standards of the people has made it necessary for every business to keep a keen eye on its operation. It doesn't matter if you are a well-established large business or a local business, you have to seek out ways to improve your business and be ahead of the competition.

No business is static and it requires constant improvement to expand in the market and to mark its excellence. It is very important to invest a considerable amount of time to give a consistent growth to the local business. If you want to make a bigger impact on the in the market, then your local business must be so developed that it can speak for itself against all its competitors.

Here are the 10 secret techniques that every local business must try to mark its success in the market:

1.    Define Goals

The basic requirement that every business needs to get a step ahead of their competition is of defining the goals for its operations. Any business whether big or small want to be successful in no time, therefore they always try to deliver a specified set of actions that can give them the desired results. In order to achieve the desired result, the business must define a specific set of goals and must plan all its business operations around those goals.

2.    Monitor and Analyze Competition

If you want to succeed in the market, it is important to be aware of what your competition is doing. Therefore, it is advisable to keep an eye on the actions of the competition and monitor the same to plan your strategy that yields better results.

3.    Discover the Favorable Practices

To sustain in the market, it is essential to know what works in your favor and implement those strategies for a smooth working. The business must be aware of the best selling and marketing practices that work in their favor so that they can retain their impression in the market.

4.    Understand Your Limits

If you are planning to remain in the market for a longer time, it is important for a business to know its limit. One should be very clear about the type of business actions that work in their favor and the limitations that restrict a smooth functioning. Knowing the limitations will also help the business to strengthen its root and to also be aware of the big names that it should not compete in the present scenario unless developing them on a large scale.

5.    Pitch the Right Audience

To ensure its success, the local business must know its target audience. If the business is clear about its target audience and knows the right ways to pitch them, there is nothing that can stop the business to be successful. Targeting the right audience will be much interested in the business offerings and therefore, it will be easy to convert them into a potential client.

6.    Manage Your Finance

With all the other essential business operations that are done on a daily basis, it is also important for the businesses to keep a track of their financial score. Having a timely updated report of all the financial transactions will help your business to know the area in which they have to apply more focus on staying in the market. Keeping a track of the business financial transaction, they will get an idea about their profits or loss.

7.    Take Timely Feedback

It is very important to be sure that your audience likes what you are delivering them and to be sure of that one of the easiest ways is to take timely feedback. Ask your customers what they like, dislike or expect from your business and then try and come up with ways that can fulfill their requirements.

8.    Keep Your Customers Engaged

One of the basic necessities for improving the business and moving in the right direction is to keep the existing users and customers engaged with your business. Offer the users some exciting values and offers which can retain them into your business. Along with targeting the new clients, it is important to give enough ways to the customers to be engaged with your business.

9.    Associating with the Right Members

To give your business the much-needed limelight and presence, associating with the right partners and dealers is very important. Keep an eye in the market and be open for the ways to get associated with the big and established names in the market. The big names will not only help your business to grow but will also give a source to improve your existing business trends and ideas.

10. Be Social

Give your business wings of online presence to improve its productivity. By applying these all techniques anyone can definitely improve his/her local business.

Author Bio
Chirag Patel
Chirag Patel is a content writer at B4C Solution. He likes to write on Business, SMO, Digital Marketing, Education, Technology, Home Improvement etc. He is passionate about content writing, net surfing, and sports.


Instagram: How to Boost Web Traffic Through This Powerful Platform?

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Instagram Marketing Tactics

Do you have an Instagram account that you're using in marketing your products online? Do you want to convert your followers to website traffic and potentially be real buyers eventually?

When we're talking about marketing products and services in social media, marketers fall into the mistake of thinking that only Facebook and Twitter can make their campaigns successful.

However, apart from the stereotype, every digital strategist should know that it is fair to consider Instagram's daily number of likes, especially that social media marketing platforms are now becoming more and more visual.

Instagram has more than four-hundred million users according to the last tally. This social media platform has more followers than Pinterest which has an approximate of fifty million members. Twitter has only three-hundred million monthly members.

Instagram offers a sturdy platform for every marketer and business. However, people have this wrong belief that if you do not have any products (physically) to sell, the platform is no longer fit for your business.

A wise marketer knows that the true essence and power of using Instagram as a social media platform in a marketing campaign is an ability to connect with the users.

This statement only proves that every business can and should use Instagram to market their products and services online. Just because you don't have a palpable product does not mean Instagram is already an off-limit for your marketing tactics.

In this article, we will give you ways and tips on how to use Instagram to advertise your products and services. Here are some of those:

1. Create Your Business's Identity on the Platform

Digital Marketing
Your first step in ensuring that your Instagram followers convert to actual purchasers is, of course, to create your business's personal identity on Instagram. To convert the followers is a typical goal of everyone who does media marketing.

Just like any other social media platform, you can also create your username and a short bio. However, the identity of your brand is not built based on the words in your bio or profile ranking but on how you post your pictures in the said platform.

You also need to have an in-depth understanding of what your brand represents and the tone that you want to use in the said social media platform.

2. Use Backlinks in the Bio Section

Web Traffic Booster
The best and natural way to lead followers to your website for them to be potential customers is to include your website's link in the bio section of your profile. Since all links placed in your photos' and videos' captions appear as a plain text, that means you can't set one.

However, that doesn't mean that you can no longer put a clear call to action (CTA) phrase or words that tell them where to find a link to your page.

3. Post Beautiful Pictures

Social Media Marketing
When we say beautiful pictures, that doesn't mean you have to use stock images found on the internet. People use the said social media site for the said sole reason: to view and upload alluring photos. Users tend to follow people who post appealing pictures, therefore never use the same old stock photos that everyone else does.

Aside from that, beautifully captured images are also a good form of communication with your readers for them to take action. If you want to increase web traffic, then you can expect desirable results when you use good visuals that encourage your audience to take action than dull pictures.

Use images that have vibrant colors, and make sure that they're in a very high resolution for them to be eye-catching.

4. Use Hashtags

The term hashtag is simply a phrase or keywords that you incorporate to your updates using the ‘ #  ’ before them. When people see a topic with hashtag sign, they can click it to see more updates and other information about it.

One of the best ways to have exposure and to catch the attention of several people in social media is to use hashtags. You may find relevant hashtags that you can use for your business when you search for different keywords. Instagram is one of the most popular social media channels that people frequently use nowadays and a rich ecosystem for utilizing hashtag campaign to boost your web’s exposure.

Make sure you’re doing it right by adding relevant hashtags to your posts. Make your audience find you through incorporating hashtags in your Instagram posts. However, ensure that you’re not overusing it and select only the appropriate ones. 


Social Media Platform
This social media platform is surely worth your time and efforts. You can even get more engagement here than the likes found on Facebook. However, you have to take your time in thinking and creating a new post that would be appealing to your target market.

How about you? Are you using Instagram to market your services online? What type of results are you getting? Are you achieving desirable results? Share your thoughts in our comment box! Of course, don't forget to share this post too.

Author Bio
Patrick Panuncillon
Patrick Panuncillon is a social media strategist who has a deep passion for exploring different ways to ensure a social media campaign to be a sure success. As a matter of fact, when he established LinkVista Digital, he made social media management one of the services that the company is offering.