5 Ways to Maximize Your Earning Potential as a Freelance Writer

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Freelance Writing Tips

So, you’ve forgone that 9-5 job for a variety of reasons: irritating co-workers, fixed salary, hassles brought upon by traffic, etc.

You found another money haven in home-based freelancing which frees you from all those nuisances. The thrill of finding and landing lucrative writing gigs is pure ecstasy, right?

Now, you want to make even more money. You’ve grown tired of the mundane $0.02-0.05 per word rate.

I know exactly how it feels to be locked down at a certain rate. The good news is you just need to do a few tweaks in your usual routine. What are those exactly?

Strive for Good Relationship Management

I work on the order, turn in, and get the payment –that was how barbaric I was when I started as a freelance writer. All my clients receive is the mundane "thanks!” remark via Skype or Gmail.

It has to go beyond that. Soon enough, when you run out of workable clients or writing orders, you’ll need additional jobs for contingencies or additional income.

Freelance writing is not a one-and-done thing. When you leave a lasting impression on the client, tons of opportunities like rehires, referrals, or unexpected bonuses come your way.

The following actions reduce your likelihood of being purely transactional.

1.      After every engagement, express heartfelt gratitude for the writing opportunity.

2.      Maintain a database of all past clients.

3.      Organize a list of clients you believe you’ve served really well and the mediocre ones. Put really satisfied clients on top of your priority list.

4.      Reconnect with the clients. Do small talks like asking how they’re doing or how your submission aided their business cause. Send some news they can use like trends in their industry or useful hacks.

5.      Ask. (I’m wondering if I can do anything to help you again)

I almost forgot. If you have comrades in the field of SEO or web design, you may also want to refer them. I’ve made a lump of money from finder's fees.

Offer Add-Ons

Online Money Blogging

A majority of editors and webmasters make articles and blogs more visually compelling to get more reads. Slideshows and video presentations accompany your submission, but it’s often done by the client himself or another contractor.

Make your writing a package. Position yourself as the best person to make those side works since you know your piece wholeheartedly. Sell the benefits it entails.

If given the opportunity, I’d love to take on the slideshows and video presentations as well. Knowing my article by heart, I know its main strengths best.”

“If you do the math, you get to save more with my package. Separate freelancers charge at a starting rate of $20 for slideshows or videos. With my all-inclusive package, you’ll save up to $5-$10 –a bit immaterial, but it still matters, right?

Quote on a per Project Basis

Rookie freelance writers accept projects on an hourly rate. That’s okay considering their skills are raw and it may take time before they finish a project.

However, once you immersed yourself with different writing niches and your fingers are typing at a mind-boggling speed, it’s time to look for project rates.

For example, you’re asked to write a food review for a recently opened pizza parlor. Don’t say “I charge $25 for 3 hours.” Instead, tell the client that for you to write a decent, enticing review for his business’ wide array of pizzas, you’ll be charging $75.

By quoting a project rate, you’re freeing yourself from being locked at a particular client in a time span. If you were able to finish the review within 1.5 hours, then you’ll be able to use the spared time to work on other writing orders.

Create Realistic Income Goals

If you don’t have a concrete goal, you cannot determine how much effort you’ll put into writing. Productivity is critically important in freelance writing with all the surrounding distractions at home or on your workspace.

Know how much money you’d like to make in a month, and then split it into daily, mini goals. It will enable you to estimate how much effort or a number of projects you need to complete (e.g., 5 writing orders x $50-$60). Anything outside your target is a perceived bonus.

Print your target and stick it to the most noticeable area of your workspace. Merely seeing it will fire you up.

Strike Better Deals with Existing Clients

Freelance Writer

It’s easier said than done, but always doable with good negotiation. First, you have to expect that there are a great chance clients will disapprove of it by nature. Second, there have to be sufficient and appropriate reasons for your proposed rate hike.

Here are steps to ask for a rate increase like a gentleman:

-Ask yourself if you’re really doing a great job for the client. Did his SEO metrics drastically improve because of your content? Or at the very least improvement on average page visits? However, don’t sound as if you’re aiming for the bigger slice of the cake.

-If your answer is in the affirmative, do you also have add-ons to offer like helping the client in his social media campaign, image optimization, promoting the content on your personal page, or a newly learned skill backed with certification?

-Now comes the hard part. You need to package it into convincing words. Consider this example: “To be able to serve your needs better, I took up an SEO course from Moz. This will enable me to ease some load off your shoulders. This, in turn, will require me to charge an additional (insert amount) for the add-on service.

-A sudden unconscionable increase will do you no good. Aim for 20-30% price increments. Notify clients of the change at least a month before its implementation.

Everyone wants to get more from their efforts. For freelance writers, there are three seasons: abundance, drought, and something adequate. The majority of the above-mentioned tips require you to be in the best terms with the client. Nevertheless, it’s through good customer relations that we get to achieve sustainable success, right?

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Monica Morgan
Monica Morgan is a free-spirited woman having vast experience in article writing. She loves to travel Asian countries, writing reviews on each of them on her website Hqessays. She prefers using diverse writing styles to properly engage with a wide array of readers.


Alexamaster Tool to Boost Your Website Rank and Earn Money

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Alexamaster Tool

Online money making is quite easy with the Alexamaster tool once you are an active member of Alexamaster community! Alexamaster is quite better to grow your business and have a good commission every day as compared to traditional PTC sites where you waste lot of time on clicking ads.

An active website is extremely vital to grow your business and stay one step ahead than your competitors. We are there to help you make your website active. Active website is the one where lot of people around the world visit the website, read it and like it. Active website has good ranking especially on Alexa ranking system. Moreover, people trust this website more than others and always buy products & services from this website.

Why you should go for Alexamaster?

Alexamaster has good number of active members which is around 59,234 and around 2,526,869,623 real visits. These numbers indicate that this is an active community with remarkable powerful features and advanced targeting options. In addition, you can promote your advertisements to real people on our active website. You can make good money for yourself by joining Alexamaster community.  

1.   Geo Targeting: You can target your website specific to the country and continent time. You can also analyze the reading time of your visitors.

2.   Target Devices: Via Alexamaster, you can target not only computer users but also mobile phone users. You can even analyze their traffic history.
3.   Limit Visitors: You can increase or decrease your visitors as you want and get votes accordingly from them.

4.   Advertising: You can promote your Text or Banner ads on our network and get 100% real clients.
5.   Facebook Fans: By promoting your fan pages over here you can get real likes which will lead to improved Facebook clients.

6.   Youtube Views: You can promote and grow your Youtube channel on our website with real human views every day.

By keeping all these benefits of Alexamaster in your perspective, you can surely think of using this internet marketing tool to boost your online business.

This system is quite simple and you can easily join it. What you have to do is create an account, submit it, then login to account to earn points. Then follow promote us section and you can get 60 % commission easily. Lastly, you can request money and exchange points with real money. It really seems quite simple, isn’t it?

Furthermore, the Alexamaster also gives 24/7 support to keep working and a forum to discuss anything. It is a transparent and reliable platform to work with a reasonable payout. The tool provides safe processes and trusted payment sources. Moreover, you can get 60% commission from referral purchases, 25% from your point’s income and 0.1 USD for every real signup.

Thousands of people are benefited to get online success with Alexamaster and these people give open reviews for Alexamaster. So, what are you waiting for, just go to Alexamaster Signup form and be a part of Alexamaster community to give wings to your online business. 

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Gangadhar Kulkarni
Gangadhar Kulkarni is a Internet Marketing Professional having extensive experience in SEO and SMO. He is also founder of seogdk where he shares information about SEO, SMO, SEM, blogging and web technologies by way of articles. For more information catch him on  Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | G+ | Pinterest 


Generating More Leads With Content Marketing

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Lead Generation Tips

If you are still struggling to get more leads for your business, then this article is for you. By using high-quality content, you can get the leads you are looking for. You may think it's not as easy as it sounds but here, we will break it down so it is easier to digest and you can see how doable the steps are.

With today's SEO, there is now a great demand from users for contents that are of high value. If you can give your users that, they will get to trust you more. Regardless of your business model, it is still true that content is king. Many B2B marketers are increasing their budgets for lead generation to up to 50%. Investing on lead generating is still rising.

Other than native advertising, blogging is still the main avenue where B2B and B2C marketers get to generate leads. It is a fact that with blogging, B2B marketers get to generate more leads than those who do not. For every kind of content, there are also different numbers of leads for your company. 

Market Research

When there is something that is not yet widely known, the first thing to be done is to do extensive research and to study it thoroughly. Wise decisions are based on an in-depth analysis of the market.

An example of this is if you are planning to give away scented candles for your friends on Christmas, but you don't know where to purchase them in your town. What you can do instead is do research on how to make them yourself.

It is in this same manner that doing market research is not just your option. It is a necessity and it ought to be part of the first phase of your product creation. By doing market research, you get to put your company in the center of your consumers. It is worth mentioning that market research is very important in doing content marketing for you to be able to generate leads.

Here, you want to be sure that you have potential customers waiting for the product that you are making. You should also take advantage of the existing research from other marketers so that you can further boost your content marketing and be able to reach more prospective customers.

So, how will you know that there are potential customers for your product? It's simple, find commercial keywords. With keywords, you get to know what your prospects are searching for. By looking for commercial keywords, you will know what your target audience are intending to buy.

Finding Commercial Keywords

For example, you are a landscape architect in Texas, and you want your prospects to know that you are available to do business, the next steps will show you what your prospects are looking for.

1. Go to Google AdWords Keywords Planner.
2. Enter your main keyword such as landscape architect in Texas in the search box.
3. Click "Get Ideas."

By doing these steps, you will be able to see how many prospect you can reach as well as attract with your landscaping services through the use of content marketing strategies. When you target a certain niche with your main tool which is contents that are directed at answering the audience's questions regarding that certain niche, you have the option to develop each of the individuals in your audience as a lead for your B2C or B2B business.

Another thing is that when you answer the question of your audience through high-quality content, you’re giving your business a chance to build up a more personal brand. Through time, you will earn a loyal following that will get to trust you more and even be willing to pay you money for your services or products.

These things sound good, but they won't appear overnight. What you have to do is to plan and to stick to it, and continue to market using this strategy. You are sure to see the results in the long run.

Market research has not changed a lot. What you have to know is what your target customers want and where they go when they are looking for answers. Usually, they go to search engines and search for what they can do with their problems.

Once you get a grasp of these things, it will be easier for you to join in with the conversations and place your site on the center stage. In your site, your audience will be able to get more answers for their questions instead of continually searching for answers through search engines.

Create Landing Pages that Convert

If you are obsessed with conversion rate optimization, you will agree that as we already have established, not all of the landing pages are equal. Some of the landing pages do not perform as well as the others. There are landing pages that can be capable of so much more.

The statistics from E-consultancy stated that among marketers, one on out of five is satisfied with the conversion rate that they currently have. There are many of landing pages that are under-performing. These pages are not able to maximize their leads and convert them into customers.

As a marketer, your responsibility is understanding why you create or use a certain landing page. This is one of the things that you have to figure out first, and then you can move on to perfecting your landing page.

What Makes a Great Landing Page?

One of the many things that you should first master is what the anatomy of a great landing page looks like. What a landing page should have is a headline that is compelling, with an interesting and captivating opening. After that, you can continually keep the readers interested as they move onwards on your pages. Here are some of the points that you should take inspiration from when it comes to your landing page.

-The page should be easy to navigate so that your readers can easily find what they are looking for.

-Not only should the page be functional, but it should also be aesthetically pleasing.

-The headline should be able to captivate your audience in one glance.

-Bullet points are essential so the readers can easily look at the important points of what you have to say.

-Social proofs such as media mentions and testimonials with provide credibility to your site.

-Don't forget to include your photo so that your audience can put a face on the name and get to be more familiar with you and your page.


Now that you know the important elements of a great landing page, you can now create the good contents that you need to convince your audience that you are a thought leader when it comes to your industry. Creating good content is important not only to share knowledge with your audience but also to keep them updated and interested with what you have to offer. You have to be able to consistently produce contents so that every time your readers visit your site, they have something new to read, and they’ll keep coming back knowing that you have something new to offer each time.

Author Bio
Heidi Kim
Heidi Kim is a professional business consultant and legal researcher focusing on business laws. She is passionate in helping those who have any queries regarding business laws and how these may affect their respective businesses. Follow her on Twitter.


Use These Wordpress Plugins to Improve Your Writing Productivity

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Wordpress Writing Tools

Wordpress is a great choice among non-techy webmasters. We could define Wordpress as a website content management system and website creation tool that has been written in PHP. This saves non-techy individuals from having to deal with all the coding languages, technicalities, and so on.

Wordpress’ popularity also comes due to the value they provide in the marketplace. Having your website hosted on Wordpress gives you a lot of flexibility and great options that will boost your efforts and help you attain your goals. There are many types of WP plugins, for all types of domains of activity: coding, designing, and also writing.

That’s what we’re going to focus our efforts; during this article, we’ll take a look at specific writing tools that any webmaster or business professional can take advantage of so he can improve his writing efforts. But first, let’s look at the most significant benefits of using Wordpress writing tools while dealing with your writing activities. 

4 Important Benefits of Wordpress Writing Plugins 

As you’ve probably guessed, the benefits come through the use of special tools, which are specifically designed to solve someone’s problems and needs.

1.  No More Technicalities

There are lots of useful Wordpress plugins that will deal with most of the technical aspects that you may not know how to deal with. For example, you want to change something really quick into your HTML code; if you don’t know the coding language, you’ll have no clue how to make it work.

Many plugins deal with these sorts of issues. They’re basically simplifying everything so you can continue your activity without having to deal with these setbacks.

2.  Automation

Some tools are great for writers because they help at managing the working time, and also managing the tasks. If you’re writing for your Wordpress blog, you should start using some automation tools. These services will truly make your life easier and improve your productivity levels.

You just can’t afford to deal with everything; besides your marketing, branding, and maintenance efforts, you also have to deal with the content creation part. You’ll eventually run out of batteries or motivation and fail. Start automating as many tasks as you can!

3.  Special Actions

I call them special actions because most of them are original ideas of smart programmers who knew how to leverage coding in order to do some very useful actions. For example, e-mail autoresponder services like Aweber or Mailchimp are absolutely necessary for a non-techy who wants to have an e-mail list.

If those programs didn’t exist, e-mail marketing would have been more inefficient than it is now.

4.  Constant Feedback Through Analytics

Every time we want to accomplish something, we establish the direction, plan the necessary action, and review afterward. The review is very important because it helps you figure out what you’re doing wrong and what needs to be improved.

It’s the same with writing content and managing a blog or a website. You have to stop for a minute and analyze the results. You can keep track of almost all the aspects of your website, including page views, spent time or shares by simply taking advantage of some incredibly useful analytics tools. Read more for examples.

Best 5 Wordpress Tools for Writers 

WordPress Writing Plugins

1.  Google Analytics by Yoast

So we were talking about feedback and statistics. Yoast has developed an amazing plugin that keeps track of anything you want. You can use this plugin in order to determine so many things that are going on with your website and with your target audience. You can figure out whether you have more men or more women as followers, younger or older demographics, and so many more things.

I’d suggest using this tool because, in order to be a successful writer and/or webmaster, you need to keep optimizing your platform. That means spotting the mistakes and the elements that your viewers don’t enjoy (based on analytics), and replace them with better things.

2.  Just Writing

Don’t you hate distractions? Well, as writers, we have to be extra careful with our focus and attention. There are so many distractions nowadays; smart digital tools with a lot of dots, software with lots and lots of buttons and features, and so on. Well, Just Writing is a Wordpress plugin that makes sure that you stay focused on the writing task.

Its simplicity makes it better than many other alternatives. You are basically writing on a completely blank screen. No keywords count, no proofreading, no nothing. You just freestyle write and never stop until you have finished your tasks. This tool is also free and extremely popular among writers.

3.  FD Word Statistics

FD Word Statistics is designed specifically for non-native writers, and but not only. Non-natives usually mistake certain word usages, they structure their sentences in the wrong ways, and they usually make their texts hard to read. This plugin helps the writer check his “readability score” and improve his content by following the plugin’s suggestions.

This tool can be a lifesaver for someone who can’t afford editing services and wants to deal with this on his own. Editing services (which are different from proofreading ones) are quite expensive nowadays. You’ll have to reconsider your business’ budget before outsourcing something on the longer term. Instead of doing all this hassle, just use FD Word Statistics and let the tool suggest all the readability improvements you must make.

4.  Proofread Bot

The proofreading aspect is quite different from the readability factor. They’re two different things. When you proofread, you’re looking attentively for incorrect words, spelling, and grammar. For this task, you can use Proofread Bot and let the tool suggest what you did wrong.

This is a proofreading software that is extremely complex in many terms. It analyzes your sentences and phrases and underlines what’s wrong. In order to be a successful writer, your writing needs to be impeccable. Otherwise, your website’s readers are going to see a “lack of professionalism” and stop visiting your platform.

5.  Copyright Proof

Every writer must pay close attention to plagiarism. Plagiarized content is not so tolerated nowadays. After all, it’s stealing someone’s work and copyrights. Google, for example, is strictly punishing duplicated, spun, and plagiarized content. Their crawlers are quickly observing if you have copied someone’s work and registered it as your own.

Avoid dealing with these problems by making sure that your content is completely unique. Copyright Proof is a smart Wordpress plugin that collects information from the web and synchronizes it with your piece of content. The moment it notices mistakes, you’ll be notified. You’ll even see the source of the copyright.

Because there is so much content nowadays, even if you’re not stealing anyone’s work, you can write exactly the same sentences as someone else did two years ago. That’s why even if you’re working “clean”, you should really pay attention to the copyrights issues nowadays.


Nowadays, keeping up with your fierce competition is quite a tough process. You always have to come up with new promotion strategies and new impressive content ideas. Everyone’s trying to occupy a piece of the marketplace, but only a few writers and webmasters are truly dominating their niche.

In order to improve your blog or website’s efficiency, you must improve your content. Now let’s go a little more backward; in order to improve your content, your writing must be impeccable. Writing quality content is not impossible, but dealing with everything most of the times is.

Start using as many writing Wordpress plugins and notice the difference in your productivity. You’ll see that writing can be easier if you can stop worrying about the annoying and time-consuming aspects of the whole process. Good luck, and don’t forget to take consistent action!

Author Bio
Lisa Wheatly
Lisa Wheatly graduated from University of Queensland, Australia. She believes analytical thinking and an enquiring mind are her strongest points, and she does her best to put them to good use. Lisa is a consultant of young entrepreneurs, and she believes her knowledge of the human mind allows her to accurately assess the abilities of the young businessmen. In her spare time, Lisa works for Top Aussie Writers, where she creates unbiased essay service reviews.

Effective Mobile SEO Tips for Maximum Engagement

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Mobile SEO Practices

Online marketing and SEO practices have changed substantially as mobile phone and tablet technology has improved, making what used to work for your business website obsolete. That is why it is important to take a periodic review of your website's layout, design, and protocols to make sure that you are presenting yourself and your company in the best light possible. When potential customers view your site from their mobile phone, often this encounter will be your company's first impression; and you know what they say about a bad first impression. Here are a few things to keep in mind and take a look at that may have changed since you developed your website.

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Just because you have a good looking website on the internet doesn't mean that it will be as attractive or functional on a smart phone. Although smart phones have improved in functionality immensely in the past five years, their processors are still limited. This affects items such as:

Page Speed

Some of the things to keep in mind when modifying your webpage to be more mobile SE0 friendly are you will need to reduce the number of redirects used, optimize any images used, and turn off any blocks that keep CSS, JavaScript, or images from loading properly. These changes will increase page loading speed and minimize errors or loading crashes.

Use a webpage design that incorporates the mobile layout so that when potential clients view your site from their phone they can navigate your site easily. This type of layout generally is a scroll down directionality rather than the traditional above the fold layout of desktop or laptop design, since scrolling is much easier to do with a touch screen phone versus using the mouse.

When it comes to pop-ups, avoid using them. These are not user friendly or processor friendly on small screens and smart phone microprocessors.

Remember People have Fat Fingers

When designing your touch screen buttons and their locations on your site, remember that they will be viewed and used from a much smaller screen. Having these buttons too close together, or too small will make it difficult for users to use and in the end leave them frustrated as they have to continually back up and try again.

Avoid Using Flash

Although most laptops have or can access Flash, a lot of mobiles still do not have the Flash plugin. Instead use HTML5 for creating your mobile sites special effects. This will give you the versatility in creativity that you want, without causing any issues when trying to load the information onto the mobile.

Be Concise with Titles and Meta Data

A big part of SEO is in the titles and meta descriptions whether for a desk top/laptop configuration or in Mobile SEO. The difference comes in the screen size. Whereas you can use longer Meta Descriptions for larger screens, they will not be visible on a smaller screen; making it imperative that you keep your Meta Descriptions as succinct as possible without losing the main idea or impact effect.

Local Search Optimization

In order for your business to be included in local or "near me" search results, you will need to optimize for these searches. One way to do this is to standardize your business name, address, and phone number so that it looks the same wherever it appears on the web increasing your SEO analytics numbers. Another way is to include your company name, city, and state in your metadata; this tells the search engines exactly where you are so that it can include your company in local searches.

Remembering to follow mobile SEO practices and keeping up with continuing changes as technology improves will be your keys to success for drawing customers to your site.

Author Bio
Venkatesh C.R.
Venkatesh C.R. is the CEO of Dot Com Infoway - professional Search Engine Optimization Company that also provides software and mobile application development, mobile apps marketing, internet marketing solutions for online business and a whole gamut of IT solutions and products to clients.