Guide to Understanding the Differences Between Ethical and Non-Ethical SEO

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Ethical White Hat SEO

It is futile to invest in website designing and interface revamping without giving time as well as money in the promotion of the site. We have a website to showcase us or our business products online. Thanks to modern technology, it has become easier to maintain a business website. It is also now easy to make business transactions through a website. 

People can come to your site and check the products that you offer. They can easily purchase those products as per their requirements from your site directly. To provide online purchasing facilities, your website should be developed with precision.

The Essence of SEO for Your Website

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an essential part of a web-based business as well as website. You cannot make money through your site unless people start visiting it. The daily visitor count should be 1000 or more so that you can get better sales data and higher profitability. It is possible to achieve a high amount of daily visitors to a website through various robust as well as meticulous SEO tactics and strategies. In the following section, we shall know more about ethical SEO tricks as well as tactics.

Ethical White Hat SEO

When it comes to SEO tactics, different webmasters can be observed to adopt different strategies. Different people have different methods for achieving results. It is entirely true that SEO is not a homogeneous thing, and thus diversity in SEO plans can be noted. It is quite impossible to say which strategy would be more efficient. The overall campaign is important, and it should be done ethically. Ethical SEO campaign brings positive results to your business, and non-ethical campaigns produce negative results. Broadly, based on the ethics, SEO campaigns can be classified into three categories. They are white hat, gray hat, and black hat. 

White hat SEO is nothing but the most ethical as well as highly recommended form of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. White hat campaign follows on ethical methods for achieving results. It helps a business to attain longer sustainable results. It helps a business to grow ethically and get organic traffic for its web platform. Grey hat means a mix of a white and black hat. It means ethical techniques are blended with a few non-ethical tricks to bring better results. Such strategies work in some cases, and in some cases, it does not work. Black hat SEO is non-ethical SEO, and thus it is not recommended by experts. It can cause more damage than giving anything positive for your website or web-based business.

Black Hat SEO

For the ultimate hat guide, in the following section of this article, we shall find salient advantages of white hat SEO over gray or black hat SEO techniques or strategies.

1. Long Sustainable Results

White hat SEO gives long lasting results to the users. In other words, the time and money you invest in white hat SEO will start paying your back after some time. This payback stays active for a long time. A successful SEO campaign can take a business to a new height of success. It helps a business to grow immensely. It helps a business to flourish impeccably. On the other hand, black or gray hat SEO will leave negative impacts on your web-based business. Black hat SEO is particularly harmful to your web-based business.

First of all, the black hat does not target to bring organic traffic to the website. As a result, the website or web-based business platform gains a few achievements in the short term, but in the long run, it fails miserably. Black hat starts earning a negative reputation for your website with the advent of time. The same thing will happen with gray hat SEO, though the intensity of the negative results will be minimal. Black hat SEO can lead to suspension of your website on Google. Thus, you need to be quite careful about this kind of search engine optimization technique.

2. Better Business Development

White hat SEO aims to bring organic traffic to your website. It does not focus on traffic counts, but it focuses on bringing organic traffic so that ultimately your sales data can show that your company is growing quite impeccably. For better business development and higher profitability, these things are important for the businesses. Your business shall flourish with tactical and robust white hat SEO solutions or strategies. 

On the other hand, black hat or unethical SEO focuses on enhancing the number of visitors to the website. It helps in better search engine ranking. However, this method of online business promotion does not work for a long time. Since you do not get organic visitors to your website, you do not experience high sales jump for your products featured on the site.

3. No Glitches or Inconveniences

We all know that if we walk on the right path without harming others, we shall be able to achieve our goals in life. Ethical methods will take time for showing up results, but when the results indicate up, you shall find them to be more satisfactory. With a white hat, there is no chance of losing business reputation. 

There is no chance of getting suspended by the search engines. These risks are always there when you deploy black hat techniques or even gray hat SEO strategies. To avoid glitches or inconveniences, you must follow the ethical form of SEO. You must chalk out SEO plan with high sustainable, ethical methods.

Search Engine Optimization is all about helping a business to grow. To achieve faster results, people get into the unethical SEO strategies. However, if you analyze the risks and drawbacks of black hat techniques, you shall surely find it to be more convenient to invest time as well as money in white hat SEO tricks as well as solutions.

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Derek Iwasiuk
 Derek Iwasiuk is the author of this article, and he is a professional expert on conducting as well as planning various SEO campaigns for various online-based businesses. You can get ultimate hat guide on his articles.


5 Reasons Students should Learn Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing Education

We are living in the digital era where we are witnessing numerous changes. Every industry now seeks digital assistance to gain a competitive edge in the market and retain its market share. It has given rise to tremendous job opportunities for digital marketers. In the last one decade, the center of gravity of the marketing world has moved online.  This is clear from the fact that the digital marketing industry has grown multiple folds in the last decade. The net worth of this industry is estimated to be around $68 billion.

Whereas the other industries are stuck with a growth rate of 5-10%, the digital marketing industry has shown a whopping rise of 40%. With this paradigm change and digital marketing emerging as a mainstream industry, there is a dire need for talented professionals in this field. A wide array of career opportunities is waiting for such professionals.

What are the Different Fields You can Opt for in Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a broad term; it further entails various fields. You can choose from any of these and gain expertise. Some of the prominent of them include the following:
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Analytics
If you are still wondering why you should not miss a chance to become a digital marketing expert, then you must have a look at the following details. Here I have highlighted five reasons students should learn digital marketing. Let's get started-

1.   Future of the Marketing World

As I mentioned above, digital marketing is the next big thing, it has taken a big leap from being an accompaniment of marketing to becoming the mainstream marketing strategy for companies. Today, when the world has gone mobile and more, and more people are seeking digital assistance to make buying decisions, companies are now focussing on candidates who can help them gain digital advantaged. Being a proficient digital marketer, you not only increase the probability of getting better job opportunities for yourself but also keep yourself ahead of the others who are still working on a traditional method of marketing.

2.   Industry Demands Digital Marketing Skills

Digital Marketing Skills

Did you know that digital marketing profession was amongst the top 5 professions in 2014 and the demand for the same hasn’t settled till now. The industry demand for professional digital marketers is increasing paving the way for the students to make it as their career choice. Even if you have cleared your graduation in marketing, you can anytime start learning digital marketing. There are various companies and certification courses that can be beneficial for you.

Name the industry, starting from real estate t travel, to hospitality, to retail; there is no industry which left untouched with the miraculous effect of digital marketing. These companies are actively looking for digital marketing experts.  If you wish to make a great start in the marketing world, make sure you have the digital marketing credentials added to your resume.

3.   A Wide Array of Job Opportunities

I have mentioned above that digital marketing is a broad field having various job prospects, you can gain expertise in Search engine optimization, email marketing, social media marketing, copywriting, online advertisement, inbound marketing, and many other options. 

The best part about digital marketing is that you can learn these skills at any time and get proficiency in any of this field will fetch you a decent job in companies. Another important point to note here is that digital marketing is here to stay. This is the future, and if you have learned the skills, you have secured a job for yourself.

4.   You can become an Entrepreneur

Digital Marketing Profession

Well, entrepreneurship is about taking right risks, and if you have become a digital marketing expert, you not only open the gateway for various job opportunities but at the same time, you can also offer these services as a freelancer. You can even start your own digital marketing company providing various services.This makes you self-sustainable and also gives you a chance to become your boss.

5.   Studying Digital Marketing is Affordable

Well, this is one course which will not make you’re your pockets light but will increase the weightage of your resume. You can pick up the certification course, and it doesn’t cost too much.

Final Words

Did you know that there were around 1.5 lakh jobs in the year 2016 and this number is going to increase in the times to come. Having an expertise in the digital marketing domain will not only open a plethora of job opportunities for the students but at the same time, it will make you ahead of time. Undoubtedly, digital marketing is here to stay for long and if you wish to reach the sky, it’s time that you should invest in learning and develop digital marketing skills.

Author Bio
Sohail Khan
Sohail is a content marketer and currently, he is associated with a Singapore tuition agency. His hobbies include writing, reading books, traveling and gardening.


How Anyone can Make Money on YouTube - Even with Zero Subscribers?

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YouTube Earning Tips

It’s every business’s dream to go big on YouTube. The video is the number one digital medium on the web, and YouTube is the leading video platform. However, a stigma has developed for channels with few subscribers. 
Many businesses think their YouTube marketing campaign is a bust if they don’t have a certain number of subscribers. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If you want to make money with YouTube without stressing about your subscriber count, stay tuned. 

What Is YouTube—Really? 

YouTube is simultaneously a free service and a social network. 
As a free service, YouTube functions for people to upload videos for universal viewing, sharing, and embedding without the hassle of conversions or self-hosting. As a social network, people use YouTube to promote these videos and grow their brand. 
Because of YouTube’s dual function, we often mix these two objectives. Services bolster an existing marketing strategy, whereas social networks stand as their own marketing campaigns. 
With either objective, YouTube is monetizable—just in different ways. YouTube as a service works to support an existing marketing plan through video marketing. By itself, YouTube can give you a great way to harvest your audience. 
With either option, converting your viewers and subscribers to external monetization routes can be one of the most effective ways to make money. 

Subscriber Count vs. View Count: What Matters? 

If you focus on using YouTube as a social network, your goal most likely will include the following: 
     Increase subscriber count.
     Increase shares.
     Channel branding and recognition.
As a service to support your other digital marketing efforts, YouTube best supports these goals: 
     Increase views.
     Increase shares.
     Increase conversions.
Although many of the goals overlap, the central difference is a focus on subscriber count vs. view count. Valuing your subscriber count means you value YouTube as a social network. Placing a higher priority on view count means you care more about the attention your video itself is getting, not necessarily your channel as a whole. 
You only want to build your subscription count on YouTube if YouTube is your main distribution platform for informing and promoting to your audience (i.e., your subscribers). 
But if you are active on other social networks, then you can use YouTube video for marketing on these websites by embedding and posting links. Your CTA (call-to-action) on your YouTube videos could ask viewers to “follow us on Facebook” or “start this free trial” instead of “subscribe here.” 

Monetizing Your YouTube Videos Without Subscribers 

Now that you understand the function of YouTube as a video hosting tool, you can shift your monetization focus from gaining subscribers to growing conversions. Let’s look at how anyone can make money with YouTube without a single subscriber. 

YouTube Partner Program 

“The YouTube Partner Program lets creators monetize their content on YouTube. Creators can earn money from advertisements served on their videos and from YouTube Red subscribers watching their content.”
Admission into the YouTube Partner Program is independent of your subscriber count. However, you do need at least 10,000 channel views to be considered for monetization. 


Sponsorships on a YouTube channel or video work just like other sponsorships. Brands will pay you to promote their product briefly on your videos. However, many factors determine whether you can secure sponsors or not, such as the popularity of your videos or your target viewer demographics. You can find sponsors on websites like FameBit. 

Affiliate Marketing 

Similar to sponsorships, affiliate marketing is where a business will pay you to mention their product or service in your videos. Affiliate marketing is popular with many YouTube creators. 
To find affiliates, you do not need a certain count of subscribers, but you will need some power behind your videos that make it worthwhile for the affiliate. 

Monetizing by Converting 

Conversions are the meat of subscribers YouTube monetization. This is where YouTube marketing turns into video marketing. The impact of an effective video marketing strategy is undeniable. 
Instead of focusing on promoting or monetizing your YouTube channel, re-focus on the video content. What are you planning to achieve by creating this type of content? Where are the CTA’s in your video? Who watches your videos and are they sharing it? 
Don’t expect your videos to get views without effort on your part. Share your YouTube video on social media—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat. Encourage your email subscribers or your blog readers to check out your video and share it if they find it interesting. 

Wrap Up 

The truth? Video marketing is where YouTube’s power comes from. Use the power of video to your advantage. For the most part, your target audience will appreciate a well-made video more than a lengthy blog post or a non-visual podcast. 
If you want to start making money on YouTube, it’s time to be serious. Create content that people are dying to watch, share, and comment on. Promote this content and pitch to sponsors. Leave no room for laziness in your YouTube video marketing strategy, and you will be rewarded fruitfully.

Author Bio
Brenna Clarine
Brenna Clarine is a freelance blogger who writes and edits articles on a variety of topics. Her passions include animals, videos, and technology. Check out her work and benefit from her company’s unrivaled freelance video editing and videographer services at Valoso.


Spread Your Wings Online via Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing Tips

Brands influence digital channels to connect with their prospects and customers such as social media, search engines, emails, websites etc. Digital Marketing is a Universe of all your Online Marketing Efforts. It is a wide term to cover your all online activities.

Marketing is all about connecting and informing your audience at the right place and at right time. It moves around What Dr. Philip Kotler specified i.e., Needs, Wants, and Demand. It’s a social and managerial process by which individuals or firms obtain what they need or want through creating, offering, exchanging products and services of value with each other. Marketing trends have seemed a vast change from last 15 years, it’s not at all the same as it used to be.

Today’s era people spend most of their time online. Now that Brands are more trusting on online marketing., as Shopping, Learning, Teaching, Entertainment Industry, Meetings all moved on internet., so it’s reasonable to connect with your audience to the place where they actually are and prefer to use – Internet. In fact, digital marketing is now outspreading to some non-internet channels that provide digital media such as mobile SMS and MMS or on-hold ringtones.

Multiple TECHNIQUES or CHANNELS and ASSETS used to facilitate Digital Marketing. As an advertiser one's core objective is to find a technique which results in maximum two-way communication, optimum utilization of resources and a better overall ROI for the brand. A number of assets of Digital Marketing which include:

Ø  Emails
Ø  Websites, Blog Posts, and Portal Sites.
Ø  Landing Pages
Ø  Social Media (Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Instagram etc)
Ø  Mobile Marketing
Ø  Infographics
Ø  Email Templates
Ø  Branding (Banners, Logo, Posters, Flyers, Brochures, Business Cards, Stationary and much more)

Online Marketing Efforts

There are multiple Digital Marketing techniques available, Namely:

Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” It is the process of affecting the visibility of a website in search engine results – unpaid results., by incorporating search engine supportive and friendly elements into the website. SEO technique helps brands to rank their site higher than the millions of other competitors in response to a search engine’s search query.

Search Engines

Search Engine can’t see things as human see, they are text-driven. The search engine can’t feel the beauty of cool design, amazing sound, feel the music on the site or enjoy movies.  Instead, they perform several activities to get an idea what a site is all about and to deliver the best result for a search query starting from Crawling, Indexing, Processing, Calculating Relevancy and Retrieving. 
Search Engine Working

Social Media Marketing

Refers to the use of social media platforms and websites to promote your product or services. Purpose of SMM is to produce content that will reach the target audience, the user will share in their network and help companies in brand exposure.  Most of the social media platform has built-in data analytics tools which enable brands to track the success of advertisement campaigns to analyze its performance.

Affiliate Marketing

It’s kind of a performance-based marketing in which a business recompenses affiliates for each visitor brought by the affiliate's own marketing  efforts. You Promote other people’s product, through an affiliate or network and earn a commission when people ended up buying it. Affiliate marketing is based on revenue sharing. The four core players of Affiliate marketing are Merchant (Brand), Network, Publisher(affiliate) & the customer.

Display Advertising/Video Advertising

It’s a type of Marketing where brands communicate directly to the consumers using different media advertisements or online advertisements which includes., websites, Online adverts, Pop- up ads, Interstitial ad, Rewards program, flyers, posters, banners, promotional video ads etc. Video Advertising incorporates online ads that have video within them. Unlike content-based ads, display and video advertising depend on elements such as images, GIF, Designs, audio and video to deliver an advertising message.

Content Marketing

Instead of pitching your product or services directly to your customers you are providing trustworthy, relevant and valuable content to your audience. It helps Brands in creating sustainable brand loyalty, providing valuable information to the customers and at the same time constructing willingness to purchase their products and services in future. 

Benefits of Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Email Marketing

The act of sending commercial email to a prospect or customers considered email marketing. It typically involves using email to send advertisements, promotions, offers, create awareness or generate sales and is intended to build trust, loyalty, brand exposure or brand awareness. It involves Email templates or newsletter, promotional messages or direct mails.

Pay per Click

Internet Advertising. It is used to direct traffic to the websites. In this advertiser pays to the publisher when their ads are clicked. PPC is commonly connected with first tier search engines. With search engines, Advertiser bid for keyword phrases relevant to their target market. They are links that you pay to get rank above or alongside the organic listing in search results.

Online Public Relation

When people think about the traditional PR, they moreover refer to newspaper, magazines, TV, and radio. Online PR is somewhat similar to traditional PR but it targets to online properties. It linked to how you can help your new customers to learn about your business and existing customers about your new products or services or offers. It is all about the exposure that may get with news articles, or Videos or blog contributions, it’s main aim is to get noticed and make your business well known at the right place.

Influencer Marketing

It is quite new but equally effective than other digital marketing techniques. Influencer marketing is where you drive sales by targeting a deal with influencers who already have a follower or dominate your target market. It’s an amazing way to perform on social media.

As an example influencer could be an Instagrammer who have a number of the follower from your target market. You can get a deal with him/her to wear your brand or designer clothes in a couple of photos to crack the market on Insta.

Final Words

You need to choose the right technique that’s best suited for business and target market and keep in mind that all are in the sink and should interact with each other. When used correctly Brands can extract many unique leads out through Digital Marketing. It gives Business of any size access to the mass market at a reasonable price.

Author Bio
Ronak Patel
Ronak Patel is a Managing Director of Dhrup IT Solutions. He loves to write on various Marketing blogs. Apart from running a Full-Service Digital Marketing agency, he is passionate about studying various User Analytics to pull out best user experience.


SEO Tools and Techniques You Cannot Afford to Miss If You Want to Succeed!

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SEO Tools

When planning to carry out the dream of online business, it is essential for the one to have a clear understanding of SEO strategies. The SEO services are available in the internet market. If one has little information about SEO, then it will be a great help to the businesses to choose the right SEO services. Ranking high is not as easy as people think about it. Use of right SEO will make the websites more visible.

SEO is the method of making website found and visible by readers. For this, one has to optimize the site by improving the features of it.  The elements that need to be developed are from inside or even outside. The most significant search engines are Google, Yahoo, Bing and much more. The main motto of these search engines is ranking web pages and contents like video or local listings that are based on that which is considered most important. 

Many tools give the visibility to the website. Some of them are:

·        Unique Quality Content

The number one SEO tools in order rank high are creating fresh and exclusive content after using keywords. Writing anything original content is challenging, but little practice and patience pay. The original items are not copied from other's writings. It is recommended because search engines prefer to have fresh and unique content. So regularly publishing will bring the high rank in the search engines. There are strategic places which one should insert keywords are:

ü  Page Title: The page title appears in the browser window when visitors search for it.
ü  Meta Description: it is found on the page. It will be in one or two lines.
ü  Page URL: If it is with keywords ranks higher than others.
ü  Alt Tags on Images: The Search engines are unable to understand the images. It is best if keywords are also tagged in the pictures.
ü  Headings and Subheadings: this will give the information about the entire article to the readers.
ü  In the text Links: these links will become the way towards the article.

·        Google Adwords

The internet users will always find the tool on Google. The keyword tool will tell about the number of searches that will be done in a month. It will be on the locally and globally basis. One needs to check that whether the keyword phrase is being searched for before the optimisation the website or not.

·        Internal Optimization

It is also known as the on-page optimization. When people link the websites, they can do some from the home page too. It is suggested that the one can put a link to the home page and some other associated pages on the blog. This technique will guide the visitors through the blog too.

·        Networking

Networking will be done best by the Social Media. It is significant to Google, and so one will plan on creating the social presence of the service.  The more people in the social circles, the more they are open to the pages in search. One can get the traffic if the visitors visit the website with ease. Networking can be done by using various social media websites. While reading on the sites about the business, it is no need to say that the readers will land the web page, if posted something interesting.

·        Use of Advanced SEO Internal Deep Linking

Link Posting is another SEO technique which is widely adopted by the vast amount of internet website owners across the world. This method is famous for its simplicity in the working. It diverts more and more traffic to the individual’s website. When someone posts links on other platforms, then their business gets introduced to more internet visitors.

Deep linking is known as the practice of using anchor text for linking the other pages inside the blog. It will show the in-depth information on the website’s pages on Google.

·        Press Releases

When talking about the advanced techniques, the press release cannot be missed. It is an excellent source of promoting anyone's business over the Internet. Through this, one can provide useful information about the product or services. Organizing Press Release out to the larger audience is the best to reach out with the launching of product or services. It will reach both near and farther audiences.

·        RSS Feed

RSS is a technology that will be used by millions of the web users around the globe for keeping track of the websites. Adding the RSS feeds will help a website ranking, by enhancing a less direct way than the unique content available on the pages. It provides audiences with the better navigation, latest information and with some SEO values.

The rules and regulations of the search engines keep on changing to match the requirements. To know more about the updates, keep following us!

Author Bio
Emily is a freelance content writer. She has written many good and informative articles on different categories such as technology, health, fashion, beauty, education, career, travel etc. She is very responsible towards her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues.