How to Do Guest Posts For Popular Blogs for Your Own Benefit?

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Guest Blogging Tips

Guest blog has been a viable part of SEO campaign since beginning and continues to be a traffic driver for new as well as old websites. If you have been a blogger for a quite long time then you can guest blog on a number of sites and drive traffic through backlinks to your own blog. If you find it difficult to blog or write then you can hire agencies offering guest post services.

These agencies have a team of professionals. They can write quality guest post contents for you and also suggest you good sites for guest posts. While guest blogging, it is very important to choose sites that have never been penalized. Also, you should be choosing sites that have relevant audiences.

This way driving traffic back to your site from guest site will make sense and benefit you. A professional company can help you choose best sites in your niche for guest post. If you are blogging without the help of any professionals especially for backlink purpose then here are few things that you should be doing:

Study the Website First

It is very important to know about the site before you guest blog. Before you choose to write a guest post for a blog, make yourself familiar with that blog. Go through the contents listed on that blog, check the type of audiences it has, check the frequency of posts etc.

You should also check the writing tone the blog has, check if it has formal writing tone or casual tone. Idea is to drive traffic from that blog to your own, so make the selection based on your writing skills. If you give good guest posts then visitors to guest blog will surely visit your blog too via backlink.

Introduce New Topics

Certainly, you should be writing guest posts as per the audiences of the blog. However, the key is to introduce new topics on the same subject. For this, it is advised that you read all the posts on the blog site and check if there is something you can introduce to that blog.

New topics will definitely attract more readers to your own blog through backlink as chances are that readers will want to read more on the topic and for that they will be willing to visit your blog.

Grow Your Network

The most challenging part of guest blogging is to find blogs or sites for which you can do guest post. A very successful approach is to network with people in same niche. If you are a fashion blogger then start looking for sites or blogs in fashion domain. Contact the admin through email or social networking sites. Grow the relationship and then ask for guest posts.

Follow the Protocols of the Guest Blogs

Do not just send emails or jump into every site you come across for guest posts. Rather, check the ‘work with us’ section of the blogs. Most of the blogs or sites list their protocols of guest blogging under this section. Follow the protocol and contact the admin as per the protocol listed. Your disciplined approach will surely be appreciated and admin will allow you to guest post.

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