Google Site Diversity Algorithm and Its Influence on SEO

Google Diversity Update

It has already been nearly three months since Google officially came up with its Algorithm update. The very last time that this current search engine issued one major public statement was in 2019 June 4th and it changed the SEO ground completely. Here, it talked about the Diversity Update, which was designed to reduce the present number of results right from the same sites on the first-ever page of the Google search.

This review came up with some changes like clearing the set of schema types for some of the review snippets, self-serving-based reviews are not allowed and it was necessary to name a thing that people are reviewing. Later, in September 2019, Google Webmaster’s very own official Twitter account announced that one major algorithm is now a significant part of crawling and then indexing the procedure of rich results or review snippets. As per the tweet mentioned, this new update is up with some significant changes in ways the Google-based search review snippets were previously displayed and it will change the entire game. You will learn more about the update once you have thoroughly investigated it and will get to the bottom of it.

More about the Update and Some Added Information

As per the statements made by Google, the Review-rich results were working hard to help users quite a bit in finding out the best services or businesses. However, unfortunately, a lot of misuses were taking place of the reviews here because of the lack of updates and guidelines from the time when Google started to implement the same. The impact of Google-based search reviews is currently becoming more and more popular in present times.

·    The main official blog was the one announcing the new Google Search Review-based algorithm update. It stated that webmasters globally are here to optimize their websites for proper Google Search Reviews.

·    Google, at this current moment, has introduced around 17 standard schemes, designed purposely for webmasters so that any of the misleading or invalid implementations can be properly curled.

·   Right before this update took place, webmasters had the right to add Google Search Reviews to any of the web pages they wanted using the markup of review.

·     But, Google identified that some of the types of web pages that are displaying the review snippet did not properly add value to users. Few sites might have used the review schema to make them popular among others.

Just to put one end to this misuse, Google has actually limited the review schema to around 17 niches. These Search Reviews will now be displayed only for the websites that will fall under 17 types and their current sub-types.

It will not allow Self-serving Reviews for Organizations or Local Businesses

One of the major hiccups that Google faced quite a lot is associated with the displaying of genuine reviews, which were always entities to add reviews by themselves on some of the third-party widgets. These were addressed in the markup code as well.

·    Right from the time the new algorithm the update came across Google has actually stopped supporting the Google Search Reviews for the schema types of organizations and local businesses.

·    They have stopped the Google Search Reviews for the sub-types of local businesses and organizations, as well.

·   These are primarily associated with those businesses, which are using some of the third-party-based markup codes and widgets.

Trying to Add Names of Items that are being reviewed

As per the latest Google Search Reviews Algorithm, it has been made mandatory for the name property to be a significant part of the schema. This note will make it mandatory for all businesses, whether big or small, to add the name of the item that is going to get reviewed.  It actually helps in giving one meaningful review-based experience for all the users, according to those working at Google.

Diversity Update as Rolled out in June 2019

After the incremental of the June 2019 Core Update, Google finally and officially confirmed that another update is going to make its way as part of the algorithm. This was the all-new Diversity Update and the main intention of this update is to curb various search results right from the same old website from appearing on the first-ever page of Google search. Most people thought that this change in Google’s update was going to add a minor change to the working area.

·      However, there are multiple discussions that are taking place in several forums, which will talk about the update, which will impact some of the branded queries. It might require the Google search engine to list out multiple pages from the same source or site.

·     This roll-out announcement was made into the world through the official Google Twitter handle and other Google Search Liaison.

·    However, there is yet another new change, which is about to get launched in the Google search, and it is primarily designed to add some more site diversity in the results coming across.

·    The site diversity change mainly ensures that people won’t get to see more than two listings from same the site, right at the top of the result.

Final Words

But, there are some other instances where the systems are likely to determine if that particular search is likely to take place. One major change that you can expect to get from the diversity update will be relating to the sub-domains. Google has stated categorically that the sub-domains will now be well-treated as a major part of the root domain. It ensures that there will be only one search result, which will appear in every domain.

According to Google, site diversity will always treat the sub-domains as a major part of the root domain. All the listings from the main and the sub-domains will always get to be considered right from the single site. But, the sub-domains are likely to be treated as separate sites for covering some of the diversity purposes, whenever the situation seems perfect for the same. 

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