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Niume Blogging Platform

Important Note: We are sorry to say niume is no longer operating. Niume currently closed its content monetization program described in this article.

Niume is a community-driven blogging platform and the most creative space on the web for passionate bloggers. This is a two years old collaborative blogging site that is paying its contributors since August 2016 and is growing its members every day.  

The Niume website was founded at the end of 2014 by London graduate students from Cambridge University. Francesco Facca and Dani Gennaoui are the founders of Niume who aimed to connect people to their related choices and interests with those from similar fields. Here you can read blogs and articles of your interest to learn a number of innovative things. Not to mention expert bloggers also prefer to join this blogging platform.

In short, with Niume you can create beautiful posts with ease, reach millions of people who share your passions, and start making money right from your first post. You have to join your favorite spheres of interest and create your post over there which will then reach the perfect audience.

Overview of the Niume Blogging Community

This is an excellent content syndication site that helps move forward your blog, video content, or site to another site so that you get new traffic. Though the Niume blogging platform could be new for you, it can be learned easily as you go along and you quickly become familiar with it. You can join Niume by simply entering your full name, email address, and password after which an activation link will be sent to your registered email id. On clicking that link you become a part of the Niume social networking site.  
Niume has 20 broad spheres or we can say categories of which you have to select at least three or more where you can post. However, you have to follow some content guidelines while posting;

·         The post must be relevant to the sphere

·         It must include a minimum of 5 lines of text in English

·         It needs to have at least one form of graphic or media e.g. image or video

·         It shouldn’t be promotional or commercial

·         You will have to add a reference to the original source if the content is not yours

·         The post shouldn’t be offensive or contain nudity

·         It can have links to your or another website, but not directly to an affiliate or selling content

·         No blog spamming is allowed

Niume automatically monitors your content from your first post. Your posts include targeted advertising from the best Ad networks. Well, there are many things to know about Niume such as status, features, views, hype (Like), how much money you earn, and more which you will come to know once you start using it.

The better part is that it is also a money-making blogging site. You will earn $1 for every single user who joins Niume via your referral link. Further, the payment for your posts will be done depending on your number of posts, the number of views, comments and shares, and blog traffic. Get ready to post and earn money online with a Niume sign-up and connect your PayPal account to receive payments in an easy and secure way.

Why Should You Use Niume?

Niume provides specific content which is useful to the reader, unlike other sites which may provide non-beneficial content too. It does not leave topic content to your timeline which makes it more interesting. 

  • With Niume you get gratitude and get paid for your efforts. It rewards the community in a great way.

  • You always see results and action on your posts as compared to other content syndication sites.

  • You can easily track the reach and revenues for your posts with Niume's Dashboard.

  • You get exposure to a large number of new audiences and meet new friends.

  • It’s not necessary to have a contributor’s blog or website.

  • You can break your original longer posts into two and then post on Niume with different titles. 

  • You can share your posts on your social media via Niume itself. Especially Twitter gets more exposure via this content marketing platform.

  • Even older posts work again quite better and earn a little $.

  • Your posts are easily visible to a number of true readers. And if you are chosen as a featured blogger it doubles the benefit.

  • It indirectly helps to grow your connections through Facebook.  

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Well, some people are fretful that if their content gets duplicated it may lose Google power. While some people say that Google is smart enough to know who owns the original. Some find that Niume is not much good at answering queries. However, experts believe that it doesn’t seem to be a scam site.


I hope the above Niume review would be quite helpful for you to join Niume. So, be a part of Niume to make your blogs outshine while making a little money.

As I suggested above when you sign up via someone; you start making money and I would be really glad if you use my referral link. Besides, you can freely comment or ask queries about Niume in the comment section below.

Gangadhar Kulkarni

Gangadhar Kulkarni is an internet marketing expert and consultant having extensive experience in digital marketing. He is also the founder of Seogdk and Director at DigiTechMantra Solutions, a one-stop shop for all that your website needs. It provides you cost-effective and efficient content writing and digital marketing services.

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