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5 Vital Short-Term Tactical Strategy Implementation for Grand SEO Success

Reputation Building Strategies

While the spine of an SEO program is definitely efforts spread over the long term, you can also effectively use more short-term strategies that are essentially reactive in nature to positively impact your SERPs. Of the two approaches mainly used to enhance digital marketing or reputation-building strategies, conventional marketers have always been accustomed to pushing content through proactive campaigns to seek immediate reactions. The second approach, which is regarded as reactive, involves marketers creating content to capitalize on a particular event or concept to improve their brand reputation.
There are certain situations that permit SEO strategists to adopt a mix of both proactive and responsive marketing approaches to enhance brand awareness and seek reactions from consumers. Some opportunities to consider for a fresh SEO initiative:

1. Exploit Internal Events

If your company is on the verge of making news then you should definitely tell the world about it. The opportunities are diverse and can take the form of just about anything ranging from a new product release to a new executive appointment or a new market entry. Generally, small and medium businesses tend to assume that these opportunities make sense only for the larger and high-profile companies not realizing that they are failing to capitalize on the chances of enhancing brand awareness and generating more online traffic. 

These events are also ideal for submitting search engine-optimized press releases that can lead to the news houses picking up the story, however, you need to be careful since Google is sensitive to press release distribution through a bulk mailer and tends to remove them from search results or worse, impose penalties. The potential benefits are traffic generation from new customers, new backlinks from sites with authority, and a flood of customer citations.

2. Convert Internal Events to Opportunities for Guest Authoring

If you have managed to capture a significant response from one of your internal events, you could think of leveraging it to improve the credibility of your brand in the industry in which you operate. Your company executive can contribute to publications covering your industry to help build and boost your organic authority. This happens because you get to improve the amount of referral traffic from third-party sources that have high relevance and also get the chance to add some links to your site. 

However, if you proceed with this strategy, you need to ensure that you work only with sites that have established authority and credibility in your sector because working with people who do not matter in your markets is just a waste of your time.

3. Come Up With Unique Concepts or Presentations

Developing original content or concept for the web can be a very difficult proposition as a quick search on virtually any subject will reveal. Content developers all over the world are constantly engaged in creating lists, white papers, buyer guides, how-to guides, etc. all of which end up to a great degree being duplicates of each other as far as the information on a particular subject goes. 

If you can come up with unique ways of presenting information or even be the first to report on new concepts, it can lead to a significant boost in your organic authority as you will be able to improve your brand equity, interest potential customers, boost organic visibility, enhance industry authority and online reputation, as well as acquire new backlinks that are relevant.

4. Use Keyword Missed Out By Competition to Build Content

Techniques of keyword research continue to change continuously, however, most of the changes are driven by changes in search engine algorithms. Invariably, there will be certain keywords that have a significant volume of search yet are being missed out by the competition that you can latch on to for creating meaningful content. 

By achieving this, you will not only be able to improve the profile of your backlinks but also increase traffic and get more social connections.

5. Track Your Competitors’ Social Media Activity

Tracking what your competitors are up to on social media will not only tell you what they are doing right but also inform you of what’s going wrong. If customers are complaining, you can use the opportunity to commiserate with them and suggest to them that they use you for a superior experience. 

You can provide the impetus with a freebie or a discount offer. Doing this sort of activity requires you to actively monitor your competitors and act immediately whenever you spot an opportunity and before your competitors react with something of their own.


You cannot depend on any of these activities to make your rankings jump right to the top of the pages or to enhance your industry authority to the maximum. However, implementing these tactics consistently will surely benefit in the long run and lead to superior search visibility and conversion growth.

Walter Moore
Walter Moore is an SEO expert currently attached to a Mumbai-based company. He has mastered SMM and digital marketing over the past few years. He loves to share his experiences, resources, tricks, and tips on his blog.

Gangadhar Kulkarni

Gangadhar Kulkarni is an internet marketing expert and consultant having extensive experience in digital marketing. He is also the founder of Seogdk and Director at DigiTechMantra Solutions, a one-stop shop for all that your website needs. It provides you cost-effective and efficient content writing and digital marketing services.

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