How To Build Links If You're An E-commerce Website?

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The world of e-commerce has come a long way in the past couple of years. It has been traveling swifter than the speed of the light. In the past few years, it has crushed expectations, created many jobs and introduced entirely new selling channels to retailers. The word ‘eCommerce’ is not just a word in today’s era, it has become more than the buzz word for today’s youth. And, in the near future, the boundaries between the “conventional” and “electronic” commerce will become increasingly indistinct as more and more businesses move the sections of their operations onto the internet. Having the straightforward option to shop and pay, sitting at a single place, seems quite enthralling. E-commerce makes it simpler and worthier and most importantly the time saver.

“You can’t wait for the customers to come to you. You have to figure out where they are, go there and drag them back to your store.”

Myriad of websites are tussling to subsist in this content-smogged business milieu. And the competition is getting tougher day-by-day as more and more are evolving with distinct and modern services. Plus, the customer is that stubborn insect who is always seeking for something new but effective plus cost-effective. Contemplating these parameters, it has become requisite to endorse your marketing campaign to advertise your products and services and to establish a robust position in the corporate environment. It is yours or we can say the firm’s task to find the most common services and the targeting audience towards that specific service. Better, do the proper market research, analyze and comprehend all the factors and endeavor to get the web traffic to your website, employing the legitimate approach. Rather than sitting idle and wait for the customers to reach for you, step outside into the market and make them compelled to visit your website and use your services.

“Retailers that go beyond selling a product and tell a story to establish a firm brand identity and to build a one-to-one relationship with their customers are more likely to thrive.”

Establishing and maintaining the relationship with the customers are the foremost step to enter into the phase of the link building procedure. And, indeed, the firms having robust and trustworthy bonding with the potential customers will have more chances to grow and eventually lead to the PROMOTION of the website.

Approaches that Assist in Building the Links to E-commerce Websites

    Make an Appealing And Interesting Website:

Make your website free of cluttering of ads, contents and the products if not appealing to the visitors. Create a separate dedicated page for each category so that the customers find easy to search any product.

Create the deal pages and consider publishing one, generic deals page to list your current and forthcoming promotions. And then adopt the same, simply target the relevant audience.

Grab Low-hanging Fruits:

1.    Leverage business relationship: Request the backlinks from your business partners, either vendors, suppliers, dealers, manufacturers, etc. If you intend to try harder, they will give you at least one.

2.   Leverage personal relationship: Also, you can ask for the links from your relatives, friends, and colleagues who own a blog or a website.

3.   Leverage your personal asset: If you have the other websites, get the links from those websites. But, don’t get over-stuffed. A link from the home page of each domain is good enough.

Focus On Building The Domain Authority:

Acquire the backlinks from a large number of unique root domains. The guest blogging and directory submissions are the best ways to develop the domain authority. Ensure that the chosen directory is worthy and can pass the link juice.

Push Your Top Selling Product Pages And Categories First:

Make an audit of your website and determine the top-selling products and their categories and spend time with them to make it more noticeable by the audience. Make them content-rich, the very first, especially in the terms of the images.

 Adding And Offering More And More Blogs:

If you have the chance to add the blogs to your e-commerce websites, then add them unquestionably. This will significantly affect your website ranking. Having the relevant content on your website increases the chances of attracting links to your website.

Getting the links by giving the stuff away. Guest post or blog outreach is the most cogent tool to grab the attention of the audience. Be active in your industry’s community and others also to remain linked with the latest stuff.

For eg- If your business is related to “home d├ęcor”, then write the following on the search bar and then request them to accept your content and give you the backlinks.

     “Home Decor” + “write for us”
     “Home Decor” + “guest post by”
     "Home Decor" + “contribute to”


They are the gold mines for procuring the quality backlinks. The data-based visuals are the imperative concepts in link building techniques in this present era. If other bloggers or the content curators love your infographics, then they embed your work on their website and hence, it will create more backlinks leading back to your business.

Using Products As Link Bait:

In many instances, revamping or redesigning the category pages proves to be a challenging task. If that’s the case, selling the enthralling products on our website can become an efficient form of linkbait. 

Find a Way to Use Social Media If Possible:

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Instagram…these are the most influential social media channels to acquire more and more attention today. You can use Twitter to tweet the coupons for your products or contests, Facebook to share your upcoming products’ information, Instagram for image-sharing, etc. Use these networks to promote your brand swiftly.


It’s all about acquiring the higher quality links. It is easy to explore a number of ways to build links to e-commerce websites. The matter is to get the links from the relevant and high authority website. You can check the website domain and page authority with the Moz SEO Toolbar

Aarif Habeeb
Aarif Habeeb is a Digital Marketing Strategist and Technical Content writer in an Indian digital marketing agency. You can also find him on Twitter.
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