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Content Writing Strategies to Improve Your Website Ranking in SERP

Content Writing Strategies

Web content writing is different from print media writing. The writing method of a newspaper article will not suit the web audience because online reader psychology is different from that of print media readers. 

Seogdk researches and collects some valuable information about content writing strategies which illustrates the basic rules to follow when you write for websites, blogs, newsletters, etc.

The content writing concept is exactly similar to this great line, “Your expression is the most important thing you wear.” Content writing can be divided into many categories press releases, articles for submission, SEO articles, blogs, review articles, ghostwriting, narratives, travel articles, and much more. All of these articles have distinct writing styles. A fair knowledge of search engine optimization proves to be very effective in a career in website content writing. Here are some very important rules that make some great SEO content.

1. Use more Relevant Keywords in Contents

In content writing, it is very important that your thought process goes in the manner of a search engine or a web browser. When you are writing an article on a particular topic, make sure that you insert many related keywords in it. So when a person puts a keyword in the search engine that is among the related keywords of your content, the search engine will show up your article too. This increases the traffic to the website automatically.

2. Make the Headings and Subheadings Short, Effective and Understandable

Using headings and subheadings preferably with keywords in them is an excellent way of bringing more visitors to the website. This theory is applicable to general content writing also. Most users prefer articles that are broadly categorized under headings and subheadings. It makes the readability of the content much easier. Make the headings clear and understandable. In the process of making catchy and attractive headings and subheadings, do not make them difficult to understand. This will not solve the purpose of providing headings in the article.

3. The Title should be Catchy and Impressive

The title tag is a very important thing that needs to be kept in mind while writing SEO content for various websites. The title tag should be well thought out and should contain the exact words. If this is done properly, the content is sure to be optimized for the search engines and will automatically rank higher in search engine results. Content writers working in a content writing company will know all these SEO techniques.

4. The Contents should be Original and Relevant

The text of the SEO article should be easily flowing and natural. If the article is not interesting, no user will be interested in coming back to the website again. Create content relevant to your website theme or purpose because it increases surety as well as the number of visitors to your website.

5. Make Short Sentences in Short Paragraphs

Avoid writing long complicated sentences in a web copy. Whenever you write for a website, you should keep your sentences short and include a single idea in one sentence. Instead of a long sentence and multiple ideas, you can use bullet points to list down and explain a complicated topic.

Web users generally scan sentences and if you write a long sentence combining ideas separated by 2-3 commas, the sentence is tough to scan. If you want to contradict an idea you have presented in the previous sentence, start the next sentence with “however”. The same is applicable for “and” use as well. If you want to continue an idea presented in a preceding sentence, begin the next sentence supporting that idea. There is no need to put an “and” in between.

6. Pay Attention to Grammar and Words

Beginning a sentence with “but”, “and” or “yet” is grammatically incorrect. The beauty of web content is that it does not follow any hard and fast rules of grammar and readers don’t really mind. However, while liberties can be taken, you should maintain a small amount of sense in what you are writing.

The use of “its” instead of “it’s” and vice versa, is a common mistake committed by many content writers. When you write “its”, it means ‘possessing of’. For example, “Its car is expensive“. When you write “it’s”, it is the short form of “it is”. For instance, “It’s going to be a long movie.” If you mistakenly put “its” in the place of “it’s”, it’s a grammatically incorrect sentence.

7. Use Hyperlinks in Contents

Use hyperlinks to offer your readers ease of navigation. If your site is related to SEO then hyperlink the word “SEO tips” in the page content this navigates the particular page. For example: Learn more about Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, and Web technologies.”

8. Improve Content Writing to Reach Your Readers with SEO Factors

Normally only a few content writers think about SEO for Content, that is writing content and optimizing for a search engine to make it easily indexed. One must follow SEO factors to reach readers locally and globally. Nowadays SEO for Content is very much essential even for quality content to win search engine results and to reach readers who look for quality information.

9. Use Image Alt Attribute

Alt attribute for an image can be about the information on the image and related content. It also helps visitors with text-only browsers. Alt attribute text pops up when the mouse cursor is moved to the image. Alt attribute plays an important role in SEO factors and Googlebot and other spiders like to take up the information Alt with relevant keywords helps keyword frequency to get better ranking.

10. Use RSS Feed and Link Distribution

Start populating your content and profile activity feeds through blog posts and RSS feed submission sites. These ways will help to increase content popularity and increase the chances of referral hits and external link popularity.

Link distribution can be done through content page link submission to external resources, tutorials, and articles directories to help increase popularity and you can interlink your and other author’s site related to your content. Make sure that the link distribution serves readers and that they are natural, and not exclusive to search engine bots.


I think from the above information you will get an idea about content writing and its helpful strategies to build your site ranking in SERPs. If you follow the above rules when you create content for your website then you will find your site higher in search engine result pages (SERPs). So friends, definitely you will appreciate this article by commenting and emailing your queries. In the next article, Seogdk will bring another innovative information about SEO and SEM till then take care and enjoy your life...!!!

Gangadhar Kulkarni

Gangadhar Kulkarni is an internet marketing expert and consultant having extensive experience in digital marketing. He is also the founder of Seogdk and Director at DigiTechMantra Solutions, a one-stop shop for all that your website needs. It provides you cost-effective and efficient content writing and digital marketing services.

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