Best Contextual Advertising Platform that Engages More, Earns More Review is a leading ad tech company that develops innovative monetization products for digital publishers. These products auto-learn and optimize to display the most relevant ads and offers which provide a balance of user experience and revenue, along with industry-leading user privacy protections.

It is the 2nd largest Contextual Advertising platform, and Google AdSense is being the first, in the world that powers Yahoo! and Bing Ad Marketplace of advertisers globally. works as the trusted advisor to top management across various large publishers including Forbes, WebMD, and CNN.

Contextual Ads are relevant to the content of the website which tends to get higher clicks and hence generate higher revenue for the publisher. Via, publishers get access to more than $6 billion worth of advertisers’ search demand. is one of the best alternatives to Google AdSense. ads are extremely targeted and hence they are more contextually related as matched to other ad networks, thereby showing the ads that readers are more likely to click. has numerous features that will make you give it a shot right away:

·        Contextually Relevant Ads

Depending on the registered ad format, contextual ads display advertising search budgets worth billions of dollars. The user’s intent has been recognized via relevant search keywords, which gives finely targeted ads. All this helps to generate higher revenues as advertisers are willing to pay more for visitors with qualified intent means visitors who are more likely to click.

·        Marketplace

This feature is end-to-end, exclusive, and effective which consists of unique and content-driven demand sources, along with direct display demand from prominent DSPs that compete in a first-price auction. With the Marketplace features, you can achieve higher revenues, especially in cookie-deficient environments. Marketplace attribute makes available competitive demand from RTB-enabled demand sources as well as exclusive server-side programmatic technology.

·        Dedicated Account Manager

With this feature of, it becomes possible to constantly monitor your account, create custom ad units on your request, take on A/B testing with different ad spots, and proactively achieve the best possible suggestions with which higher revenue from the ads can be obtained.’s customer service is world-class which is invaluable for both new and experienced bloggers and not to mention, the account manager is also easily reachable via email.

·        Native Ads

If you have ever-increasing native budgets, then go for’s native ads. These ads are completely customized to the look and feel of your pages which creates greater user engagement. It is also possible to drive your audience to contextually relevant articles on your site through the native unit.

·        Display to Search (D2S) Ad Format

Easy access to high-quality display ads can be accomplished by connecting with all the major buyer networks and managing operational overheads. You also get benefits from DSPs, agency trading desks, horizontal networks, vertical networks, performance networks, AMPs, DMPs, etc. With this feature, you can combine the power of context with audience data to reach your audience with display ads in a brand-safe environment.

·        Programmatic Platform

It is the most influential way to draw on the most competitive and unique demand with server-side enablement. You can get access to the next-gen, cross-format header bidding platform, native ad insertion, and proprietary contextual targeting engine. is the leader in the evolution of programmatic technology and was the first to develop the strongest server-side header bidding platform, long before the bandwagon effect began. 

·        Mobile Responsive Ads

To gain maximum advertising revenue, your website or your ads should be mobile-responsive. ads help you earn incremental revenue through the mobile-optimized ad units where you just need to activate the mobile ads feature. Here, you can also start earning from the web traffic that comes from your mobile.

·        Works well with Other Ad Networks

You can also use along with many other ad networks. Hence you don’t have to reduce your earnings as you can diversify them. Even if you are uncertain about your current ad setup, you don’t have to worry. Ambassador Program is supportive of almost every foremost revenue strategy.

While using to
earn advertising revenue, you should consider the positive as well as negative aspects of this native advertising program. 

What are the Pros of

·         One of the best parts about this advertising platform is its access to a dedicated account rep.

· provides a live interaction facility to publishers with which they can get answers to their questions and even get suggestions about the improvements in earnings.

· also presents more advanced advertising solutions such as sponsored search results.

·         It is easy to use and integrates with superior technology.

What are the Cons of

·         If you have to test, you should have a fairly large sample size to precisely estimate the earning potential of this network.

·         If there are one or at most two ad units per page, then only ads will work best.

·         When is used in multiple positions, there will be substantial overlap among keywords due to which users may experience lessening returns in eRPMs.

·         The performance metrics of are not available in real-time as it is for AdSense. Sometimes, it makes you wait to see how your ads are performing.

Final Words

Being a cutting-edge and scalable advertising platform to earn money online, is the 5th largest ad tech company worldwide.’s wide-ranging product features, vigorous technology platform, rigorous quality, and compliance standards, and experience in rapidly ramping to achieve scale give them competitive advantages with powerful results.

What are your thoughts about as the best alternative to Google AdSense? Do mention it in the comments below.

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