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Extend Your Business Sales with iDevAffiliate Affiliate Tracking Software

Affiliate Tracking Software

iDevAffiliate is an affiliate tracking software that tracks the links placed on various websites for the purpose of increasing sales to interested customers. When an individual clicks the link on the website, the iDevAffiliate system tracks it as a customer who may be interested in a certain product or service being sold. Thus, affiliate tracking software like iDevAffiliate helps you achieve more sales, more traffic, and more search engine ranking

This affiliate software helps to estimate customer interaction with a particular product or service through the clicking of a preset link. When you have your own business you can be an affiliate. Being an affiliate you have to place the business links given by iDevaffiliate on your business website. An Affiliate Script then determines how many customers are coming to the website through daily tracking and clicking on the link. Thus businesses can extend their sales options to potential customers by using this inexpensive affiliate software.

Why iDevAffiliate?

Since 1999, this affiliate software has been the leading affiliate tracking software in its class. iDevAffiliate has been created with thousands of features in such a way that users of all levels can use it very easily. Moreover, this software can be installed in a few minutes and easily integrates into your live website. The following are some of the important features of iDevAffiliate which makes it preferred Affiliate Program Software by many businesses.

1.    You can customize iDevAffiliate and edit content to make it the way you want. There are HTML/CSS templates, system-delivered email templates, language packs, logos, and color schemes which you can customize as per your choice.

2.    You can design your own payout structure or commissioning pattern such as percentage & flat-rate payout, pay-per-click & pay-per-lead or action, coupon code commissioning, per-product commissioning, and affiliate recruiting (up to 10 tiers).

3.    For performing product marketing you can get several options such as social media (Facebook and Twitter), videos (Youtube and Vimeo), banners, QR codes, page peels, lightboxes, email templates, HTML page templates, and text ads.

4.    You can get reports to export and review critical statistics. You can avail reports in the form of charts and graphs, date range reporting, neatly formatted print views, CSV, PDF, and Excel exporting.

5.    It offers built-in security with standard fraud prevention tools. For the same, it features double redundancy tracking, adjustable tracking expiration, proprietary password hashing, commission blocking tools, and advanced fraud protection tools.

Pricing for iDevaffiliate

iDevaffiliate offers a reasonable marketing plan for companies and individuals who are seeking to create an affiliate program. You can have the CLOUD option for $39 monthly, the CLOUD SOCIAL with a monthly fee of $59, the CLOUD PREMIUM with a monthly fee of $79, and the SELF-HOSTED with a one-time fee of $399. You can visit their website for the details of each plan. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee on all plans, with no contracts and no transaction fees.

Moreover, you can avail special 50% off on bundle plugins for the platinum option. All these plans offer unlimited affiliate tracking which helps you reach millions of potential customers through search engine optimization (SEO). Additionally, iDevAffiliate is low-priced than other similar programs called Post Affiliate Pro.  

Pros of iDevaffiliate

·         With a single source, it is possible to track all of the links and the traffic generated by each of the links.

·         This tracking system can be used by any business.

·         It is easy to use and responds to cross-platform.

·         This software offers user-friendly technology and proven stability.

·         It allows reaching millions of consumers on a daily basis with the convenience of the internet and social media.

·         iDevaffiliate offers the most recent technology in software tracking with a very little starting price which is $39 per month.

·         They offer free upgrades with no hidden fees and no feature limits.

·         You are provided with a tutorial video, FAQs, and a professional, knowledgeable, and friendly customer support staff who is there to help you at any time.

·         It offers an easy way to extend your business sales.

Cons of iDevaffiliate

There is no software or program which is perfect for every consumer. However, there is hardly any complaint about iDevAffiliate on the Internet.

·         It offers quite a few languages as compared to Post Affiliate Pro (PAP).

·         Customization options are limited as compared to PAP.

·         Post Affiliate Pro lets you reward many numbers of tiers while with iDevAffiliate you can have only 2 tier commissions.

·         iDevAffiliate has limited offline marketing functions. Whereas PAP offers product promotion options such as discount coupons both offline and online.

Final Words

Well, iDevaffiliate has been established as the leading software tracking company for almost twenty years. And adding this Affiliate Tracking Software to your business website link surely helps your business grow exponentially.

Thus, you can extend your current sales, increase traffic and strengthen SEO with iDevAffiliate Affiliate Software.

Gangadhar Kulkarni

Gangadhar Kulkarni is an internet marketing expert and consultant having extensive experience in digital marketing. He is also the founder of Seogdk and Director at DigiTechMantra Solutions, a one-stop shop for all that your website needs. It provides you cost-effective and efficient content writing and digital marketing services.

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