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Important Note: Currently Kingged platform closed all content marketing, commenting, and online money making programs described in this article.

Every blogger always in seek of those methods, tricks and different opportunities which will increase their blog's web traffic and earn some money as well. Recently I interacted with valuable content marketing programs which not only increases your blog's traffic but also giving chances to earn money too.

Folks this is not fake nor black hat SEO techniques or no one gives me review fees to write about it. This is a great content marketing program that I personally using and definitely helps bloggers to get extensive web traffic to their website as well as earn money via commenting. This majestic platform is known as Kingged.

So in this article, Seogdk shares information about Kingged who gives a nice platform for bloggers to generate more organic web traffic to their blog as well as make money online via commenting and content marketing.

Let's see below points explore information as well as the purpose of kingged:

1.Overview of Kingged
2.Innovative Voting System
3.Grand Rewards/Giveaways For Commentators
4.Get more Web Traffic via Content Marketing
5.Online Money Making via Commenting
6.Advantages of Kingged

1.Overview of Kingged

Basically, kingged is an internet marketing and social bookmarking website. Mr. Kingsley is a mentor of the kingged community who started this program specifically for bloggers to share their informative content as well as earn money by commenting on other blogger's content.

This website contains more than 200,000+ pages and 5,204 active members to date. Kingged owns great Google search rank as well as top Alexa rank 17,944 worldwide. This is a great platform for internet marketers to promote their products and services via blogs and forums.

In other words, kingged is nothing but a 4-in-1 internet marketing social website. These 4-in-1 points are:

-An Internet Marketing News/Content site
-An Internet Marketing Social Networking site
-An Internet Marketing Social Bookmarking site
-An Internet Marketing Product/Service/Software site

2.Innovative Voting System

Kingged community-owned its innovative voting system for shared articles. For upvoting (Like) use “King this” option while for downvoting (Unlike) “Unking this”.

After sharing your own post or article mandatory to click upvoting button i.e. “king this”. You can “kingged” or “unkingged” any other bloggers posts those you like or unlike.

You can share your ideas, views or opinions about articles by commenting on other bloggers' posts.

3.Grand Rewards/Giveaways For Commentators

Kingged is famous for its grand reward program for commentators. Top commentators get rewards for their comments on other bloggers' posts and quality participation. Here you should get rewards only if, comments must be qualitative as well as explore the information included in the post.

Comments must be lengthy and mostly on other blogger's posts while short and excessive comments on self-posts not be accepted. Below see the list of daily giveaways issued by kingged:

- 1st top commenter of the day (Your total comments daily must be up to 50)

- 2nd top commenter of the day (Your total comments daily must be up to 30)

- Random commenter of the day (Your total comments daily must be up to 30)

- Valuable commenter of the day (Your total comments daily must be up to 30)

- "Kingsley's Wild Card" of the day (Your quality participation, no comment limit)

"Kingsley's Wild Card" of the day is an awesome reward program especially for those kinggers who have continued their valuable participation at kingged, despite the 30 to 50 comments limit. The best thing about this giveaway is Kingsley may choose 2 or 3 or 4 or more "Kingsley's Wild Card" winners of the day. So those are participating and loving the kingged community definitely earns something. 

4.Get more Web Traffic via Content Marketing

This is a great content marketing platform for bloggers. Here you can share your articles, i.e. just submit your article's link taken from your website. After submission of your article. other bloggers or members of kingged will see your article and if they like it then read, vote and leave a comment on it.

When other members visited your website he/she gives feedback about your article and leaves their published article's link at the end of a comment by using Commentluv application.

Here you get great benefits for your quality engagement and participation with kingged such as “featured membership”. This is a great feature which rewarded to the active member for their active participation re-visiting Kingged daily, leaving valuable comments, etc. It’s now going to be a weekly position. You can retain it by your quality engagement and participation.

This process exchanges your links widely and earns quality web traffic to your website. Kingged having different categories for your article submission so you can submit your article link in the relevant niche and gain quality traffic to your website.

5.Online Money Making via Commenting

As mentioned above about the grand reward program for top commentators and qualitative participation in kingged each winner gets rewards in the form of money as well as extensive web traffic. Below I listed rewards and daily-paid money for each reward as :

- 1st top commenter of the day - $15
- 2nd top commenter of the day - $8
- Random commenter of the day - $7
- Valuable commenter of the day - $10
- "Kingsley's Wild Card" of the day - $5

Sounds good......!!!

you will not only earn money but also earns quality web traffic through your comments on other blogger's posts which are counted by the search engine and it resulted in your SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

6.Advantages of Kingged

-The great advantage of kingged is your content gets more exposure to quality organic traffic as we as earn money too.

-If you get Featured Membership then your profile picture, last post, bio, and URL will appear on the right side menu of all the 200,000+ pages of Kingged which gains quality backlinks to your website.

- Top winners of each week will get dofollow links on all pages of Kingged, including the homepage.

- Top winners of each week will choose any 1 of their posts to be made STICKY and will remain on the homepage of Kingged for at least 24 hours.

- Top winners of each week will choose any 1 of their posts to be promoted by Kingged through at least 50 to 100+ of our partner blogs, through our widget.

- Top winners of each week will choose any 1 of their products/services to be listed on the Kingged marketplace for free and promoted as well.

- Top winners of each week will get +2 upvotes (kings) when you ”king” any post. This means instead of increasing by 1, any post you ”king” will increase by 2.

- Top winners of each week will get -2 downvotes (unkings) when you ”unking” any post. Of course, this means instead of reducing by 1, any post you ”unking” will reduce by 2.


From the above information, we conclude that kingged is an ideal platform to share valuable content as well as the great online money-making program. Which not only share your content but also earn money too via commenting. This is an ultimate knowledge sharing program via informative content and comments. 

It's the most popular and beneficial factor that is easy money making by sharing content and qualitative comments which resulted in great web traffic to your website. Kingsley and his hard-working teamwork on upcoming projects which are in pipeline and consist of innovative as well as useful features for bloggers. So folks send your feedback about this article via comments and emails. Till then enjoy your life.....!!!

Gangadhar Kulkarni

Gangadhar Kulkarni is an internet marketing expert and consultant having extensive experience in digital marketing. He is also the founder of Seogdk and Director at DigiTechMantra Solutions, a one-stop shop for all that your website needs. It provides you cost-effective and efficient content writing and digital marketing services.

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