Valuable Tips to Improve Alexa Ranking of Your Website

Alexa Improvement Tips

Important Note: On May 1, 2022, Amazon shut down Alexa Ranking program and is no longer operating.

Recently Google launched its much-awaited Penguin update 2.1 which increases heart bits of every website owner and raised many questions regarding the ranking of a website. The number of websites affected by this Penguin update loosed their website web rank as well as revenue too.

But the show must go on so in this article Seogdk focuses on the importance of Alexa ranking as well as tips to increase Alexa ranking for your website.    

History of Alexa Rank

For the people who feel Alexa is a new kid in a web town, Alexa began in April 1996, just one month after Google was founded. One of the first versions of third-party web crawlers was designed by Alexa as well as a list of sites sorted by geography, niche, and other strategic metrics that can be downloaded officially from the Amazon website which officially hosts Alexa.

What is Alexa Traffic Rank?

The worldwide traffic rank is a measure of how a website is doing relative to all other websites on the web over the past 3 months. The rank is calculated using a combination of the estimated average daily unique visitors to the site and the estimated number of page views on the site over the past 3 months. The site with the highest combination of unique visitors and pageviews is ranked number 1.

website is typically defined at the domain level. For example,,, and are all treated as part of the same site, because they all reside in the same domain, Exceptions are made for personal home pages and other hosted sites, for example,, which are treated as separate sites.

Alexa's traffic estimates are based on data from our worldwide traffic panel, which is a sample of all internet users. The panel consists of millions of internet users using one of over 25,000 different browser extensions.

Tips to Improve the Alexa Rank of your Website

1. Very first you install the Alexa code or widget on your website. The widget and its code look like as below:

Alexa Rank of Seogdk
<meta content='kfspdhseogdkbcxyzH1RpziQ1OM' name='alexaVerifyID'/>

2. After installation, the above code installs the Alexa toolbar for your browser which is beneficial to increase web traffic to your website.
3. Write a review post or article about Alexa on your website. It will boost your website’s visibility on Alexa.

4. Update website with fresh content or data because the content is king which increases the possibility of generating web traffic to your website.

5. If you want to spend some money then you can subscribe to Alexa paid option for a month or year. In between the paid version duration, they would analyze your website and give suggestions for improvements. In addition, you can see that your site is "Certified by Alexa" on the Alexa site.  

6. Alexa rank and Google page rank are two different strategies to measure a website. The basic difference is Google page rank updates twice or thrice a year while Alexa rank for your website may change every day.

7. Stay connected with social media like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. which increases the chances of visitor interactions and searches of your website. This will automatically boost your website’s Alexa ranking.

8. Guest posting is the most helpful and best way to increase your Alexa rank quickly. Guest posts can drive all traffic from their site to yours which resulted in an improvement in the Alexa rank of your website.


The above information is sufficient to improve your website's Alexa rank. Always keep in mind if your website has a good Alexa rank then it will gain commercial value as well as achieve a level of trust. So friends, convey your feedback about this article via comments and emails. In the next article, Seogdk  will bring useful information about SEO, SEM, and Web technologies. Till then take care and enjoy your life!!!

Gangadhar Kulkarni

Gangadhar Kulkarni is an internet marketing expert and consultant having extensive experience in digital marketing. He is also the founder of Seogdk and Director at DigiTechMantra Solutions, a one-stop shop for all that your website needs. It provides you cost-effective and efficient content writing and digital marketing services.

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