Google’s Unexpected Move: December 2013 Pagerank Update Released

Google Pagerank Update

Most awaited Google Pagerank update released today 6 Dec 2013, a Christmas treat from Google. But surprisingly Google released their weapon and shut the curtains on the Pagerank update chapter. Earlier Matt Cutts tweets that no expected Pagerank update in 2013. My last article also explains the whole dilemma about Google PageRank update delay and Matt Cutts tweet conversation with Niel Bosch. Frequently Matt Cutts mentioned that we are not expecting Pagerank update in 2013.

The reason behind is that Google facing problem in links pipeline so they do not prepare for Pagerank update. I think Google have fixed the broken pipeline, and link juice starts flowing.

As described in the previous article about Google Pagerank update, for new those who are unaware of Pagerank mechanism just keep in mind Pagerank is mostly dependent upon the links linked to your website. More high-quality links linked to your domain name can help you to get a better page rank. Below image shows the Google Pagerank mechanism:

Google Pagerank Mechanism

To ensure that your internal pages also have good page rank, you should use proper no-follow and Do-follow tag attributes to ensure proper flow of link juice within your blog or website.


Friends from above information we conclude that page rank has no relation with your site traffic or search engine ranking, but a good page rank will definitely a worthy metric for your blog or website to attract advertiser’s attention. In the next article, Seogdk will bring new worthy information about SEO and web technologies till then share your thoughts and feedback about this article via comments and emails. Take care and enjoy your life!!!

Gangadhar Kulkarni

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