8 Ways to Get More Comments on Your WordPress Blog

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Have you ever written a really great blog and thought, ‘this will get everyone wanting to comment?’ but then minutes, hours and days go by and you have no comments. Not a single one. Not even a spam comment. How frustrating!

Comments are a good way of analyzing how effective your content is in striking the right chord with your target audience. Getting people into discussions and debates is a great way to expand your audience reach and also to get more traffic to your site through content that people other than yourself are creating.

Done correctly, blog commenting on users is basically free marketing. Except that you do have to put the hard work in to make people want to comment on your blogs.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can successfully get people to submit more comments to your blog. 

1.  Create Compelling Content

Compelling Content Writing

Your content is what will get people talking so make sure you are tailoring your content so that it is relevant to your audience and will be the kind of content that people are searching for. You may want to use a keyword tool to get some ideas so that you are gaining organic readers for your blog. If you are a business looking to sell your services as a kitchen fitter, for example, interesting articles related to this will generate the right target audience.

2.  Ask for People’s Help or Opinions

As the saying goes - if you don’t ask, you don’t get. This is how it is with comments too. People like to be asked something and they will think that they are making a valuable contribution. Asking someone if they know how to solve a particular problem that you have, or asking them to provide their opinion on a topic will encourage more readers to comment on your blog.        

3.  Reply to All Comments

Comments are not just a one-way thing, you need to acknowledge when people leave a comment and thank them for their contribution to your blog. Even negative comments can be used to drive a positive outcome. If you have a restaurant for example and someone leaves negative comments on your blog you can turn this around. Be attentive and thoughtful with your response, asking them to discuss in more detail through emailing your team. This can help repair a customer relationship and others will see that when you get feedback, you act upon it and try to resolve it fairly.                            

4.  Surprise People

People are more likely to want to respond if you say something slightly controversial or that sparks a lot of mixed opinions. Whilst you don’t usually want a full-on keyboard war taking over your blog, thoughtful opinions can lead to useful debates and people enjoy reading something a bit controversial and out of the norm.

5.  Get to the Point

Target Audience

Nobody really wants to read through pages and pages of text, so make sure that your blog isn’t so long that people are leaving before they even get close to the end. Keep on topic and try and get to the point fairly quickly or you won’t be getting many comments other than ‘zzz….’                                                

6.  Use Attention Grabbing Headlines

Carefully choose the wording of your heading. If it is too wordy and not very direct then it will have less impact. You can use headline generating tools that will give you ideas for wording that will make people really want to read your blog.                                

7.  Use Comments to Create Future Content

Comments give you a better understanding of what your readers really want, so make sure they know you are listening to their questions by creating your future blogs around their feedback. Instead of writing a long-winded reply to someone, create a step-by-step guide or even a video that answers their question.      

8.  Allow Sharing and Liking

Some people disable the sharing and liking feature but this is crucial if you want people to help you get your blog out to a wider audience. Make sure you have this enabled so that people can easily share with their friends.

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Jett Hagletorn
Jett Hagletorn is a passionate content writer at Top 10 Website Hosting. She also has an unhealthy obsession with Word Press and is currently learning to code.



  1. Hi, Jett! I believe this is the first time I read your article.

    Getting more comments on your blog essential and common way to enhance better reputation. I do agree, the comments explain how effective of your content is. What's more, the comment itself attracts massive traffic and encourage more reading.

    You're right! Asking for option or help is great to way get more comments and elevate engagement rate. Every time I write post, I tell my readers to leave the comment regarding the question, suggestion, and complain.

    What's more, I told them to send direct email if they really need my help.

    Thanks for sharing...

  2. To get comments you do need visitors in the first place. Obviously, share a link back to your blog in as many places as legally & decently possible. By all means ask for comments - especially ones disagreeing with you, and reply in a meaningful way - Don't just be negative to the poster, but stick to the point of the post.

    I did have a plugin that actually could put up a list of the names of the commenters with the most recent / highest number comments to encourage others.

    One other tip is to run a competition for the best reply or a random comment. If the prize is related to the niche of the blog then so much the better.

  3. People only reply when they want to ask or facing any problem like I got PC and smartphone connection questions.

  4. Great tips Jett thanks for the share.

    Which of them made the difference and really stood out?

    Kind regards,

  5. Great tips are shared , we have some word press blog and we are thinking to get more engagement and i got much more information about how i can improve my comments section and conversion from their.

    Thanks a lot!