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000webhost: It is a Reliable Free Web Hosting Service Provider?

000webhost Webhosting

To present your business or services in front of millions of online users, first of all, you need to host your website. Here, you also need to think about a few aspects of web hosting such as the type of your business and your budget. If yours is a small or medium-sized business or website with a reasonable budget then 000webhost is a perfect web hosting service provider to go with.

With our 11 years of industry leadership, 000webhost is successfully serving its customers with free web hosting. It is one of the top free web hosting service providers. We commit you to powerful as well as cheap web hosting solutions without any hidden cost than many other web hosting providers around.

000webhost promises to keep its web hosting 100% free always! Their owned servers are located in the highest quality data centers; hence no one can shut down or reload any server with your data without our permission. They make use of committed connections to guarantee enough bandwidth for all our users. If you are looking for premium web hosting services at a low price then 000webhost is the best option. It provides cheap web hosting services with all the tools that needful for a successful website. 

You get a bundle of features when you go with 000webhost web hosting services which can be described in brief as follows:

1.  Free and Easy Website Builder

You can build a website easily without any technical or coding knowledge. It is a user-friendly, easy-to-use, and interesting website builder. It offers hundreds of free templates from which you can drag any one of your choices, put text and other elements and click publish. Your website is done! Even managing and updating your website is very easy just with a few clicks. Here, you can also switch your website to a mobile-friendly version that Google likes with a single click. Moreover, they provide you with many other options such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and SEO, and Social friendliness. Are you going to try this 100% free, easy, and fast website builder?

2.  Free Web Host Veteran

They are one of the oldest free web hosting service providers. There are millions of users who are using free web hosting services successfully to manage their business. You can also join their community to put your ideas in front of your valuable customers.

3.  99% Uptime Guarantee

Many free hosting service providers are not able to successfully provide 99% uptime, isn’t it? But we guarantee you 99.9% uptime and can give you proof of the same.

4.  Growth-Oriented Free Hosting

If you are a member of the 00webhost community, you will get dedicated disc space and bandwidth.  They use the latest technology in PHP and MySQL for the best performance. You can get more than a standard package with Hostinger’s web hosting upgrade options. Here, you can avail of great discounts and exclusive features.  

5.  Essential Web Hosting Features

They provide you with all the tools to set your project in motion. PHP, MySQL, WordPress, Website builders, and many more things will make you stand apart from the crowd.

6.  One-Click Auto Installer

You will find very few companies in the market that can provide you with this feature of 1-click WordPress installation. You can achieve a free and fully functional WordPress hosting environment just with a few clicks. You can use any of the famous CMS and start your business or website, be it a simple blog or e-commerce store.

The above list of features can be shortly given with a few more additions as follows:

·         100 GB of bandwidth
·         1500 MB of disk space
·         Easy to use Free Website Builder
·         Free domain hosting
·         Auto Installer (WordPress, Joomla...)
·         Free Cpanel web hosting admin panel
·         Full PHP & MySQL database support
·         Instant account activation, no fees!

So, what are the pros of using 000webhost?

All the above-mentioned features are actually great support for the use of 000webhost. If we consider user satisfaction with the use of this unlimited free website hosting service provider, reviews suggest positive mentions which indicate that users are happy with their service.

·         Besides, it needs to be mentioned that we don’t have any hidden costs or restrictive terms associated with our product.

·         Greatest reliability, lightning-fast speed, and dedicated user support are a few more plus points to go for our free web hosting services.

·         You truly get better free web hosting services with them than many other renowned paid web hosting services. If free is better then why pay?

·         The pricing structure is also quite good where the premium plan starts at $3.49/month and the business plan starts at $7.95/month. Both of these plans have different features.

·         It is quick and easy to take backups with 000webhost and this is again a big plus as many other free web hosting service providers don’t have a backup as a feature.

·         Another outstanding feature is they let you run your own ads on the free website.

·         Great customer support via forums and emails which make us rely on them.

Now let’s look at a few of the cons of using 000webhost

·         Many people have complained that their websites were removed without notice.

·         Limitations on CPU usage due to which your site may remain down for 3-4 days.

·         They take away files higher than 5MB from time to time without informing the user.

·         Security is a big problem as they have a past history of getting hacked.

·         There are some issues with the FTP connections and DNS servers.

·         Frequent database reboots cause errors for your end-user.

·         They don’t have SSL certificates due to which security remains an issue.

Some people may not prefer 000webhost as their free web hosting service provider because of these many cons. But if you have a small or medium size website with little data which is not a big concern then you should go for 000webhost’s free web hosting service.

PHP support and instant backups are the two major things to look for if you are going with free hosting and 000webhost satisfies your needs in this regard. So, you can go for 000webhost.

Gangadhar Kulkarni

Gangadhar Kulkarni is an internet marketing expert and consultant having extensive experience in digital marketing. He is also the founder of Seogdk and Director at DigiTechMantra Solutions, a one-stop shop for all that your website needs. It provides you cost-effective and efficient content writing and digital marketing services.

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