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The Ultimate Guide: How To Start Your SEO Business?

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The most fundamental question for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - how to start it? If only the answers are as easy as the question itself, things would be easier.

Unfortunately, they’re not. Honestly, the question is vital, even more so since Google’s sweeping updates started the coup de grace to many unsuspecting owners of websites or webmasters.

You want to start your own business, but the problem is you don’t know what to do and how. Don’t worry; this article will help you through the essential and important points of the topic.

Starting an SEO business is easy, but the challenge lies in doing the job with perfection and handling the clients. So, let’s take a look at the steps that you have to do in starting your SEO Company.

1. Study and Learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

In business, there are no shortcuts. You can’t just jump into business right away if you don’t know a thing or two about the industry that you want to start. You have to study and learn first, and you will have to start from the basics.

Learn the basics of SEO, and you should know too that this sector is notorious for its ever-changing trends and topics. Google releases algorithm updates now and then so you also have to assimilate new strategies and master SEO. If you’re not that sure of yourself, you can hire SEO consultants who can provide you with in-depth knowledge about the nitty-gritty of SEO.

If you want to build your own SEO business, you need to be flexible in acquiring new things. Most people have learning curves that may take a few years, but if you already have a background in SEO, all you have to do is sharpen your skills by learning new techniques.

Most importantly, make sure that you already have a firm grip on analyzing and identifying keywords, off-page, and on-page SEO techniques, investigating the potentials of a site, ranking keywords on Google's first page, settling errors in a site, etc.

2.  Create a Website

When you’re through learning SEO, your next priority would be starting your website. This is a crucial step because people will look at your site first. Clients will not come to you directly and give you projects.

It’s an advantage if you own a website, but if you don’t, then you have to create one and rank it as much as you can. Create SEO tips in your blogs then try to fish for the potential audience and when you do, convert them into customers in the long run.

Make sure that your website visually entertains and contains relevant and credible content to attract visitors and potential clients. Grab their attention by putting up good service pages with free giveaways or demonstrations.

3. Compose a Business Plan

If you’re a newbie in business, you need to create a proper business plan for a minimum of three years because you can do a lot with your business in further days. So prepare a comprehensive business plan.

Business plans may help you get investments for your projects if required. Not everyone has the potential to retain investments, some look for investors and some apply for loans, so it’s good to have business plans for requisites.

The additional advantage of having a business plan is that it will not only help you get loans, it will also generate attractions for large enterprises.

4. Create Your Brand Name

Now, this is where the real game starts.  We’re done with the expertise curves, learning curves, and investment curves. The next step is conjuring a name fit for your brand.

Creating a straightforward and great name that people can remember easily is the best option. You need to be precise and keen. Create accurate descriptions and visually entertaining logos that will attract the attention of visitors. If possible, do a little study of your competitor’s description then create your description (better than your competitors) to generate more audience for your site.

5. Create a List of Services That You Offer

The final part of the process is creating the list of services that your soon-to-be SEO Company will offer.

You need to be able to tell your clients or customers that you offer certain services in your business. Placing and maintaining a service page on your website as well as upgrading it with proper modifications is imperative in the present online world.

Be patient and fair when it comes to pricing your services. You can give the details and the prices of your services when a client contacts you. Overpricing at the start of your business is a big no-no! It’s a bad practice and many customers will not show interest in your services to start at a lower rate.

Establish a good reputation first, and then you will acquire a brand name in the society, by then you can charge higher service fees if required.


Now that you know what you have to do, the rest is in your hands. The ultimate challenge is how to understand the real world of marketers. Regardless of the niche that you are targeting, you need to know how each and every niche works. Put your best efforts, follow the guides above, and in no time, your business will be heading on the road to success.

Wade Cockfield
Wade Cockfield is an entrepreneur and SEO Consultant based in Melbourne, Australia. He is also the founder of Wade Cockfield Executive SEO Company, a full-grown digital marketing agency that provides top-notch and efficient content strategies to different companies. 

Gangadhar Kulkarni

Gangadhar Kulkarni is an internet marketing expert and consultant having extensive experience in digital marketing. He is also the founder of Seogdk and Director at DigiTechMantra Solutions, a one-stop shop for all that your website needs. It provides you cost-effective and efficient content writing and digital marketing services.

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