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7 Free Keyword Research Tools You Should Use For Content Marketing

Free Keyword Research Tools

E-Commerce –The single term that has changed the entire face of practicing business demands a lot of technicality and strategy in itself. Being an entrepreneur, you must either register your business portal on the World Wide Web or plan to do the same soon. Since the evolution of the idea, online business has been progressing constantly. However, internet marketing did and will assumingly continue to have its core in content writing.

When you meet a client, the first question often asked is – How would get me the most trending keywords in the business? And trust me; no businessman would want to pay for each and every service that they subscribe to in the SEO package. After all, everybody likes to have some free perks! And if you are a beginner, then it is definitely suggested that you go for free keyword research tools rather than paid ones.

Are You Making The Crucial Content Decisions With the Right Tools?

Having personally used some of these tools, I would recommend the following 7 keyword research tools for your next SEO content project.

Google! Need I say more? Being the most popular tool, it hosts a large array of keywords. However, the trouble with the free version is that it displays only up to 800 related keywords in the options for your search. Nevertheless, there is no need to worry. With its keyword suggestion tool that provides a rather relevant list, you can get more options for keywords at hand. Besides if you have any keyword in your mind, this tool would provide you with information that also.

It is almost similar to the Keyword Planner. Enter your seed keyword with other relevant information consisting of specifications about the target audience and a list of relevant keywords would appear on your screen. However, it is exclusively available to Bing users only as the data is processed through their search engine. So, Go Bing along with Google for better results!

Let’s get back to our favorite search engine – Google! This tool generates keyword suggestions through the technique of Google Auto-complete. It implies that if you input a seed keyword, the tool would come up with hundreds of more keywords adding query, term, alphabets, or numbers to it. Thus, you would have more keyword options that are being chosen by users through auto-complete related to your seed keyword.

If you have been working in the SEO field for some time now, you must already be familiar with this tool. Quite old and most popular, Ubersuggest also generates its list of keywords through Google. However, it provides you the feature of this tool is that you can expand each suggested keyword to have more options at your disposal.

5.  SpyFu

If I tell you that you can now check what keywords your competitors are using in their content, wouldn’t that help you strategize better? Spyfu would let you find exactly the same. Hold on! The best part is yet to be revealed. It won’t just tell you what your competitors are choosing but will also differentiate them from what the top players in the market are doing, making them successful and providing you a clear picture of which keywords you should choose.

If you really want to know the amount of competition and traffic that you are going to face for a particular chosen keyword then Keyword Eye is a must-have tool for you. Additionally, it also marks the competition that you would face when you subscribe to the same keyword for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising.

7.  Soolve

You might be wondering what this tool would have as a USP that the others mentioned above didn’t. It would also search for keywords against the seed keywords like all others. It would also suggest a limited number of keywords based on the niche search. Well, you are absolutely correct in thinking so. But you are yet to know what makes this tool probably the best of all. Soolve gathers the keyword list and information from not a single search engine; rather it supports multiple engines including Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Bing, YouTube, eBay, and many alike.

Using the right keywords in the appropriate amount can significantly contribute to your campaign’s success story. Investing in the content and keyword search is a major decision, be wise in choosing your tool!!!

Mozrif is an analytical and versatile digital marketing evangelist, consultant, and content writer at WeDigTech. A hub of Skilled Mobile App Developers focused on helping businesses from domestic to MNCs.

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