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BeRush Affiliate Program Review

Important Note: SEMrush currently closed its BeRush affiliate program described in this article.

If you are aspiring to promote affiliate products or tools then BeRush is for you. Moreover, you can also earn dollars online with this BeRush affiliate program. Now let me explain what all I am talking about.

Many of you would already know everything or at least have heard about SEMrush which is an all-in-one marketing toolkit for digital marketing professionals. Competitor research, organic keywords research, ads keyword research, technical SEO, back-links audit, and there is much more you can do with SEMrush for SEO, SEM, or SMM. And BeRush is a partnership-based affiliate program of this SEMrush where you (the affiliate) get a commission after driving traffic to the SEMrush website.

With this blog, I am going to present a BeRush affiliate program review and my personal experience of being an affiliate and getting a commission. If you promote or advertise the SEMrush tool, then you can earn money via the BeRush affiliate program which provides a 40% recurring commission. Hence, it is one of the finest recurring affiliate programs with which you can earn good commissions and top-quality products for promotion.

How BeRush Affiliate Program Work?

1.  You have to Start as an Affiliate by Joining BeRush

For this, you have to first register. After setting up your account, just make sure to log in. This gives you access to promo materials, complete statistics, and brilliant customer support. On the promo materials page, you will come across your personal reference number (REF ID). You have to embed it in any or all links that you will be posting to SEMrush. With your reference number, it becomes easy to count visits, sign-ups, sales, and all the statistics from users who came via your referral link which can be seen in your profile.

2.  Advertising or Promotion via Your Website using Banners and Links

On the same (promo materials) page, you can find a variety of banners in different languages. You can have a range of promo materials mainly in 5 languages which are English, Spanish, French, German, and Russian. As you are logged in, the code with your reference number will be there under each banner. So, you simply have to select your favorite banner, copy it, and just paste it to your website.

3.  Earn Money in the Form of Commission

When a visitor of your website clicks on the reference link (explore BeRush Affiliate Program Terms for more details about this) to the BeRush website and completes a purchase, you get a commission for each SEMrush subscription they buy. Moreover, you can obtain a 40% recurring commission for every new user. And the commission is given every month, not just for the first one!

What SEMrush Subscriptions Can Affiliates Promote to Earn Money?

Being an affiliate, you can receive a commission from sales of all SEMrush plans that include Pro, Guru, and Business. Furthermore, depending upon your type of subscription plan, the money earned for a single sale via your affiliate id is decided.
Here are the details about the money you can earn for a single sale for different subscription plans:

·         Pro Plan at $99.95 Monthly and $999.40 Annual – commission $39.98/month (for a monthly plan) or $400/year (for a yearly plan)
·         Guru Plan at $199.95 Monthly and $1999.40 Annual – commission $79.98/month (for a monthly plan) or $800/year (for a yearly plan)
·         Business Plan at $399.95 Monthly and $3999.40 Annual – commission $159.98/month (for a monthly plan) or $1600/year (for a yearly plan)

As SEMrush is one of the best SEO tools and is having more than 2 million customers, it is the most excellent tool to promote and earn dollars online. I am personally using BeRush recurring affiliate program for the last 5 years and I am really happy with their prompt, reliable, efficient, and supportive services. So, I would always recommend this best SEO tool for digital marketers and other affiliates who want to make money online.

What are the Advantages or Features of the BeRush Affiliate Program?

·         First Cookie Wins: With this ‘first cookie wins’ attribution model, you get commission even when someone first clicks your affiliate link and then buys another’s affiliate link to buy a subscription plan. You can also acquire an unparalleled 10 years of cookie life with this feature.

·         Receive Commission Payments Twice a Month: Once you reach a minimum threshold which is $50 then you can get your payment through PayPal or Wire Transfer. Besides, you always get paid on time with their twice-a-month payment system which takes place on the 10th and 25th of every month provided that there is no holiday during these dates.

·         Prompt Sign-up Process: Because they pre-approve all the affiliate applications, it takes very little time to get started which presents a nice user experience. You just have to sign up and you are ready to promote, as you don’t have to wait for manual account approval.

·         Get Exclusive Promotional Rights: You can easily promote one of the world’s greatest competitive intelligence services because they endow with pre-made promo materials such as customizable banners and widgets.

By listing these exclusive features, I would also like to highlight they're saying “Share Our Love for SEMrush Globally”. It is one of the best platforms for webmasters, bloggers, paid search enthusiasts, agencies, educational resources, and all-around marketing geniuses to promote SEMrush Affiliate Marketing and BeRush Affiliate Program.

SEMrush is a crucial tool for competitor and keyword research and those who want to drive more traffic to the website should use this tool! I am successfully using it for many years for my own blog namely SEOGDK and hence recommend it to others, being an experienced affiliate. And, selling a great product always gives you great results, isn’t it?

BeRush is also truly appreciable for its efforts to maintain a quality and professional approach with its affiliate marketers as well as providing useful tools, widgets, promo materials, and other user-friendly services. It is most consistent, not only from a technical point of view but also in terms of the bespoke support behind the tool.

Well, I would also like to mention the pros and cons of using the BeRush affiliate program.

Pros would be;

·         Their ‘First Cookie Wins’ model
·         Provision to promote SEMrush without a website or blog
·         10 Years of cookie life
·         Free to join
·         On-time payment with their twice payment system
·         40% recurring commission for the lifetime
·         A chance to win $100 every month with the contest
·         A great support team

Cons would be;

Actually, it’s difficult to mention, still, the wire transfer threshold of $1000 would be here. For PayPal, this threshold or minimum payout is $50.

Lastly, I would suggest to all the readers out there to try the SEMrush tool; at least go for their 7-day free trial. And don’t forget to join BeRush Affiliate Program to earn money online!

Gangadhar Kulkarni

Gangadhar Kulkarni is an internet marketing expert and consultant having extensive experience in digital marketing. He is also the founder of Seogdk and Director at DigiTechMantra Solutions, a one-stop shop for all that your website needs. It provides you cost-effective and efficient content writing and digital marketing services.

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