Black Hat SEO Tactics to Stay Away From

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SEO Tactics

It’s natural for businesses to wish for superior online visibility and improved search engine result rankings. After all, the more your business is seen over the internet, the more it gains. We thus see a mad scramble among marketers to try and use different tools and techniques for SEO purposes.

But yes, search engines have drawn a certain line which nobody should dare crossing for ranking and visibility gains. Many businesses, however, make the mistake and go ahead with black hat SEO tactics hoping to gain big but end up on the wrong side!

Search engines keep changing the algorithm and with that, old practices go obsolete and you need to adhere to what is relevant. So, always try to follow right optimization techniques, not the prohibited ones.

Why Black Hat SEO Tactic should be a Big NO?

When it comes to rankings and visibility, search engines are very clear in their approach – you have to be within the set guidelines. If you, however, try to game the system to gain any kind of benefit, it then might cost you, dear. The same is true with black hat SEO tactics.

Why such Tactics should Never be Tried?

·         They may bring you short-term gains of some sort but they are not worth the pursuit for being illegal

·         If search engines find out, you, or your website, will be penalized severely

·         Those caught following dubious tactics can see the site being de-ranked

·         Sites get banned and they stop showing up in results for days, weeks or even months

·         A huge loss of traffic will ensure if harmful ways are adopted to gain at optimization

Black Hat SEO Tactics to Avoid

When it comes to achieving ranking and visibility, you have to follow the established norms for sure. Your optimization efforts just can’t go against the norms laid down by search engines. So, don’t venture out to a zone strictly restricted by search engines.

Here are some of black Hat SEO tactics to avoid:

1. Keyword Stuffing

There was a time when search engines only looked at keywords in the content to rank websites. Those were the days when keywords were perhaps the most defining parameters to rank a site better in search engines. Over the years, other ranking factors have evolved making search engine give lesser priority to keywords and ranking based on them. These days, you just can’t stuff keywords more than the required limit set by search engines else the site might get banned.

2. Hidden Text

Marketers often add text and links to their content in a manner that only search engine robots can see them and not the general public. Keywords are used a lot as hidden text so that ranking benefits are availed even without making the content look unnatural and out of the flow. Clearly, many secretly adopt the practice of using taking the links and linking them with high-value sites. Search engines don’t approve this manner of hiding text or links and often penalize the offenders.

3. Buying Links

Inbound links are important as they lend weight and heft to your site. However, their number makes the difference that this is why marketers vie for them. After all, having more links means a site is considered valuable simply for being connected to relevant sources. But yes, you are not allowed to buy or exchange links as search engines are against the practice.

4. Spinning Articles

Original and well-written content are known to bring superior rankings and better traffic when they link to a site. Yes, rankings are influenced a lot by written articles which are leveraged upon. Many marketers, however, ignore this basic tenet and rather take to spinning articles which are neither fresh nor original. Since such content doesn't add any value to users, having them on the site invites penalty.

5. Social Networking Spam

It’s quite common to post links to social media. Many people do it day in and day out. What however comes under the black hat tactic is posting or sending links to people in social media messages or comments sans any value. Search engines penalize to those spamming people on social media with links to their web pages. Don’t do this else you might get the site banned.

6. Cloaking Content

Cloaking content is a big no black hat tactic and you should stay away of that. Search engines don’t rank sites with cloaking content as this way, the same content is presented in two different ways, one to the reader while other to the robots. The version presented to the robots is often stuffed with keywords while the one users see is more relevant.

In overall, black hat SEO tactics are harmful to your website and its online performance so better to stay away from them and avoid any penalty.

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Sid Garg
I am Sid Garg an SEO specialist with 2 years of experience of the domain. I consult and guide brands on planning, execution, and implementation of SEO tactics to help them with rankings and visibility. Currently, I am employed with Mind Digital Group.


Powerful Key Blogging Tips Every Blogger Should Know

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Blogging Tips

Blogging is a great way to communicate and to bring life to information that you want to tell you audience or readership about. In today’s world, there are many bloggers who are trying to make their mark in society, but unfortunately are just falling short. If you’re one of these bloggers and you want to become a successful blogger, this expert guide will give you the powerful key blogging tips that every blogger should know to be successful in life. Let’s get started.

What You Should Be Doing When Blogging?

    1.  Give Detailed Information

Let’s face it, everyone can write a blog piece, but not everyone can write it in a way that is detailed and informative for the reader. When writing a blog, it’s important that you write your information in as much detail as possible. If you research and look up popular blogs in your industry niche you’ll find that they do more than just tell you about a subject, they show you. They give you detailed information that you can take away and use. When writing detailed information here’s a few tips you can consider:

·         Go into detail on a subject. For example; if you’re trying to write about the health benefits of pineapple, don’t just say pineapple is also good for bowel movements. Instead, say something like; pineapple is good for digestion due to the enzyme bromelain which helps to break down proteins a lot easier for better absorptions of nutrients.

·         Research the subject well to make sure you have supporting facts depending on your topic so you’re more credible when writing it.

·         Where possible add links back to facts and studies to show you’ve done the research above.

By giving your readers more detail than just generic content you’ll be able to improve your chances of getting published on popular blogs.

    2.  Ensure Content Is High Quality

Everyone can write, not everyone can write good quality content. When writing your content, you need to make it of high value and quality. In order to generate high-quality content, you should consider the following tips:

Quality Content

·        Check your content to make sure there are no spelling mistakes. Content that is filled with spelling or grammar mistakes makes the piece you’re writing appear unprofessional. Always check your content several times to make sure it’s easy to read.

·         Use a balance of white space and text. What this means is balance your text by using subheadings, bullet points and even paragraphing. If you don’t, large blocks of text will cause eye fatigue and can cause the reader to lose their spot while reading. It also doesn’t give them any breathing room to take a break when needed.

·         Use supporting images that are free to use and that are of high quality. If the image isn’t relevant to the content don’t use it. You can use sites such as,, or iStock to name a few to source your images. However please note some of these do charge for royalty free images.

·         Use intriguing titles and headings to catch your reader’s attention. Use power words to help generate urgency. For example; ‘Blogging Tips For New Bloggers’ isn’t as intriguing as ‘Powerful Key Blogging Tips That Every Blogger Should Know’

·         Make sure the content is plagiarism free. Duplicate content can hurt website rankings and won’t get you published. Use and DMCA protection to help check for duplicate content.

·         Write content that’s informative (as suggested in the first point) and give readers something they can use immediately.

Quality content isn’t about just writing any old thing. It takes the time to generate content that is up to the standards that are required for website publishing. Take your time and research your niche well to give more to your readers.

    3.  Check The Writers Guidelines

When writing for a website, it’s important to abide by their guidelines. If they want 1000 words, you need to make sure you write 1000 words. If they want a specific topic, make sure you keep to that genre. Writing as per a website’s guidelines will help you to improve your odds of getting published. Not following the rules will turn your writing into a waste of time. Always abide by the guidelines for better results.
Guest Blogging Tips

4.  Don’t Settle For Low-Grade Sites

To be taken seriously as a blogger you need to strive on publishing on quality websites that are not only popular but that aren’t filled with spam content. Sites such as this will hurt your reputation. So how do you find out whether a site is a low grade or not you ask?

You can do this by running the site through a DA checker and checking the spam score of a website, DA stands for Domain Authority. The higher the domain number, the higher the authority the website has. The higher the authority, the more website visitors visit the site and the higher it will become on Google and other search engines. Domain authority can be checked by using DA checkers such as the Moz DA checker.

This type of checker helps you to see the Domain Authority of a website and also shows you whether it is full of spam content. If the spam score is above 3 it’s better to shy away from sites such as this. If it’s 3 or below it’s good to try and gain publishing rights. See the screenshots below for good and bad DA/Spam Scores.


Blogging is a great way to spread your message and sometimes make money from on the side. If you’re a keen blogger but you’re just struggling to get publish, why not try these tips on how you can help to improve your odds. So are you ready to start blogging?

Author Bio
Aaron Gray
Aaron is the co-founder of Studio 56 and is a passionate digital marketing expert who has worked with some of the largest digital marketing agencies in Australia. He has been working in the digital marketing field for ten years. Aaron loves to travel the world to not only enhance his cultural experiences but learn and enhance his skills in the digital marketing industry. He is dedicated to helping others reach their online marketing goals.


Weebly- A Great Website Builder Tool to Form Professional and Responsive Website Effortlessly

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Website Builder Expert

Whether you want to create a professional looking business website or your own website as a platform to your hobbies or interests, Weebly can help you achieve your goals easily. Weebly is a website builder tool which makes the job of website building trouble-free & enjoyable, even for beginners.

It’s one of the simplest drag and drop, code-free website builder experts in the market today. And the good thing is that you can access HTML/CSS if you want to customize your design. You literally just use your mouse and drag in pictures, slideshows, products, without the need to deal with any codes.

Weebly review suggests that users are very satisfied with this web design platform, its wide-ranging website building tools, ease of use, and very affordable prices (free for most people). This website creation tool is perfect for small businesses, designers, photographers, personal websites, restaurants and less advanced e-commerce online stores. Weebly powers more than 40 million websites which are quite impressive if we consider a huge number of websites across the entire internet!

It features pre-designed layouts such as about, home, services, contact, portfolio pages or restaurant menu. It also releases new and stylish design templates quite often. You can choose from over 40 professional layouts which give you a head start to create a website. Weebly also offers email & live chat support.

You can call it as a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) website builder. As this website builder expert allows you to build a whole website right in front of your eyes without touching any code. You can get a collection of fully integrated, one-click installation tools to help you grow your business at Weebly’s App Center. Weebly also creates a mobile version of your website automatically which you can preview.

Weebly takes care of all the basic SEO settings, hosting as well as technical needs by giving you a good value. You can really save thousands of dollars with Weebly which you will otherwise give to a developer to build your website.

Following are some of the pros and cons of Weebly which will keep a Weebly review in front of you more clearly.  

Weebly Pros

1.  Very Comprehensible Drag and Drop Website Builder: Weebly is almost certainly the easiest to use website creation tool in the market today which has all the required basics to build a functional website.

2.  Template Designs Are On-Trend With A Good Range: Unlike their previous templates, Weebly currently has a good, on-trend and the latest selection of designs. As they are mobile responsive, your website looks professional both across desktop and mobile devices. Additionally, you can also change templates with a click of a button.

3.  Pre-Designed Page Layouts: Weebly has above 40 pre-set page layouts of which you can pick any and start customizing the layouts to make it your own. You can use popular page layouts for home, services, about, contact, restaurant menu and portfolio pages.

4.  Overall Pricing: If your website is not on a subdomain i.e.,, then Weebly is free for you with no expiration. Pretty good for temporary sites. Overall pricing is very reasonable as compared to other all-inclusive website builders and your own hosting. Starter plan costs around $8/mo when paid up front while the Pro plan which has additional features, costs $12/mo. 

5.  Speed and Security: Weebly provides hosting for all the websites that are built on their platform while providing fast load speeds. Though speed and security risk is a problem, they take optimum care of security against hackers and spam. They even install and maintain SSL across your entire site as required.

6.  Site Building Process: You have to just drag and drop the elements without writing any HTML or CSS code. Moreover, you can also access CSS module to edit the template as per your choice.

7.  Built-in Feature Set + Extensions: Weebly’s feature set is strong for a typical personal or business website. It includes all the basics as well as advanced necessities such as blog functionality, forums, contact forms, URL redirects, membership options, e-commerce options, integrated advertising options, file uploads and page-level custom code placement.

8.  Onboarding and Education: Weebly provides solid onboarding and education through email drip sequence and little info buttons built with their platform.

9.  Customer Support: Free members get an email support and a well-done Knowledge Base while the paid members get email, chat and phone support with a good response time.

Weebly Website Creation Tool

Weebly Cons

1.  Limited Template Customization Options: You can change font styles and overall color scheme for each template without the use of code but if you want to change the menu bar color, content background design, or adjust the content width, etc, you will have to alter the codes of the template.

2.  Slower in Introducing New, Innovative Features: They mostly introduce new features once or twice a year, which users complain about.

3.  Advanced Marketing Tools: Though you can add most marketing tools and features, there is a difficulty to add advanced marketing tools such as an EV SSL, custom analytics packages, custom email collection tools, specific Schemas, custom social shares, and A/B testing software.

4.  Blog Features Need Improvement: Weebly’s blogging functions are quite primitive and don’t have the option to highlight related posts, latest posts or most popular posts. 

5.  Content Management System: There’s no system to add custom content types except within an individual page and so you will have a big problem if you want to have a big website with around hundreds or more pages.

6.  Platform Lock-in: Moving your website to a new platform is quite difficult with Weebly.


Well, Weebly is a great preference for an all-inclusive website builder. First, you can go for free and then decide about upgradations. Though your goals matter; great pricing, good functionality, easy usability, great user interface and better user experience are the things for which you can go for Weebly.

Author Bio
Gangadhar Kulkarni
Gangadhar Kulkarni is an Internet Marketing Professional having extensive experience in digital marketing. He is also the founder of Seogdk and Director at DigiTechMantra Solutions, a one-stop shop for all that your website needs. It provides you cost effective and efficient content writing and digital marketing services. For more information catch him on Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | G+ | Pinterest