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Important Note: Payza services has been permanently discontinued which described in this article.

Online payment solution is a credit card entrance point on your website which permits your customers to pay for their goods online. Online payment solution is the hassle-free and speedy method of payment to you and your customers.

There are various online payment solutions which can be named as PayPal, Payoneer, TransferWise, 2CheckOut, Remitly, Skrill, Payza and more. Out of above online payment platforms, Payza is one of the most accepted money transfer services and great PayPal alternative.

Payza has been in use for quite a long time which presently has more than 9 million members. Initially, it was named as AlertPay which afterward become Payza. The Corporate Headquarters of Payza is situated in London whereas the Operational Centre in Montreal. It is amongst the biggest global online payment services and about 80,000 merchants use it worldwide.

Payza has won plentiful awards till now for being a convenient and secure online payment platform and looking forward to outshining the competitors by extending their support. Their official website is appealing, clean and intuitive. Payza officials state that their intelligent fraud prevention technology always keeps the money of their customers very safe.

Here are Some of the Features of Payza Payment Transfer Service

·         It offers a prepaid card (Mastercard) that can be used as a credit card or withdrawal funds at an ATM.

·         Payza accepts payment and withdrawal using Bitcoin.

·         It provides you with a range of online payment options including Payza e-wallet payments, credit card payments, Bitcoin and Interac online.

·         It supports personal and business accounts.

·         Free account set up without any monthly or yearly fees.

·         Supports more than 190 countries and 21 currencies.

·         It has options like mass payments and split payments.

·         With Payza, you can send an invoice for free.

·         It offers Android app.

·         You get hosted checkout page with Payza at no additional cost.

·         Here nonprofits can set up donate buttons.

·         Payza integrates with shopping carts such as Zen Cart, CS-cart, 3dcart, X-cart, Open Cart, PrestaShop, and many others.  

To apply Payza on your website, it needs to be reviewed and approved by Payza team. This is to make sure that your website conforms to the Payza User Agreement and meets best practices in e-commerce and also to have a clear understanding of your business. After an approval, you will get a complete suite of online payment options including Payza e-wallet payments, credit card payments, specialty payment options like Bitcoin and Interac online (Canadian debit transactions).
Payza Payment Transfer
The review and approval process mainly look for;

·         The business model and industry sector
·         The goods or services that you are selling
·         The pricing model for your business
·         The Terms of Service, privacy policy, and refund policy for your website
·         Contact details, registered business address, email, and phone number
·         The URLs where you could put Payza Payment Buttons such as Buy Now, Subscribe, or Donate buttons.

If the information on your website goes well with the information listed in your Payza profile, your website will get approved on the first submission. In case you miss the required information during this review, it will be rejected and you will have to resubmit your site with the required changes. Then the second review may approve your website after you fulfill all necessary updates.

Signing Up for Payza

While signing up with Payza, you’ll have to decide the type of your account as Starter, Personal, or Business. These accounts are free but for personal and business accounts require verification whereas starter accounts don’t. Hence you may receive the money with low limits as compared to personal accounts.

Pros of Payza

Online shopping with Payza has become quite popular due to its usage, good service, positive reviews, and testimonials. Let’s have a look at some of them;

·         Many vendors find Payza as an easy to implement online payment platform on their website.

·         Payza provides world-class security as it is PCI compliant with support for tokenized payments.

·         They offer International support, unlike some other online payment processing services.

·         The good range of features, social media and content marketing strategy.

·         You may implement Payza’s customizable payment buttons with just a few lines of code.

Cons of Payza

As there are pros about Payza, we may also need to look at the cons; 

·         Many customers complain about the inconsistent/poor quality support.

·         Hold on transactions, especially for new account holders who sign up and make a payment immediately (as their account is not verified).

·         Transactions go missing, especially common with Bitcoin.

Final Words

Although the features of Payza are roughly the same as that of PayPal and Moneybookers (leading payment processors), it is still somehow lagging behind. Probably the extra advantages offered to the users may help Payza go forward and develop into a leader in the industry!

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