Make Your Website Look Stunning and Elegant with MyThemeShop Themes

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Responsive WordPress Themes

At Mythemeshop, we believe that when you succeed, we succeed and it’s possible when we do it together. We know how important is your website to you and hence we try to make your website outshine your competitors. At present, Mythemeshop is one of the major WordPress clubs which holds a huge number of satisfied customers i.e. 3,53,277 and also holds a catalog of 29 plugins and 109 themes at the writing this article.

The theme gallery is full of stunning looking WordPress themes, which will give a modern look to your blog or your website. Users have found MyThemeShop themes very useful in terms of themes settings, content and customizable options. Every theme consists of a market-leading theme options panel from which users can adjust the theme’s settings, import content, or explore its several customization options.

Mythemeshop themes are available in four main categories as; 41 Blog themes, 39 Magazine themes, 17 WooCommerce themes, and 9 Business themes. Thus, these are mainly WordPress themes for bloggers, professional WordPress themes and more. You can search theme from these four categories or another distinct category having free and miscellaneous themes. You can also search theme based on keyword.

MyThemeShop Pricing

MyThemeShop Themes

Well, customers also find MyThemeShop opportune due to its pricing. You can buy any theme at a fixed price of $47 with theme plugins costing just $27 each. If you wish to become a member of its theme club, you can have an extended membership account which costs $87 per year. Here, you get 93 themes and 16 plugins, client support and access to Photoshop PSDs that means full access to its complete product range. All these prices are quite reliable as compared to packages offered by many other parallel themes.

MyThemeShop Features

Users of MyThemeShop are very happy and satisfied due to its range of useful features. Inbuilt ad management, refined social-sharing buttons, functionality of contact form, mobile friendly themes, lightning-quick load times, and clean, lightweight and robust code are some of the vital features which users like about MyThemeShop Themes. With the shortcodes provided in every theme, you can add attractive design elements of your choice to your website with ease.

Moreover, it offers fully mobile responsive design or we can say responsive WordPress themes, secure WordPress plugins, cross-browser compatibility, and SEO friendly themes (SEO optimized themes). Also, each theme comes with a described video tutorial with an unbroken support.

Besides, some more core features observed with Mythemeshop WordPress theme includes:

·         It is easy to install and setup, just a few clicks
·         It loads quickly due to an optimized code and designs
·         Its theme layouts are totally responsive and mobile friendly
·         It offers online documentation, video tutorials, lifetime usage and updates
·         They add minimum one theme per month
·         Themes are well-matched with WordPress multi-site
·         All themes are browser friendly and responsive
·         They accept Payment via PayPal or 2Checkout
·         For bloggers, they have affiliate program which pays 70% for each sale
·         Their lively support forum answers your queries very quickly

Benefits of MyThemeShop

SEO Optimized Themes

Only features are not enough to describe the importance of MyThemeShop WordPress Themes. We must also need to delve into its benefits. 
1.  Stunning Look:

If you want to build a successful blog from the scratch which makes you stand first in the crowd then you need to be unique. MyThemeShop is right there for you for the same to help you create an eye-catching design for your blogs or websites. You just have to pick the one you like from their theme directory and give few pinches to your design to create a stunning website look.

2.  Search Engine Friendly:

MyThemeShop themes are optimized perfectly for search engines so you don’t have to bother much to create a search engine friendly design. These designs will help you see growth in your organic traffic.

3.  Completely Mobile Responsive Design:

If your website is not mobile responsive, it could be a big loss to you in terms of money, traffic and sales. MyThemeShop themes help you out with this also as these themes are fully mobile responsive and there is no need to use any additional WordPress plugin to make your site mobile friendly.

4.  Radiating Fast Loading Times:

Most online readers love to have things in speed and fast loading websites. MyThemeShop themes are in reality quite faster because of their coding. An extra care is taken to create user-friendly websites that have great functionality.

5.  Low Cost and Responsive Support:

They price themes at very small cost and also provide 24/7 customer support.  

6.  Regular Updates:

They often update their themes and plugins.

7.  Sophisticated Coding:

Most of the themes at MyThemeShop have simple coding where you can easily change few things if you want in your design.

8.  Integrated Features:

They have custom dashboards which consist of numerous SEO options, easy to use shortcodes and lots of highly developed widgets that make your website more potent.

9.  Cool to Use:

It would be a great fun to customize your site as you want without much hassle.

Pros of MyThemeShop

Following are some of the pros of Mythemeshop WordPress themes:

1.    You get an array of models and pre-built configurations which are easy to set up for your project.
2.    With the fresh, spotless and tempting design, it helps reduce page load times while attracting more visitors to your site.
3.    It has many SEO friendly themes with SEO friendly codes suitable for your website which helps you get at the top in the search engine results.
4.    One of its themes called Schema takes the least time to build websites.
5.    Most of the themes use a quality code, fast loading time, visibly identified content and inbuilt review approach.
6.    For selection, you get an extensive series of themes, better plugins, wide range of websites, with supportive documentation.

Cons of MyThemeShop

Though there are many appreciable features, benefits, and pros of Mythemeshop WordPress themes, there are some cons too:

1.    Some of its themes appear quite similar
2.    They don’t have the features and flexibility of few multipurpose WordPress theme
3.    It does not work with

So, for those who are looking stunning, elegant and surprisingly simple appearing themes, MyThemeShop is right there. Have a great blog design to boost your sales as well as traffic with MyThemeShop Themes!

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Gangadhar Kulkarni
Gangadhar Kulkarni is an Internet Marketing Professional having extensive experience in digital marketing. He is also the founder of Seogdk and Director at DigiTechMantra Solutionsa one-stop shop for all that your website needs. It provides you cost effective and efficient content writing and digital marketing services. For more information catch him on Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | G+ | Pinterest 


The Ultimate Guide: How To Start Your SEO Business

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SEO Business Tips
The most fundamental question for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - how to start it? If only the answers are as easy as the question itself, things would be easier.

Unfortunately, they’re not. Honestly, the question is vital, even more so since Google’s sweeping updates started the coup de grace to many unsuspecting owners of websites or webmasters.

You want to start your own SEO business, but the problem is you don’t know what to do and how. Don’t worry; this article will help you through the essential and important points of the topic.

Starting an SEO business is easy, but the challenge lies in doing the job with perfection and handling the clients. So, let’s take a look at the steps that you have to do in starting your SEO Company.

1. Study and Learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

In business, there are no shortcuts. You can’t just jump into business right away if you don’t know a thing or two about the industry that you want to start. You have to study and learn first, and you will have to start from the basics.

Learn the basics of SEO, and you should know too that this sector is notorious for its ever-changing trends and topics. Google releases algorithm updates now and then so you also have to assimilate new strategy and master SEO. If you’re not that sure of yourself, you can hire SEO consultants who can provide you with in-depth knowledge about the nitty-gritty of SEO.

If you want to build your own SEO business, you need to be flexible in acquiring new things. Most people have learning curves that may take a few years, but if you already have background on SEO, all you have to do is sharpen your skills by learning new techniques.

Most importantly, make sure that you already have firm grips on analyzing and identifying keywords, off-page, and on-page SEO techniques, investigating the potentials of a site, ranking keywords on Google first page, settling errors in a site, etc.

2.  Create a Website

When you’re through learning SEO, your next priority would be starting your website. This is a crucial step because people will look at your site first. Clients will not come to you directly and give you projects.

It’s an advantage if you own a website, but if you don’t, then you have to create one and rank it as much as you can. Create SEO tips in your blogs then try to fish for potential audience and when you do, convert them into customers in the long run.

Make sure that your website visually entertains and contains relevant and credible contents to attract visitors and potential clients. Grab their attention by putting good service pages with free giveaways or demonstrations.

3. Compose a Business Plan

Online Business Strategies

If you’re a newbie in business, you need to create a proper business plan for a minimum of three years because you can do a lot with your business in further days. So prepare a comprehensive business plan.

Business plans may help you get investments for your projects if required. Not everyone has the potential to retain investments, some look for investors and some apply for loans, so it’s good to have business plans for requisites.

The additional advantage of having a business plan is that it will not only help you get loans, it will also generate attractions to large enterprises.

4. Create Your Brand Name

Now, this is where the real game starts.  We’re done with the expertise curves, learning curves and investments curves. The next step is conjuring a name fit for your brand.

Creating a straightforward and great name that people can remember easily is the best option. You need to be precise and keen. Create accurate descriptions and visually entertaining logos that will attract the attention of visitors. If possible, do a little study to your competitor’s description then create your description (better than your competitors) to generate more audience to your site.

5. Create a List of Services That You Offer

The final part of the process is creating the list of services that your soon-to-be SEO Company will offer.

You need to be able to tell your clients or customers that you offer certain services in your business. Placing and maintaining a service page on your website as well as upgrading it with proper modifications is imperative in the present online world.

Be patient and fair when it comes to pricing your services. You can give the details and the prices of your services when a client contacts you. Overpricing at the start of your business is a big no-no! It’s a bad practice and many customers will not show interests to your services so start at the lower rate.

Establish a good reputation first, and then you will acquire a brand name in the society, by then you can charge higher service fees if required.


Now that you know what you have to do, the rest is in your hands. The ultimate challenge is how to understand the real world of marketers. Regardless of the niche that you are targeting, you need to know how each and every niche works. Put your best efforts, follow the guides above and in no time, your business will be heading to the road of success.

Author Bio
Wade Cockfield
Wade Cockfield is an entrepreneur and SEO Consultant based in Melbourne, Australia. He is also the founder of Wade Cockfield Executive SEO Company, a full grown digital marketing agency that provides top-notch and efficient content strategies to different companies. On his free time, he likes to write his wisdom on SEO and digital marketing and shares them with his avid readers. He loves to read about politics, sports, trends in technology and current events in his spare time.


6 Wordpress Plugins To Secure Your E-Commerce Website

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WordPress  E-Commerce Plugins

Are you going to build an e-commerce website? Do you want to know about the best e-commerce plug-in? We are here for you. Picking up the best WordPress e-commerce plug-in for your site is a difficult one. A site owner should have to choose the correct WordPress e-commerce plug-in. This is because a good platform must contain the best aspects of growth.

How to Choose a Best WordPress E-Commerce Plugin?

There are a number of WordPress e-commerce plug-ins are available in the market. But, not every plug-in contains the essential set of features that one needs to start an e-commerce site. There are many things to consider while choosing an e-commerce plug-in.

Choose Plug-in as per Your Site Requirements

Choosing the best e-commerce plug-in is based on the type of the online site. That is the plug-in is selected as per its purpose. For example, some e-commerce plug-ins suited for selling digital products, while some others suited for selling physical products.

Also, some common plugins are available which is suitable for all kind of sites. One must have to choose the plug-in depending on what is going to sell on the site or what is your site purpose. Similarly, one must also consider the types of features he/she would need to run the site efficiently.

Choose by Considering Payment Gateway

The next thing one should consider is the payment gateways of their site. That is which type of payment gateways you are going to use for your site to accept payments. This is because the selected plug-in must support the payment gateways of your site. So, make sure that your plug-in supports the gateways of your site.

Some plug-ins support a site payment gateway by default while others need some add-ons.

Select Plug-in Without Themes

Most importantly, you have to choose a plug-in that will not come with a theme. That is the selected plug-in has themes that work with the plug-in. Similarly, you must have to know about the supporting options for the plug-in. You have to clear about what type of supports are available for the selected plug-in. The plug-in must have a supporting system to get time to time help.

In practice, selecting an e-commerce plug-in with all these features can be quite impossible. Most of the plug-ins support the site with the help of some add-ons. These types of add-ons enhance your e-commerce site’s functionality. You have to sure that there are enough add-on plug-ins for your site to connect the site with other services.

Things Needed to Run an E-Commerce Site

Generally, e-commerce sites are resource concentrated in nature. So, to run an e-commerce site one should need the best WordPress hosting for the site. Most of the e-commerce plans are available with SSL certificate which allows site owners to collect payments in a secure manner, dedicated IP and a dedicated support line.

Another thing one needs to run an e-commerce site is the best domain name for the site. One must have to choose the best domain name for their site.

The third most important aspect is to choose the essential plug-ins for their site. This will increase the site sales and minimizes shopping cart rejection.

Some Best WordPress E-Commerce Plugins

Here are some of the best WordPress plug-ins for an e-commerce site:

Woo Commerce

Woo Commerce WordPress Plugin

This is one of the famous WordPress e-commerce plug-ins. It has a number of add-ons and themes and also has a number of user and development community behind it. Some of its features are

·         Lot of extensions and themes
·         Sell affiliate or external products
·         Suits for both physical and digital goods
·         Better payment and shipping options

Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads WordPress Plugin

It allows an e-commerce site to sell digital downloads easily using WordPress in online. It comes with a lot of powerful features and easy to use. The features of this plug-in are

·         Easy to use
·         Lot of extensions and themes
·         Good for selling digital goods

iThemes Exchange

iThemes Exchange WordPress Plugin

It is a strong contender in WordPress e-commerce platforms which comes with features like

·         Intuitive User Interface
·         Free Stripe Addon
·         Supports both digital and physical goods
·         Easy and quick setup


EcWid WordPress Plugin

This is a powerful, easy-to-use and secure WordPress e-commerce plug-in which integrates with top carriers such as

·         USPS
·         UPS
·         FedEx
·         Canada Post etc


Shopp WordPress Plugin

Shopp plugin is also a best WordPress e-commerce plug-in. It features are

·         Allows you to maintain separate tables in the database
·         Multiple product types
·         Secure and Compliance


Shopify WordPress Plugin

This plug-in is a fast growing e-commerce platform which handles everything on the site. It comes with WordPress integration and it is

·         Easy to use for the beginners
·         Better payment and shipping options
·         Complete inventory management

On the whole, Woo-commerce is best for maximum control and flexibility. Easy digital downloads, is best for selling digital goods and Shopify is best for quick and easy setup.

Author Bio
Kerin Miller
Kerin Miller a WordPress developer cum blogger of Stellen Infotech, a custom Wordpress development company. Being a passionate blogger, she regularly shares in-depth WordPress related articles and tips. You can follow her on Twitter.


How to Start Earning With Your Blog

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Online Money Making Tips

Content is the king of marketing field, quality content always creates a lot of traction. This is the reason why many companies and individuals started blogging according to their areas of expertise. Well, if you are a beginner and want to start up with a blog site, I am here to help you. Here, you will get everything you need to know for starting up with your blog and make money out of it. Blogging is nothing but a collection of good content, if you are good in something, you should start blogging about it and share your knowledge.

For those you think that blogging is just for people who are good in writing, you are wrong. It is not just about writing, your content can be anything, a video, GIF, collection of photographs, or even audios. All you have to do is write whatever you feel about that picture, video or just anything. Of course, you have to take care about your grammar, but for that, you can just download a Google extension tool or Grammarly tool for the grammar check. Simple, isn’t it? But, to make money out of it, you have to put in extra efforts. Now, let’s discuss how to make money by starting up with a blog. Here we go...

Here, I am assuming that you have already set-up your blog site where you will be publishing the content, the following tips are according to it. Read on!

Establish Your Blog

Some people have a clear idea of what they want to blog. But there are people who don’t know what to pick. Folks, you can write on anything, right from your travel experiences to topics like music, sex, sports, history, humor, or even things happening around you. Everything is welcome on the internet unless it’s genuine, helpful and with a solution. To earn handsomely from your blog, you need to establish a strong digital platform.

No matter what field you are in, you just have to keep sharing your knowledge which should be valuable, engaging, in-depth, helpful and unique. You need to establish yourself the way you want people to see. Now, you may be wondering, “how do I do this?”. This all can be done by marketing your blog on the internet.

Make Your Readers To Subscribe To Your Blog

As people start noticing your blog and rely on your content to stay updated, that’s where you make subscribers. These loyal visitors are your subscribers, all you have to do is put a banner on your blog page with CTA button. Here, people can subscribe to your blog, it should be catchy and a simple process. Building up subscribers is building the audience, NOW!, your job is to keep them updated with your content. You can send them daily/weekly/monthly newsletters, eBooks, or updates.

On the other hand, subscribers are also important for catching the attention of advertisers, if you have a good number of subscribers? Advertisers will offer you a good amount for publishing their ads on your blog page. 

Income Streams

Here are the easiest, fastest and the best source for earning money by blogging.


As I mentioned above, about putting up ads on your blog, let’s dig into this now. Having display ads on your site is a complement for your blog’s content, it makes them attractive and relevant to visitors. There are several ad networks such as  Google AdSense, Blogads, BlogHer, Beacon Ads, Federated Media, and many others. Ad networks are companies that connect advertisers with bloggers. For making really good money with ad network companies, you have to be in a unique niche in which advertisers will pay a lot of money for the clicks on their ads. You can also earn if your blog is able to generate a good amount of traffic.

Affiliate Marketing

You can become an affiliate marketer by promoting product/service which is relevant to your blog content and earn money. All you need to do is find a product/service/brand t to promote.

Sign up for their affiliate program, as you do it, you will get a special link that allows the merchant to track the people who clicked your link. if they buy the product or get or registered, you get a commission. Generally, the merchants you will get in the start will be companies, their digital marketer or people doing marketing executive jobs will reach out to you. This can also work the other way, so don’t hesitate to approach organizations for affiliate marketing.

Sell Your Blog

I have recently come across this concept and would like to share with you guys. You can also sell your blogs to others. Many bloggers such as,, and many others have sold their blog for millions of US dollars. But, it is quite obvious, to do this you need to build that many visitors to your blog.


These were some best ways to make money by starting up with a blog. Now you are free to go, start blogging about the thing which excites you the most. Once again, let me tell you, provide your audience with helpful, and engaging content to sustain in this digital world.

Author Bio
Nitin Thakkar
I am Nitin Thakkar, currently working as a content writer at Aasaanjobs. I like to travel and sip a coffee while jotting down my thoughts. I like to listen to progressive rock music, sometimes blues and jazz.