Roles of Digital Marketing to Uplift Small and Medium Size Businesses

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Digital Marketing Techniques

Digital = Dig-it-all. In the first place, it's important to recognize that marketing is fundamental to any business, big or small. Without promoting, your business won't be visible, you won't get enough clients, sufficiently early in your startup stage to create benefits that will keep you going.

Digital marketing is an incredible approach to picking up that visibility for your business. It's exceedingly measurable which implies that you will spend less cash on campaigns or channels that don't work and it's profoundly focused on with the goal that you aren't spending money on individuals that are more averse to be your clients.

Marketing with focused campaign changes over the incoming traffic into important business leads. You can be in contact with targeted clients and make a better impression about brand reputation through digital marketing.

The approach of digital marketing has consolidated an adjustment in the way the organizations advance their products and services. A significant number of the small and mid-sized businesses, which used to struggle before, can now effortlessly achieve the potential clients in a cost-effective way. Digital marketing has given them the best approach to receiving the less costly techniques to produce the required leads.

All that a traditional marketing can't do, a digital marketing can do it effectively. The individuals who depend on customary marketing can't think of viable marketing strategies. Going digital can help a business draw the consideration of forthcoming buyers the whole way across the world. In spite of the fact that some won't feel the utilization of digital marketing in the initial stage, a large portion of the small and medium companies have encountered success by digital marketing strategies in their business.

In what manner can a little organization compete with its competitors? Just a decent online presence can help them build the reputation of the organization. Individuals, these days, direct an online search, and the links that show up on the main page of the search engine are well on the way to get clicked by the clients. Small and mid-sized businesses that consider a successful SEO technique can include the estimation of their brand effectively.

The businesses, by means of digital marketing techniques, can now stay up with the latest with the most recent technologies. Additionally, including the right content in a drawing in tone can help them increment the traffic of their website. Despite the fact that they were not ready to monitor the performance of their business earlier, the digital marketing helps them measure and monitor the success of their promotional strategies. They can now achieve every one of the difficulties effectively and can quantify their prosperity all the time. No other marketing tool can help little businesses achieve their targets with such a minimum investment.

Most recent details demonstrate that companies spent around $118 billion on content marketing in 2014. What's more, a study from Curata uncovers that 75 percent of advertisers plan to build their interest in content marketing in 2015. With patterns like these, it's obvious why any business big or small should not go on the opportunity to make digital marketing part of their general marketing plan.

One of the difficulties that small and mid-sized businesses face is the absence of funds. With the set number of resources, budget imperatives, and other development challenges, they think that it's hard to fulfill their objectives. However, going digital can help them implement the cost-effective ways to spread awareness about their product. The cash that a business spends on the digital marketing services is very reasonable as it results in expanded benefits and deals.

Why Should Small Businesses Use Digital Marketing?

Small businesses should promote their products/services or brand with the assistance of Digital Marketing or Online Marketing since it is the best, most effective and economical kind of marketing that exists.

With the assistance of Inbound methodology they can easily assist and associate with individuals around them (on whatever phase in purchaser's trip they are, i.e: Awareness, Consideration or Decision), with low money related spending plan.

  • Small business needs clients.
  • Clients are people.
  • People utilize the internet to discover goods and services, compare pricing, read reviews, get directions, find a phone number
  • Small business needs to showcase their products and services to get their message in front of their clients/people.
  • In this way, small business should utilize digital marketing to get their message in front of individuals who will end up being their clients.
  • Digital marketing includes numerous strategies, so it profits the small business entrepreneur to figure out which strategies will work for them. Video? Social Media Advertising? PPC on Bing, Google, other search engines? Standard advertisements? Advertorials? also, different strategies should be considered.

Using Digital Marketing Over Traditional Promoting Techniques for Small Businesses is Gainful in Many Ways:

-Cost Efficient - Much less expensive than offline marketing, In numerous cases, no compelling reason to spend even a single dime of your money.

-Higher Returns - Ease of focusing on the relevant audience gives much higher Return on Investment (ROI).

-Simple to do - Anyone can do essential digital marketing with a tiny bit of information and creativity.

-Measurable - You can see what's working for you and what's not and adjust rapidly to enhance the outcomes.

-Global Reach - Not just target local audience can be come to, however, and additionally the audience from all around the globe.

-Client Interaction - Higher client communication, especially through Social media networks.

-Sizeable Engagement - Prospects can visit your site, read and remark about your services, follow your area, give feedback and so on.

Digital Marketing is the least expensive and most responsive channel to achieve your Target Audience. Being a Start-up OR an SME, we should utilize all the free and less costly digital media resources to generate Leads and Sales in a truly exceptionally SMART WAY.

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I am Hiren Patel entrepreneur marketer, developer, designer, storyteller, thinker, at iMOBDEV Technologies which improves your web existence by using Web Development Services in the current era of the quickly increasing online marketing. 


LeadsLeap 2.0 – An Emerging Web Traffic Exchange Platform to Maximize Your Profits

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Web Traffic Exchange Program

LeadsLeap is a pay to click (PTC) site and revenue sharing advertising platform which is founded by Kenneth Koh, a really genuine and hard working person. The latest version of this tool is LeadsLeap 2.0 which is preferred by many internet marketers over the other web traffic exchange programs

Features of LeadsLeap 2.0

LeadsLeap 2.0 uses related advertising to drive visitors to your site which may help your business pick up the slack. These are somewhat similar kind of ads that you would see in Google Adwords which are displayed based on keywords and have text-based content. This is probably a better form of advertising than banners and other forms of spammy advertising, isn’t it?

These ads are all in the make money online (MMO) business and therefore you need to have a website to use this lead generation system.

You can join this web traffic exchange program for free or you can upgrade to a premium member at $27 a month. There are more than 4000 members in the network who have this widget functioning on their website and you can also be part of it. Here, if anyone of these members views your ad then you are offered more credits. It really seems a good concept, right?

What Tools you will get with LeadsLeap 2.0?

You get a lot extra in terms of marketing tools and add-ons as compared to some other web traffic exchange systems.

1.    Real Tracker: With the tracker, you can see what pages your visitors click, how long they stay, and even the mouse movement of your prospect.

2.    LeadsLeap Widget: Similar to Adsense, you get paid every time someone clicks on a link in the widget.

3.    Blogging Tools: You get pop-up ads which you can customize and generate more leads.

4.    Web Traffic: It offers a powerful traffic exchange where it gives rewards to members for a longer stay and clicks on other pages.

5.    Get Advertised On Other Blogs and Websites: This is a great way to get additional web traffic.

Moreover, if you are a pro member, benefits get doubled as:

  • Daily Revenue Shares
  • Weekly Revenue Shares
  • Affiliate Commissions
  • Sell Credits To LeadsLeap
  • Free Web Traffic
  • Auto Referrals 

To Maximize Your Profits using LeadsLeap, You can Consider Following Tips:

1.    You can run LeadsLeap all day on an extra device which can access the internet and earn huge amount of credits.

2.    You can be a pro member to get double benefits.

3.    Additionally, create a blogger account and create posts to run in other traffic exchange platforms.

4.    You can also refer lots of people and advertise the platform.

Thus, it can be said that LeadsLeap 2.0 is a great platform to build any online business quite faster and get better results. So what are you waiting for? Get your free access to this powerful web traffic and lead generation platform.

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Gangadhar Kulkarni
Gangadhar Kulkarni is an Internet Marketing Professional having extensive experience in digital marketing. He is also the founder of Seogdk and Director at DigiTechMantra Solutionsa one-stop shop for all that your website needs. It provides you cost effective and efficient content writing and digital marketing services. For more information catch him on Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | G+ | Pinterest 


7 Indirect Ways to Improve Your Search Rankings

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Search Engine Rankings

The days when link building was the sole factor to rank higher on the search engine result page are far gone. Therefore, one need to change the way they do SEO as everyone is fighting to be on page one of search result page and are enhancing their game every day.

With Google and dynamically adaptive search algorithms working to separate the wheat from the chaff, web marketers have to be very cautious and adaptive to the ever changing ranking factors. So what can you do to indirectly improve your site ranking on search engine result page today? Here are interesting ways you can use to improve your organic search rank from major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


A lot of marketers don’t think that there is a connection between customers’ feedback and SEO. However, the two have an indirect connection. Though a time taking process, having feedback from users will help you in several ways. If you use the feedback you receive from your customers in the correct way, it can help you in many ways.

However, the feedback has to follow two things:

a) Contact After the Sale

Everyone focuses on getting the customer satisfied, but how can a business be assured of this? To get a genuine feedback, you have to communicate with your customers without sounding annoying.

You have to find the best way to communicate with them in an amicable way after the sale of your product or service. It is obvious that when a customer purchases your product or service, they want some reassurance regarding the quality or usefulness of the service (or any product, really). For this reason, you can give them a call or email them confirming about the quality of services or products, and make them feel free to contact you for any future help.

b) Reach Them After the Use of Service or Product

The best time to ask for feedback from the customer is after they have used your product or service as you’ll get a real and genuine user experience. Once they have used your service or product, they’ll share their experience with you. This will help you improve your services so that you can retain customers.

After contacting them, and they are happy with your product, you can ask them to share their experiences by leaving a positive review. Since they are happy with your service, they will help spread your name to the world.

You can ask them to put a review of your business on a quality review site such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, Yahoo local, etc. to help your SEO. The more positive review you have on these sites, the higher your profile will appear on the high-quality sites.

So How Will Listing On the Quality Review Sites Help in SEO?

Sites that have high authority will pass some of their authority to those websites that list high in their niche category. Therefore, having a high-quality profile that has many genuine positive reviews will improve your search authority in a way. These reviews provide search and business customer authority in a noticeable way.


You cannot micro-manage everything and therefore you have to outsource some of the work. If you are a sole owner, you can hire a freelance writer to compose quality content for you. Great Freelancers offers quality content that ranks easier over the Search Engine.

If you’re going to hire a freelancer, then offer them some motivation and opportunities to talk about. When you create a great relation with them, they’ll write valuable content that will enable you to rank higher on the SE. This way, the freelance writer will help you in an indirect way to rank higher.

After all, you cannot be able to create consistent content on your own all the time. And as you know, the best way to attract and encourage people to link to your site is by providing consistent, new, and compelling content. Creating relevant, useful, and compelling content; such as writing about your industry, keyword oriented content, or general current market information, will influence your site ranking in a big way. To come up with this kind of content, you need to hire a talented and creative freelance writer.

Regularly posted content is the most recommended method to attract more traffic to your website. Ideally, you should post at least two new articles every week. Google favors websites that frequently update relevant and unique content. If your website offers quality, useful content, other sites will naturally link to you as well.

Tip: When publishing your post, remember to apply the principles of Meta Description and Title Tag to your articles.


Having a great website is not a guarantee that you’ll attract traffic to your site; you have to focus on the UX as well. Research have found out that visitors are turned off by low-quality websites which often lead to an increase in bounce rate.

How does Google measure the user experience in ranking? When a visitor clicks on your site from SERP and stays on your page, it assumes you did a great job, and the content is useful to the user. However, if the searcher comes back to Google page after few seconds of clicking on your site, then Google assumes that the website doesn’t have useful information. So, if you want to indirectly improve your search engine ranking, you have to improve your user experience.

So, How Do You Improve the User Experience?

Normally, we are busy concentrating our efforts on writing great, compelling content for our sites that we forget the crucial elements that make a visitor stick to your site. Though you might not be able to incorporate every tip mentioned below, try to integrate as many elements as possible.

a) Work On Trust Factor and Branding

This is the most important factor that makes users remember a site. If the user visits your site and sees it useful and unique, they are likely to bookmark it so that they can visit it next time. Besides, people like to associate with a brand that has created a name for itself. Once you build a brand, you have to enhance trust. To achieve this, you have to create important pages such as contact page and about page, to help users connect to your site. You can also share your contact details and social media pages.

b) Improve Loading Time and Speed

This is a crucial aspect of a well-maintained site because if your pages give internal server error or take time while loading due to slow hosting issues, you’re likely to lose a visitor. Study have shown that slow page load time is one of the major turns off for many readers and is considered a bad UX. Therefore, it is important to work on improving your site load time. If you have a WordPress site, have a server optimized for WordPress, a fast loading theme, and a cache plugin. There are other ways you can use to make your WordPress site load faster.

c) Fix 404 Pages and Broken Links

404 error pages and broken links are not good for search engines and user experience. You should frequently look for broken links or pages with 404 status code on your site. If you are on WordPress, make use of the redirection plugin to fix 404 error pages and broken link checker to fix broken links. There are various ways you can use to check the broken links on the website not hosted by WordPress.

d) Make It Mobile Friendly

It doesn’t matter the technique you’ll use, but your site should be mobile friendly so that the content on your site fits on smartphones screens. A good way to make your site mobile friendly is by using a responsive theme as it will help you maintain the value of your brand. However, if you don’t want to spend money on a responsive theme, you can utilize plugins such as Jetpack responsive design and Wp-Touch to provide a mobile-friendly version of your site.

e) Make Navigation On Your Site Easier

This is another important aspect that can enhance the user experience and analytics of your overall website. Usually, a visitor will land on your site via a referral link or search engine, and your goal should be to offer them an easy navigation through your site. Here are several tips you can use to improve navigation on your site:

-          Place related post after the article

-          Offer important resource pages and place them in prominent places on your site

-          Have a popular post widget

-          Offer subscription options

f) Remove Clutter

Users dislike unusual things that distract them from the main content they came to look for on your site; if they see much clutter on your web pages, it irritates them, and they may even leave your site. Therefore, try to make your site as clean as possible so that the visitors benefit maximally from the content. Excessive ads are one of the distractions as well as subscription pop-ups.

g) Website Architecture

If you have a sophisticated and unique content that is well arranged with everything in place, then visitors will have better crawling. For this purpose, you have to manage all your web pages in a logical hierarchal way so that the crawler can find the pages.

By improving your users' experience, you'll find out that users are spending much more time on your site, and this will indirectly help your site rank higher on search engines.


There are several types of meta tags that search engines are able to read and understand. However, the two most important meta tags are meta description tag and meta title tag. These meta tags act as snippets of texts that define your content to the search engines. They are not displayed on the page and are only found within the codes of the page.

But even if Google doesn’t use the meta tags as one of their ranking factors, they are very important for SEO purposes. Studies have shown that adding meta descriptions on site pages makes a site rank higher on search engines.

Therefore, it is important to offer meta description that explains the content on your site accurately so that the searchers can know what your post is all about. The meta tags enhance the click-through rates in a big way, and this is beneficial for your SEO.


There is nothing that can substitute quality content when it comes to driving your search engine rankings. Quality content that is created specifically for your target user increases traffic to your site, which improves your site relevance and authority.

Identify keyword phrases for your pages. Think about the various ways your target reader might search for that specific content (with phrases like “how to enhance ranking on search engines” or “Search engine ranking factors”). Subsequent to determining your keywords, repeat them several times throughout the page in a natural way- at least once in the first and last paragraphs, and several times throughout the other content.

Don’t forget to use heading tags, italics, bold, and other tags to highlight your keyword phrases; however, don’t overdo it.

Remember: Never sacrifice great content for SEO. The best sites are written for the readers, not for the search engines.


Make sure that all your video and visual media are described using the alternative text descriptions or alt tags. The alt tags allow search engines to locate your website or pages, which is important- especially to people who use text-only browsers.


Focus on creating a link-worthy site that has relevant links. Instead of having links with “click here” options, try writing the name of the site you are linking to. “Click here” has no value for search engine beyond the attached URL. Using real names such as “SEO Tips and Tricks” will improve search engine rankings because it is rich with keywords; it will improve the ranking of your page and the site you are linking to as well.

The Bottom Line

There are other ways that can be treated as indirect SEO ranking factors, but the above ways are what we found more important. Most web owners and business are missing out on indirect factors; therefore, it is important to focus your SEO strategy on these factors to enhance your ranking in search engines.

Share with us other indirect factors that affect search engine ranking?

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Pj Germain - Author, Blogger and SEO Consultant. He has been a celebrated digital marketing business builder and residual income trainer with exceptional leadership skills. Follow him on Twitter.


An Overview of Google’s Penguin 4.0 Update, its Effect on Websites and How to be in the Game Again

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Google Penguin 4.0 Update

Online marketers must have stunned with this latest Penguin 4.0 update as it arrived a bit late, after almost a gap of two years. Notably, Penguin 3.0 was released on 17th October 2014 while Penguin 4.0 algorithm update took place on 23rd September 2016. As Google has rolled out the earlier Penguin updates to make the internet more user-friendly, pertinent and qualitative, Penguin 4 holds the same purpose.

What are the Highlights of Google’s Penguin 4.0 Update?

·         This latest Google algorithm update is based on ‘page level backlinks’ and not the entire website as compared to earlier updates. If there is a bad link in a certain page ranking of that particular page will get affected, the whole site won’t get affected. 

·         Google Penguin 4.0 Algorithm allows these changes to be in ‘real time’ that means website owners will no longer have to wait for a confirmation as the process gets faster and automatic.

·         This update restricts internet doers who achieve good SERP’s with spammy backlinks. It helps make the internet stricter and supports the websites which are working to remove bad links to maintain ranking.

How to Recover from Google’s Penguin 4.0 Update?

A considerable number of websites are affected with this Penguin 4.0 and webmasters have started working on unnatural link warnings and Google Penguin 4.0 Penalty Recovery. Let’s know in brief about these unnatural or bad links.

These links are mainly used to manipulate PageRank or achieve high SERP’s by infringing Google Webmaster Guidelines. So, if your business website is linking to plenty of blacklisted or spam sites, it will be considered as a low authority domain and surely will be backfired.

Moreover, the context is an important part of a website’s existence and all pages of the website must have specific and relevant content. Also, Google values the quantity and diversity of the content. However, if the similar content is repeated many times on a website to get more backlinks, it will catch you.

If you are using an anchor text for PageRank shortcuts, modern Google bots will easily make out this coding thing and you will be penalized. Excess of reciprocal link exchange can also be harmful. If you are blog commenting on a similar website as that of yours, both will get counted under low authority domain even if the website is verified.

Till now you must have come to know that Penguin 4.0 is going to grab hold of spam link profiles as fast as possible and keep low-quality sites away from ranking well in search results. Hence, it has become mandatory for websites to frequently audit links and also execute cleanups immediately as required.

A manual backlink audit is always better and credible than using online tools. You will have to consider all types of bad links including low quality, directories, PR sites, article directories, social bookmarking sites, paid links, site wide links, link farms, and so on. So, by following particular steps in the Google manual action, you can get rid of the bad backlinks and clear your way to be in the game again!

Though webmasters have suffered a lot with this Penguin 4.0, the good thing is that Google always gives a chance to recover and you will, right?

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Gangadhar Kulkarni
Gangadhar Kulkarni is an Internet Marketing Professional having extensive experience in digital marketing. He is also the founder of Seogdk and Director at DigiTechMantra Solutionsa one-stop shop for all that your website needs. It provides you cost effective and efficient content writing and digital marketing services. For more information catch him on Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | G+ | Pinterest