What is Redirect Pages and How They Influence Your Site's Search Engine Rankings?

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Redirect Page Phenomenon
Recently Google rolled out their most awaited Penguin 3.0 Update to clean web spam as well as preventing black hat SEO techniques which are used by spammers to boost their site ranking in the SERPs. If your website consists broken links or under construction pages then it affects your website very badly because these links or web pages counted as web spam by Search Engine Crawler and further it resulted in low quality links.

These low quality links or pages not only affects web traffic but also increases bounce rate of your website. To overcome on this problem ultimate solution is redirect pages. In this article Seogdk elaborate the redirect page phenomenon and its influence on search engine rankings.

Redirect page is a method of alerting browsers and search engines that a page location moved.

Redirect pages mainly parted in two ways i.e. permanent and temporary. When you desired to change your web page location then redirect page phenomenon acts vital role to divert all web traffic of one website to another. For example, I have a domain seogdk.blogspot.com and wants to redirect all web traffic to another domain seogdk.com then I simply used permanent redirect page method to divert all web traffic of  seogdk.blogspot.com to seogdk.com.

There are three types of redirect pages which are most commonly used in designing web pages as:

1. 301 Redirect Pages
2. 302 Redirect Pages
3. 404 Error Pages

1. 301 Redirect Pages

301 Redirect
This is a permanent redirect page method used to redirect specific page or website to another website without losing its web traffic. The original webpage that is no longer available will be deleted within a few days when 301 redirects are used.

2. 302 Redirect Pages

This is a temporary redirect page phenomenon specifically used to redirect one website to another. The original website or webpage temporarily unavailable till 302 redirect is active. It is mainly used when your webpage under maintenance and you want to avoid inconvenience to your users then you can redirecting them another working webpage for a specific time span.

3. 404 Error Pages

A 404 error page redirects users to a webpage that displays an error message. Usually below mentioned error messages displayed.

-This webpage is no longer available.

-Please check the URL and try again.

-Use the refresh button on your browser.

Influence of Redirect Pages on Site's Search Engine Rankings

-One more item you should be aware of is the effect of redirect pages on your search engine rankings. The type of redirect that you use can affect how your website is treated by a search engine.

-It's significant that you understand that a search engine crawler reads a redirect according to number that it is given. For instance, although 301 and 302 redirects do the same thing but the codes are different which tells the search engine crawler that one means the page no longer exists and the other means the page is only temporarily not being used.

-Some Web experts inclined towards creating custom redirect pages is a best way to improve the SEO of their website but unfortunately this doesn't always work the way it should. What happens is that the custom redirect page doesn't provide the proper redirect number to the search engine crawler so it reads the website differently than a redirect page. This could affect your search engine rankings negatively because the webpage will appear to be unrelated to the other pages in your website.

-The best way for SEO purposes is to use redirect pages in the manner in which they are meant to be used. Using them in any other way is harmful in terms of your search engine results rankings.


From above information we conclude that redirect pages are usually coded for SEO but again they are useless to website users. When website visitors land on this page as soon as they are asked to wait while they are redirected to another website. Search engines look down on this practice because very often, the webpage that is redirecting is optimized for SEO but not for people. Apart from it redirect pages is a great phenomenon to redirecting your webpage to desired page location without losing web traffic. So friends send your feedback about this article via comments and emails. Till then take care and enjoy your life.....!!!

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