ShareASale: A Trustworthy and Best Performance Affiliate Marketing Network

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Performance Marketing Network

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing where you, being an affiliate, refer any visitor or customer for the purchase of the online product and then you receive a commission. It is one of the oldest forms of marketing and fairly a simple way to earn money for bloggers and other website owners.

To earn affiliate income in this way, there are several affiliate marketing programs which ease the task of an affiliate. ShareASale Affiliate Marketing is one of such affiliate or performance marketing network which is quite trustworthy and efficient.

ShareASale is been there in the market for more than 15 years and has more than 3,900 merchants which are growing day by day. It assists your affiliate marketing efforts by providing very unique features and solid reporting functions. Moreover, ShareASale is an affiliate network which pays you for the promotion of the products registered with them.

Affiliate services of ShareASale truly assist you to grow as an affiliate marketer. They can suggest the best merchants for you to partner with. They also offer classes, webinars, and monthly newsletters to keep you updated with the affiliate marketing industry, as well as help you grow as an efficient affiliate marketer.

Why ShareASale is One of the Best Performance Marketing Solutions to Choose?

Affiliate Marketing

·         It consists of very easy to use and user-friendly interface.

·         You can sign up for a range of products; from Genesis themes to many fortunes 500 businesses (almost any product).

·         It offers both Pay Per Sale and Pay Per Lead programs. Some programs even pay 2 Tier commission.

·         You have a good opportunity to make a good amount of dollars.

·         It works extremely friendly even for the users who have multiple websites.  

·         You can find the right affiliate program for you as you can search merchants by category, keywords, merchant status, and even when a merchant joined ShareASale’s network.

·         Anyone can join ShareASale as long as you have a medium such as a blog to get to your audience to sell the products.

·         ShareASale has a broad range of products that you can choose to promote. There are around 40 different categories of which major product categories are; technology, blogging, general web services, clothing and fashion, art, photography, music, food and fitness, real estate, dating, books publishing, automotive, and weddings etc.

·         You have several mediums to promote your product such as your blog, a fan page, landing pages, or forums that allow affiliate links. 

In addition to above benefits and features of ShareASale, it has lot more to offer. It aids you in your campaigns by providing some really great tools. They have real time tracking with which you can identify to the moment if a banner is clicked, a sale is completed, and a commission is generated. Moreover, with the reporting tools, you can generate reports for transaction details, today’s stats, CSV downloads, and more.

ShareASale allows you to customize your affiliate links with which you can change your deep links into shortened URLs, making it more likable to your visitors. With a Socialbar, anyone can easily share a link with anyone via social media or email. You can also get benefited with their Affiliate API, which lets you draw different reports, query for product links, search for new merchants, and more.

Now, while using a ShareASale, you have to consider simple steps which are given follow in short. First, do the sign up then confirmation and account approval will take place. After this, you can navigate the dashboard and get started with ShareASale Affiliate Network. You will have a detailed idea about its functionality once you start using it. So, just go for it!

Pros of ShareASale

Performance Marketing Solutions

·         You can easily find the most suitable affiliate program for your website or blog as there are more than 3,900 merchants available.

·         It has simple to understand and aesthetically pleasing functional interface which gives clear idea of everything with just a few minutes of exploring. Moreover, search functions are so powerful that finds specific merchants, categories, and other things very quickly.

·         ShareASale has solid reporting features and a bunch of tools for generating different reports including customized reports which give a perfect understanding of how your campaigns are doing.

Cons of ShareASale

            ·         According to some people, ShareASale's payment threshold is a bit high as compared to other affiliate marketing networks.
            ·         Sometimes affiliates are not informed about the closure of a certain merchant's programs. It makes their earnings suddenly stop working.

ShareASale stands in the competition with many other renowned affiliate marketing networks such as Commission Junction, and Clickbank, etc. and therefore ShareASale is a favorite advertising network for many bloggers to earn affiliate income. It also helps starters make money online who find less traffic at their initial blog stage.

So, are you ready to make money? Sign up for a ShareASale right here and start earning online.

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Gangadhar Kulkarni
Gangadhar Kulkarni is an Internet Marketing Professional having extensive experience in digital marketing. He is also the founder of Seogdk and Director at DigiTechMantra Solutionsa one-stop shop for all that your website needs. It provides you cost effective and efficient content writing and digital marketing services. For more information catch him on Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | G+ | Pinterest 


7 Effective Tools To Improve Your Next SEO Campaign

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SEO Audit Tools

For your SEO campaign to be successful, you will need to do some serious project planning and build a solid foundation for your website - a foundation that will endure challenges from competitors and inevitable changes in search engine algorithms. It should be based on three key elements, without which there is no long-term success. 
  • A Well-targeted Keyword Focus- Start with the most general keywords and then move on to long tail keywords relating to each of them. Afterward, search for other long tail keywords relating to each of those. By using this strategy, you will uncover some highly targeted keywords that should convert well and could be rather easy to rank for. 
  • Strong Page Element Optimization- the basic rule of SEO: page title, page heading, link anchor text, and image alternate text should all be optimized.   
  • High-quality Page Content- Content should not be copied from other websites, and provide value to a site visitor. The best way to go would be to write guides, fact sheets, FAQs, and practical use articles. Those are pieces of content that captivate the attention of a reader. 
Now that we know WHAT must be done, the only question is HOW? Managing digital projects can be a challenging task but here we’ve rounded up seven top SEO tools that will boost your next campaign and help your brand hit that long-craved number one spot.

1. Google Analytics 

As one of the most popular web analytics services worldwide, Google analytics tool has two major advantages when you compare it to the competition: Google makes it, AND it’s freemium. A lot of SEO specialists swear by it and rely on this app heavily.
According to some estimates, this tool was being used by 30 million websites in 2015, as well as by thousands of companies across the globe. Google Analytics allow you to measure conversions and sales. Also, you can get an insight into how guests use your site, and what can you do to keep them using it for a long period of time.

2. ActiveCollab


For an SEO campaign to be successful, a strict organization and discipline are required. What’s more, if you have an entire team of SEO specialists working toward improving your website’s rating, you ought to keep them in line with clearly set goals, and fairly delegated tasks. By opting for powerful yet simple digital projects tool such as ActiveCollab, you will be able to keep track of your campaign progress at all times.
This project management tool packs a lot of features as well: task management, team, and client collaboration, invoicing and time and cost tracking. Also, you can create tasks, add reminders, leave comments, attach files, set due dates and much more. Simply put, ActiveCollab will provide you with everything you need to keep your team organized. 

3. Dibz 

Dibz is a link prospecting tool intended to save you time, make simpler the process of link building and influencer opportunities research. Meant for autonomous SEO consultants and full-service marketing companies as well, it allows you to find the best prospects for both your various link building campaigns and influencer activations. Dibz provides you with sortable results that include several important metrics like SPAM metric, domain ranking, referring domains, referring pages, social following, contact data and others. You can search, arrange and sort out all and choose the excellent opportunities. 

4. Serpstat

Competitor Analysis Tool

Serpstat is a tool used by more than 30,000 online marketing practitioners worldwide, including  SEO and PPC professionals, marketing managers and copywriters. Its database has more than 100 million keywords, 180 million ads, and 200 million search suggestions. It provides data for 10 Google regions: the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, Lithuania, South Africa, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Bulgaria. It also provides data from Yandex for Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Ukraine.
In early 2017, they grew their keywords database which now parallels the database of major SEO companies like Moz and SEMrush. Features include Website Analysis, Keyword Research, Backlink Analysis, Rank Tracker, Site Audit, as well as additional tools for history tracking.   

5. BuzzSumo 

BuzzSumo is ideal for content strategy, outreach, and competitive research, showing you the most common links and key influencers for any subject or website. By analyzing where assured topics are being discussed and how much consideration these topics are getting, by providing you with Content Insights. Influencer Information, on the other hand, is data about who has the public’s attention and who you need to pursue and obtain on your side.
As an SEO specialist, the most important part of BuzzSumo is Content research that provides you with information about which articles are the most popular when it comes to the particular topic. Finally, you can to set up keyword alerts, and conduct competitor analysis as an insight into what is working and not work for your competitors. 

6. Ahrefs 

If you require an excellent backlink tracker, Ahrefs is a way to go. It will provide you with an insight into which methods competitors use to achieve a certain rank, and what is that you need to do in order to outrank them. You can start your keyword research by looking at the keywords that your competitors are ranking for. After that, Ahrefs allows you to research what content in your niche that tending to magnetize backlinks and social shares so that you can use that knowledge to your benefits.
Analyze your competitors once again, figure out where are they getting their backlinks from, and reverse-engineer their link building. Always keep tracking your competitor’s newly acquired backlinks, and get notified when someone mentions them online. 

7. Pipedrive 

Pipedrive is a web-based pipeline management solution that enables businesses to prepare their sales actions and observe deals. In SEO world, it can be used for link-building organization and tracking. A healthy interface displays the progress stages for each action, including the whole details for subsequently actionable objects.

Pipedrive mailing system combines with Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo, and users can send and receive emails from multiple accounts using their Pipedrive account. It is an outstanding tool for your link builder: it provides them with the centralized place to keep all of their activities on track, and never miss an email for the potential opportunity.

Author Bio
Rachel McPherson
Rachel is currently working as the vice president of communications at ActiveCollab. After finishing her master's degree in Communications she pursued a career in the digital industry, most notably in marketing and public relations.


Incredible Tips for Starting Your SEO Copywriting Career

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SEO Copywriting Career

SEO copywriting is a profession that is appealing to a lot of people. Some of them use it as an additional source of income while others are prepared to invest themselves 100%. No matter how you look at it, good copywriting skills are crucial for any business as they help you promote products and services.

Even though everything looks awesome on the first glance, there are numerous things you have to consider when it comes to SEO copywriting.

First of all, it is a really demanding job. It might look simple enough but your writing style is the thing that sells products and creates a bond between website and consumers. 
Having a bad copywriter can be disastrous for your blog and can have such a negative impact on your conversion rates.

This is why it’s necessary to know the difference between SEO copywriting and ordinary writing. This list with tips can help you with that.

1. SEO Copywriting is not Academic Writing or Creative Writing

When it comes to different forms of writing you have to understand that SEO copywriting is completely different from anything else. Even if you have an extensive experience writing for marketing purposes, there will still be some things you will have to learn.

I know a lot of people who have academic writing or creative writing experienced who tried to transitions to SEO copywriting. Some of them succeeded, some of them failed.

The first thing that needs to be mentioned is that SEO copywriting can be really creative but it can never compare to writing a literary piece. In fact, being too creative and too loose with your phrasing can even harm you. When creating an optimized copy, not only are you producing content for Google but you are also creating a piece that can be read by the majority of people. This means that you cannot be stylish or use complex phrasing as there will always be internet users who cannot understand something as advanced.

Similar goes with people who had experience with academic writing. Unlike essay papers, custom writing, and other scientific work, SEO copies are not made to impress a small number of people but instead a wider auditorium. At the same time, all these fancy, industry-specific phrases should be simplified so that everyone can understand what you’re trying to say.

2. SEO Copywriting is Focused on Keywords

SEO Copywriting Tips

Even with all this being said, if there was one thing that is specific for SEO copies then that is keyword usage.

Regardless of technical aspects of the copy and phrasing, your main goal is to be found by Google. The best way to accomplish this? By having a flawless on-page optimization.

So how does an SEO copywriter handle this?

The entire process starts with keyword research.

First, you have to find keywords that your copy has a chance to rank for among top 10 Google results. This can be a tough one for a beginner but you can still do it. Just focus on medium and long-tail keywords and try avoiding keywords that everyone else within your industry is using.

After finding a lucrative phase that will become the center point of your article, it is necessary to find all related keywords that go with it. You see, Google uses complex algorithms that analyze phrasing within an article. Having a certain set of phrases can tell Google that your article revolves around a particular topic. Proper usage of keywords will give you a boost for certain phrases.

By tweaking this set of keywords and adding some other phrases, focus changes and Google will start ranking you for a different set of keywords. This is why you have to be really careful when creating a copy.

3. SEO Copywriting is Your Business Card

Most blogs have educational or training content. Whether we are talking about pool cleaning or creating a decoration for the bathroom, these articles are supposed to teach readers something.

Although a lot of websites have carefree educational articles such as DIY article types, there are certain niches where your content is under a lot of scrutinies. SEO niche is a good example.

These industries are highly technical and by creating nonsensical posts, you might catch negative attention from niche’s biggest names.

Your articles are not only something that should be read by users or bring you additional traffic. Your articles are your business card. Unprofessional articles that are lacking quality information will do you no favor and the website will be quickly exposed.
This is why SEO copywriting is crucial for success as it gives legitimacy to the business.


There are a lot of hurdles that you need to jump in order to become a proficient SEO copywriter. Writing experience will definitely help but have in mind that this is something completely different and that you will have to tweak your style.

Author Bio
Nikolay Stoyanov
Nikolay Stoyanov is the CEO of NikSto – an SEO company that offers SEO outsourcing, consulting and white hat link building services to clients all over the world. He’s a contributor to many of the most reputable websites about SEO.


How to Earn Website Traffic through Influencer Marketing?

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Influence Marketing

You must have heard about Guest posting. Guest posting, in SEO and marketing terms, is the effective way to get your dearly written content on a reputed website, and then routing some of those traffics to your own website.

Influence marketing is somewhat a more advanced evolution of guest posting, where you don't write a content for other websites. Instead, you ask those popular websites to promote your brand in their work on their website. Of course, there is a lot you need to do to do that. 

Well, that's a viewpoint from the content marketing angle. However, Influence marketing is not just about contents but a lot more, depending on the kind of influencer you are approaching to. The influencers have multiple ways to connect to their followers and those mediums can be leveraged to drive traffic.

How? They have the ability to drive traffic to your website, by recommending it among their followers. This article will explain how you can utilize the influence marketing to earn new website traffics that can be converted into final customers easily.  
But, before that

Who Exactly is an Influencer?

An influencer could be anyone who has a strong hold on their followers. People who follow them trust what comes from the influencers side. So if an influencer recommends a brand to his/her followers, the brand becomes a trusted name among that population of followers.

l  A popular blogging site could be an influencer
l  A Popular face in your niche could be an influencer
l  A popular celebrity could be an influencer
l  A popular YouTube channel could be an influencer, and
l  Even your Facebook friend whose advice you can trust is an influencer

Anyone, whom you can trust with the information they give to solve an issue is definitely an influencer for you.  

The Influencers have a Strong Hold

When 70% percent of teenage YouTube subscribers trust their followed influencers over traditional celebrities, you can imagine the kind of hold influencers have on their audience.

A similar stat is also there for social media references. 71% of consumers are more likely to create a purchase based on a social media orientation.

Now take a look at a stat that says "businesses generate $6.50 for every $1 invested in influencer marketing”.

Impressed? You should be. Perhaps, you may be now thinking about how would you find an influencer for your business. I can help.

How to Approach an Influencer?

Approaching an Influencer

Through influencer marketing, you are ought to make the influencer's audience your target population. So the first thing you should see in an influencer is what kind of audience and followers do they have. Do they coincide with the kind of audience suitable for your business niche?

For example, If the influencer’s followers base is mainly the women population, but your business sales only men products; should you consider approaching to such an influencer?

There are two reasons to say "Yes, You should approach":

l  The women might be interested in buying a product for their male acquaintances or counterpart.

l  The aim is to get website traffic, no matter if it's a women or men.

Sounds good, but I have developed some thoughts that stop me from approaching this influencer:

l  I am not sure how a women-centric influencer would be interested in promoting men-centric products.

l  The ultimate aim with website traffic is to generate sales from them. However, I am not sure even if these women come to my site, how many of them would be actually converted.

l  They might be interested in buying for their male counterparts, but I am not sure that interested population would be enough to give sufficient returns on the investments I would make on the influencer.

Finding an influencer is the toughest task in influence marketing. You may come across several creators by just Googling or crawling the social media. However, when you finally pick an influencer, not just any creator or influencer will do. You must ensure that it’s relevant to your brand and kind of products you offer if you want an effective marketing with a long-term influence over the audience.

l  Relationship

Build a relationship with the popular creators by sharing their work in your circle. Ask questions from them to show you are interested in their work. You have to earn an influencer, not hire. So, build a shared relationship, where you have something of value for the influencer. In this way, your brand, products, and content might get featured in their work if they find it valuable.

l  Honest

Approach only those influencers who have a clean record of being honest with their audience; influencers promoting products and services in lieu of money are not the perfect choice for you or anyone. There are chances, such creators would loose the hold in the long run if their audience finds the truth.

l  Honest Ones are Tough

It’s tough to persuade an honest influencer. However, it’s easy when your products are relevant to what they do, and you don’t force or pay them to say only good about it. Build a relationship before approaching with your marketing idea. Show them how good is your brand and products, and they can recommend it to their audience to solve their problems.

l  Persuade; do not Sell

Show them your product has a value. Persuade the influencer like you would persuade any potential customer. If your product or service solves a problem, actively mention it. Let them know the benefits of using it, and how it’s better than other similar products and services from your competitors.

l  Not Limited to Celebrities Anymore

Over the past few years, influence marketing has developed an additional branch which is quite different from what we have been seeing few years past. The niche of finding influencers is no more limited to celebrities only. Today a non-celebrity infleuncer gives better returns as compared to the celebrities. You should read “YouTube and eCommerce Market – A Hidden Link” to know how YouTube is being used for influence marketing with non-celebrity figures.

l  Have Patience

Building the roots of influence marketing is not an overnight achievement. It’s a process that takes months to build a relationship, prepare a plan, coordinate with the influencer and then execute the campaign. To be exact, don’t expect a success before 3-4 months if you want the companionship of a true influencer.

l  Affiliate Marketing

Providing an incentive to your customers is the best marketing approach, however, by providing an incentive to the influencer produces a boosted ROI when it comes to earning website traffic. By using affiliate marketing collaborations you can arrange a mutually beneficial “Give-and-Take” relationship with the influencers. When you make a sale through the link shared by the influencer, he/she receives a commission for the compensation of the great lead.

Different Ways Traffic is Routed to Your Website

Now if you have an influencer on your side, the website traffic will route towards you in different ways depending on the modus operandi of the influencer. In addition to mentioning your brand in their work, this is how they can share your website links to get you the traffic:

1. A blogger can add your site’s links in his/her content.

2. A social media influencer can add a link to your site in his/her post.

3. A YouTube channel can add your links in the video description.

4. An influencer can share your links in the blog comments he/she make.

5. An influencer can add your links in the Quora comments.

6. An influencer can mention your brand in their videos, meet-ups, and events etc.

Final Words...

There are 101 ways an influencer can route their followers to visit your site. If everything went well, you will have a massive website traffic in a very short time. Now it depends on your website, offers, UX, checkout, and lot more to persuade those visitors to become a customer.

So, leverage this valuable resource to its fullest and earn some qualified leads and traffic. Never, make it a paid relationship, incentives are a better alternative to directly paying. It's more like sponsoring the influencer's work rather than paying them to speak good about you. By sponsoring you do not mean to force the influencer to talk good about you. If you have something good in your brand, they will get noticed by themselves and the influencer will have no issues talking about it and promoting it.

Author Bio
Ethan Roy
Ethan Roy, a technical content writer by Profession. With years of experience on various eCommerce platforms (Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Shopify), he has a lot to share with the readers. Currently working as Technical Content Writer at Velsof.