Google Pagerank Update – Why It Delayed this Year 2013?

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Google PageRank Update
Earlier Google released their Hummingbird and Penguin Updates but their most awaited pagerank update not launched yet. Nowadays we heard many rumours about Google page rank update i.e. it take exit or not update further. So to clear your doubts and uncertainties about Google pagerank update, Seogdk focused on some key points which clear ambiguities in your mind.

History of Google Pagerank Updates

In this year only single Google pagerank update launched on 4 Feb 2013, after that no update released till date. If we glance past Google pagerank update releases one thing we notice that first time Google taken more time. For your information below I mentioned details about Google pagerank update releases:

Google PageRank Update in the year 2013
-February 04th 2013

Google PageRank Update in the year 2012
-November 07th 2012
-August 02th 2012
-May 02th 2012
-February 07th 2012

Google PageRank Update in the year 2011

-November 08th 2011
-June 27th 2011
-January 20th 2011

Google PageRank Update in the year 2010

-April 03rd 2010

Google PageRank Update in the year 2009

-December 30th 2009
-October 30th 2009
-June 25th 2009
-May 27th 2009
-April 1st 2009

Google PageRank Update in the year 2008

-December 31st 2008
-September 26th 2008
-July 25th 2008
-April 30th 2008
-February 29th 2008

Google PageRank Update in the year 2007

-December 12th 2007
-October 28th 2007
-April 30th 2007
-January 25th 2007
-January 10th 2007

Google PageRank Update in the year 2006

-September 28th 2006
-July 30th 2006
-April 4th 2006
-April 7th 2006
-February 18th 2006
-May 27th 2006
-January 30th 2006
-January 4th 2006

Next Google Pagerank Update Might in 2014?

Recently a Niels Bosch - Founder of AmongTech asked Matt Cutts about Google Pagerank Update on Twitter. Matt Cutts give indications that Google Toolbar Pagerank might be closed for this year 2013. Matt Cutts said he would be surprised to see an update happen before 2014. Below screenshot of conversation reveals more about it:

Twitted by Matt Cutts on Twitter

Why Google Delay for Google Pagerank Update this Year 2013?

Google Pagerank Algorithm created by Larry Page to measure 'reputation' of websites in Google search engine. It is recursive algorithm and over the years support for pagerank has dropped so Google never include toolbar for Chrome as well as Google dropped the Google Toolbar for Firefox in June 2011. Nowadays Internet Explorer is the only browser which still have a PageRank display.

If you think Google Pagerank become useless then you are absolutely wrong because Google not stopped pagerank update only it delayed even Google uses pagerank to measure website is good or bad. So don’t think that pagerank update never released it only delayed.


Apart from Google no one knows how Pagerank algorithm works or when it released? But don't worry you only concentrate on improving your website by traffic, backlinks and in search you will get more benefits further. In next blog you will taste other flavour of information till then share your thoughts and feedback about this article via comments and emails. Take care and enjoy your life!!!

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